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The Line That Got Crossed

Then 'Elohiym said, "Let the earth bring forth the living creature

according to its kind. Cattle and creeping things and beasts

of the earth according to its kind," and it was so.

And 'Elohiym made the beast of the earth according to its kind,

cattle according to its kind, and everything that creeps on the

earth according to its kind, and 'Elohiym saw that it was good.

- Genesis 1:24, 25

"According to it's kind" is a major point made by the Creator

as it pertains to the procreation of the creatures He made. He

established a boundary between the species that would naturally

make it an impossibility for inter-special breeding to occur.

The boundary is interesting as the idea of a

dog/rabbit may be, without such natural boundaries, His image,

manifest in humanity, would ultimately be corrupted and destroyed. 

In His angelic creation, the rule of boundary on procreation

was simple...there was no need for any and there was to be none.

No female counterpart was created to the angelic types. It is

frequently stated that Messiah said that angels were Unable to

procreate...though actually this is not what He said, but rather

that they Do Not (in reference to holy angels) - precisely because

in order to do so they must break two laws...the law of kind after

kind and the law of no procreation for their own kind.

The transgression of the 200 rebel Watchers violated these laws

and brought into being creature types who were the product of various

mixed unions. 

The original hybrids..the Giants are the most notorious and tend to

be what we think of first. These were giants in the extreme, no being

on Earth since has reached the colossal proportions of the first

generation giants..the "Titans". The successive generations of Watcher

hybrids were gradually smaller and by the time those genes were

expressed post flood, the giants encountered by Israel were only a

matter of a few feet (give or take) taller than the normal human being.

The introduction of chimera lines and non-Watcher angelic hybrid lines

did not necessarily produce creatures of colossal size but contributed

odd traits such as feline-like facial features, abnormal skull structures,

red hair, green eyes and a myriad of other anomalies which can still be

seen in certain genetic groups to a greater or lesser degree. 

Israel was commanded to eradicate a number of tribes which carried

bloodlines of non human origin such as the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites,

Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. Rephaim is sometimes

mentioned as a tribe, although they are not a tribe but rather Rephaim is

a term that describes pre-flood nephil spirits who have entered into a body

in utero to live successive physical lives...a phenomena which is called

in modern occult society, a "moon child" and explains to some extent a

widely held pagan tradition of belief in reincarnation. Israel was to, under

no circumstances, take wives or give wives among these nations, but they

failed to follow orders. The bloodlines which would have been wiped off the

Earth have hence persisted and become the ruling minority of the great

centers of power in the world today. 

Seeing that the bloodline persists within the elite, it is ridiculous to

assume it does not also persist in the general populace since a great

many US citizens alone can trace their heritage back to one or more

family of the "nobility". Many believers today like to play the

"who is Israel" game - not wanting to take into account the impossibility

of proving the pure lineage of themselves or anyone else in the world,

some take a greater sense of worth from being able to connect

themselves to a bloodline than to the cross.

For this same reason it is hard information in the ears of people to

be told that there is an excellent chance that they carry some genetic

trace of fallen angels. We happen to serve an Elohim, though, who

seems to do everything opposite to what human nature tends toward,

especially everything opposite those things that lend to personal pride. 

He exalts the low..He brings down the high..He comes for the sick

and the broken, not the well and the whole, He seeks the lost,

not the found, He gives honor to servants and not to princes...

He creates new creatures out of filthy downtrodden sinners...

He does not spit-shine the self-righteous.

There is nothing in anyone's blood that can make them more unworthy

of Him than the sin in their hearts and there is nothing in anyone's blood

that can elevate them to salvation...unless it's the blood of Yahushua. 

Blood itself resists mutation and so it is in a mysterious blood anomaly

that hybridization can be traced. Though several traits which manifest

in many people today are not original to humanity (blonde hair, blue eyes,

red hair, green eyes, pale skin) these are simply phenotype traits

that don't necessarily reflect a strong connection to a hybrid line..

just Some connection..perhaps a relatively tiny one.

The Rhesus blood status serves as a much more accurate flag indicating

how closely tied one is or isn't to a hybrid family line. In the Majority of the

world's population the rhesus status is positive...indicating the presence

of a specific protein on the surface of red blood cells...this is the normal

status of human blood. The absence of the protein occurs in roughly

8% of all people world wide..a higher percentage is present in Europe

(particularly the UK, France and Spain) and the US....about 15%.

The highest percentage is concentrated in the Basque region between

France and about 35%.

Rhesus negative status becomes obviously anomalous to the human

species where it involves reproduction..the second rh positive child of

an rh negative mother is likely to be destroyed in the womb by the

mother's own immune response, treating the fetus as if it were a virus

rather than her offspring. The protein is specifically one that enhances

the efficiency of cellular respiration...the very process whereby the

"life" is contained in the blood. Two rh negative parents often have

a child who is born very low on oxygen in it's first moments of life

and as a result has a blue cast to their skin...known as a "blue baby".

Blue has long been held as the color representative of the world elite

which are readily recognized by the term "blue blood".

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