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The Movers & Shakers in the Shadows

In spite of the discomfort involved in coming to terms with an idea like the
presence of nephilim on Earth in this day and age, there is a vast amount
of evidence to support that being the case and not only a presence of them
somewhere in the shadows, but a ruling force which has held sway over
kingdoms and empires for the duration of human history.

Israel encountered nephilim when they entered the Promised Land and
were instructed to kill every person of several Canaanite tribes wherein
the bloodline of fallen angels was present. They were ordered to make
no agreement with them, marry none, give none in marriage to them and
spare none. Israel failed to uphold ever one of those commands fully.

As a result, the waters of the human gene pool remained polluted and
nephilim were never entirely eradicated from the earth. As it is said in
scripture "Prepare slaughter for his sons because of the iniquity of their
fathers lest they rise up and possess the land and fill the face of the
world with cities." - Isaiah 14:21

This they have done...and not only filled the world with cities, but set
themselves as rulers over them and closely guarded the record and the
purity of their "blue blood" down through the ages to the present day.
In the highly wealthy, famous and influential family names we are familiar
with today have been preserved the bloodline of fallen angels: Rockefeller,
Rothschild, Vanderbilt, Collins, Du Pont, Merovingian to name a few.

To trace, for example the most notorious of those names ..
the Merovingian who are the royal line of European nobility of several
interconnected families, one would have to start in the very ancient
Canaanite tribes which Israel was commanded to eradicate. The legend
of the family itself states that they descend from a part fish chimera
creature who came out of the sea, known as the Bistea Neptunis.

From Canaan descends the nation of Phoenicia...from Phoenicia
descends the Merovingian bloodline from which in turn the infamous
Charlemagne descends. From Charlemagne descends nearly every president
to hold office in the United States of America. Every presidential candidate
who has ever won an election in the US has been the candidate to have the
greater documented proof (or in this day, DNA proof) of having the most
connections to the "black nobility" of Europe.

This is the political side of the matter which is more or less public
knowledge if not terribly well investigated public knowledge...the other side
is the much more secretive spiritual side..the multitudes of highly covert
secret societies which retain the record of forbidden knowledge imparted
by their angelic forefathers to humanity, the blueprints of their future
aspirations for the world and the means by which they will be carried out
from one generation to the next.

The "elite" as we often term the modern nephilim not work
towards a goal which is generally meant to be achieved in the generation
of an individual leader of their ranks...but rather they build upon the work
of their ancestors toward an ultimate destination, millennia in the making
(though perhaps this generation is finally seeing the fruits of their labor).

What they work for is a supposed Utopian world, ruled by their "gods"
which amount to which the Creator has no place and neither do
humans made in His image, or if they do..only as slaves reduced to the
level and worth of beasts. In fact "cattle" and "sheep" are exactly the
terms applied to the masses by their elite controllers.

The following is a list (which is, by far, not an exhaustive one), of some
of the secretive orders which have kept the torch of apostasy burning.
The core precepts of all secret orders and all apostate religions can be
traced back to Kabala..which, if it could be said to have a "bible"...
would be the Babylonian Talmud. A more revealing and appropriate name
for Kabala is Luciferianism.

Freemasonry - Though the mainstream answer to the origins of this
organization is that it developed in the late 16th century from stone
workers' guilds and became a fraternal organization which carries out
various charitable deeds for local communities...this is a far cry from
the truth. Freemasonry in reality has roots that delve far back into
the an antediluvian source. Scripture makes mention of the
Chief Cornerstone which the builders rejected. As we know, the
Chief Cornerstone is Messiah, but where did this term come from
and who are the builders?

The builders were in fact angels who were once tasked in the
construction of the Great Cornerstone of the Earth..otherwise known
as the Great Pyramid, which was designed by YHWH Himself for a
purpose which is still perhaps not completely understood by anyone.
The Capstone, known to now be missing, was rightfully the symbolic
crowning stone that represented Messiah's role as King of Kings over
the Earth...but it was literally rejected by the "builders"who sought
instead to raise a capstone of their own making to replace it..and this
literal action is metaphorically played out in the fallen angels' desire to
rule earth and "create" a being in their own image rather than His.

We're already aware that these fallen angels brought with them a fair
amount of knowledge which, though forbidden to teach to mankind,
they did..laying the foundation for every modern field of science we are
familiar with. This knowledge goes further than what is given to the public
to know and the record of the full depth of this knowledge, what these
sciences are capable of and the true history of their origin has been a
guarded secret of certain societies of individuals who take very serious
oaths and go through rigorous initiations to reach a point where they are
deemed worthy to learn the whole scope of what their society keeps
safeguarded. the degree of illumination in the Freemason hierarchy is
33. 33.33 are also the coordinates at which Mt Hermon sits..the mountain
which the fallen Watchers descended to. the "god" of the Freemasons is
termed GAOTU...standing for "Grand Architect of the Universe"....
otherwise known by a much more recognizable name..Lucifer.

Bilderberg Group - Founded in 1954 and named for the first venue of
the meeting, the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands...
the Bilderberg Group is an invitation- only annual meeting of the richest
and most powerful people in the world. Many if not most of the people
who attend this meeting descend from a certain few inter-related families
which have for most of the course of human history, held the majority of
the world's wealth and influence.

The meeting is always incredibly private, gets scant, if any mention in
mainstream media and the attendees do their best to keep the annual
venue and list of people attending a closely guarded secret. In recent
years, this meeting has come more into the public's awareness and
several groups of independent journalists have begun to follow the
group's activities, attempt to learn the venues of their meetings and
acquire lists of attendees as well as place moles within the group to
bring out information of their discussions.

This group has as it's main agenda, discussing and planning the
actions that will be carried out internationally in the coming year
by governments worldwide to direct the planet closer and closer
to a One World Government termed the New World Order.

These are the true movers and shakers of Earth...they are not
beholden to any national allegiance nor work in the interest of any
sovereign the contrary it is individual national
governments who take their orders from people of the likes which
attend the Bilderberg Group meetings. Here wars are scripted and
\the stands, arguments and counterattacks of both ideas of these
wars are pre-written, the outcomes concluded and the results
tabulated before the event has ever begun to happen in the real world.

Council on Foreign Relations- Founded in 1921 in New York City
by an adviser to president Wilson and Federal Reserve stockholders,
it has become the most powerful voice on foreign policy in the US
above any federal agency or branch of government. Fascist radicals
describes what constitutes the membership of the CFR as well as a
notorious predisposition of inviting people who are members of the blue
blood elite family names. Media personnel, bankers, entertainment
big-shots, politicians and educators all deriving from ideologies of
globalism and Marxism contribute their ideas to the foreign policy of
the US from within this institution.

In 1959 the CFR revealed it's goals in their own publication as follows:
"...building a New International Order must be responsive to world aspir-
ations for peace, for social and economic international order.."

Skull and Bones- Founded in 1832 by William Russell and 14 other Yale
University members, it was an offshoot of a similar secret fraternal society
in a German University which Russell had attended. Russell's claim to
fame was being cousin to Samuel Russell, the greatest opium smuggler
to the US at the time.

15 Juniors a year are "tapped", that is selected, by S&B members by
virtue of their societal standing and ideologies to join the fraternity.
For the most part, those tapped come from the big names of the elite
power holders of the world ( Taft, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Bush)
The society itself holds great influential power over Yale university and
members of the Bones are deferred to over non-members.

A windowless stone structure with great resemblance to a sepulcher,
appropriately called "the Tomb" is where S&B holds it's meetings in
great secrecy, but not perfect secrecy. Raids have been conducted by
Yale students into the "Tomb" to discover the place ensconced in black
and red velvet and images of pentagrams, depictions of open graves,
skulls and various and sundry occult paraphernalia.

The society is famous for promoting it's members through the societal
ranks into places of great power and influence.

Bohemian Club/Grove- The Bohemian Club was originally founded in
San Francisco in 1872 for businessmen, artists, journalists and
musicians and quickly was taken over by the powerful and wealthy.
Since 1899 the club has gathered at an exclusive 2,700 acre resort
in Monte Rio Ca annually for two weeks in the Summer.

Now the members list includes presidents, high ranking politicians,
media executives and musicians. Membership requires being sponsored
by at least two existing members and the waiting list can be years long.
The grove motto is "Weaving Spiders Come Not here"...a directive to
leave political differences and personal business interests out of the
fraternal get together. This motto can be seen alongside a depiction
of an owl which has great occult significance.

The owl can be representative of both Moloch and Lilith. Rituals which are
well known to take place there include the so-called "Cremation of Care"...
supposedly a mock human sacrifice which represents destruction of care
 and worry in favor of a liberated, carefree spirit. Possibly, it could be more
rightly said to represent the destruction of innate responsibility to moral law
in favor of hedonism. The ritual includes people playing the part of Druid
priests who condemn three of four captives to "death".

Darker accounts abound about the Grove's events..including allegations
of kidnapping and forced sodomy, pedophilia, brainwashing and literal
human sacrifice.

Jesuits - A Monastic Order, the " The Society of Jesus"..or the Jesuits
was founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola and his devoted followers of
dogmatic zeal. The Society took an oath to follow the Pope of Rome
unquestioningly as the representative of "god" on earth to whom all
should be under the domination of.

The Order's members are carefully selected and trained and encouraged
to report on every detail of their fellow's lives resulting in a highly
structured organization of power comparable to a pyramid. The training
consists of four weeks of what is called "spiritual exercises" amounting
to a regimen of brainwashing techniques resulting in an attitude of
complete submission to the Order.

Once the training is complete, communication with friends and family is
severed and the novice emerges as one who is the walking dead...utterly
subservient, never asserting any will of their own. The subject is prohibited
from connecting with other novices and allowed only scant reading material
of an approved kind. After entirely proving their slavish obedience for two
years in extreme methods, including carrying out tasks which most
individuals would not out of a matter of conscience, they then become
a scholar.

The so-called Coadjutors are specialized agents of the Order which are
placed within churches, governments, religious organizations outside of
the RCC and elite families to be priests and teachers and counselors in
order that the Jesuit world view would infiltrate into society. By this means
they wield great power, having at their disposal intelligence information from
various nations and providing the framework for what the realized vision of a
New World order should be. Jesuit moles of this kind to this day worm their
way into every corner of society by a practice of being a sort of chameleon
who will play the part of any religion or affiliation the assignment calls for.

One of the tenets of the Order -
"The end justifies the means:" The final outcome makes right every action
needed to achieve it. If it helps the Society, the Church of Rome, or the
individual Jesuit serving it--it is permissible, though it may involve theft,
bribery, embezzlement, rape, treason, adultery, or murder."

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