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Powers of the Air

What is an "alien"? Incorrect assumptions in answer to this question have
led to some confusion...perhaps intentional confusion on the subject and
as a result has led non believers to imagine certain possible attributes of
"extraterrestrials" which might be benevolent and belief in them provides
some seeming evidence of there being no Sovereign Creator who has
given His testimony to humanity. On the other hand, the confusion leads
believers to reject without consideration all evidence pointing to the
presence of extraterrestrial craft or the phenomena of abduction.

The assumption that aliens should be a flesh life form in possession of
advanced technology that enabled them to reach earth from light years
away is the prevailing idea in most people's minds when they hear the
term "alien" and the most thought of representation of what these should
look like are the well known "greys". Taking only the basic terms "alien"
and "extraterrestrial", there is no actual insinuation that this must be the
case, rather those terms only mean that such creatures must be non-
native to Earth and have come originally from beyond it. Both of these
terms can be applied without error to angelic beings.

This brings us to the assumptions people have about what angels are,
which is perhaps as confused as the idea of aliens. Angels are generally
thought of as ethereal, unsubstantial and are thought of to utilize
mysterious forces of power unknown to man (not unlike magic). They
are generally not considered to use or need to use conveyances or to
work within a normal range of universal laws governing matter or energy.
They are thought to flit about on gossamer wings all over the universe
like invisible cosmic butterflies.

None of these assumptions come from solid evidence of what a spirit
should be like or what they should do and how they do it but they are
ideas so well accepted even by believers who should know better than
to construct extra-biblical concepts that most can not wrap their minds
around the possibility that an angel is something entirely different than
 their idea of them.

From ancient to medieval and beyond, artifacts and art has portrayed
images of flying craft not unlike photos and drawings in modern times
of witnessed "ufos". There is a strong correlation to be noticed between
abduction experiences today involving removing sperm and eggs from
subjects and the Watcher breeding experiments of the past. It is not
difficult to see a striking resemblance between angelic beings and the
modern extraterrestrial phenomenon.

If we begin to pay close attention to the media and entertainment,
there is a noticeable trend proceeding from the propaganda machine
which places aliens near the top of their priority and if we investigate
the message that is being pumped to the masses it looks like this:
aliens are benevolent, aliens genetically engineered humanity by mixing
their dna with primates, aliens do not approve of the way humanity has
treated the earth, aliens will step in to either direct humanity toward a
next evolutionary step or they will destroy humanity or perhaps evolve
some and destroy others.

This deceitful message is not a new one, it is a very old spin on the
invasion and transgression of the Watchers which can be seen in
Sumerian mythology. Having antiquity seemingly on the side of such
theories leads wayward seekers down a path of assumption about the
credibility of pagan mythology. As it is often stated that pagan
mythologies "pre-date" judeo-Christian teachings, it is then held that
the greater antiquity of certain pagan writings ought to be assumed
more correct.

This comes from a lack of objective consideration of certain things,
such as...1. If a true history in alignment with scripture is a fact then
that history was well known before written records was a rule. 2. if any
writing does exist which came from an original older than the oldest
pagan material it is at the mercy of a community of scholars who have
historically set their goals in direct opposition to providing evidence of
scriptural truth. 3. the scriptural account of the history is supportable by
evidence which can be collected and examined on a first hand basis
rather than a list of "expert" opinions.

It is forewarned in scripture that in the last days mankind will be subject
to a "strong delusion" a delusion so seemingly real and so pervasively
believed that even the elect will almost fall for it. How would the world
react if extraterrestrials made themselves a public and unavoidable fact
and then made a claim backed up by antiquated pagan tradition and
various fools gold evidences that they were indeed the Elohim of Genesis
who created mankind and did so by taking their own genetic components
and adding it to apes?

Might there reception also be decided by their appearance? Among
many ufo/alien buffs is a strong belief in a line of misinformation dealing
with "races" of ETs. It is often reported that there are "greys" and
"reptilians" which are malevolent but that a pretty blonde haired and
blue eyed type called "Nordics" are friendly. Be very cautious what
you decide is friendly...even your fellow man is capable of pretending
friendship when it is not sincere and yet people tend not to consider
that beings of greater age and experience than they could lie
convincingly. Don't forget...those pretty blonde, blue eyed "aliens"
are also called Watchers.

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan,
with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous
deception among those who perish because they did not receive
the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this reason
Yahuwah will send them strong delusion that they should believe
the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the
truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. - 2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12

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