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Truth, Absolutely

What is Truth? I have actually seen that question posed more times recently
than i care to count. There was a time, not so long ago, that people had this
certain characteristic which is now becoming extinct. Simple common sense,
which should now perhaps be titled " Simple Endangered Sense". That is the
sort of plain, basic logic that would have made the people of several decades
ago laugh a person out of town for asking a question like "What is Truth?".

It's meant to sound smart, philosophical, sophisticated and above all it is
meant to open up the idea that there is something negotiable about what
truth is. After all, what could be more appealing to people's senses than the
idea that they can determine reality for themselves.

If you could shape your own truth, what would it look like? You might shape
a reality in which you were successful, wealthy, popular, and maybe if you
were a more decent sort, you'd make a reality with world peace and no
suffering and so on and so forth. Now it's time to stop dreaming. This is
reality...there is a world of hurt outside your door that you can do nothing
about...maybe your nose is a bit too big, maybe your belly is a bit too round,
maybe you've got wrinkles you'd rather not have and maybe you're trying to
figure out how you're going to scrape the money together to pay off the IRS.
All the wishing in the world isn't going to help any of it.

Truth is relative...truth is's all a manner of perspective...
are the trendy things to say. When did we forget that we can readily observe
a reality we are helpless to alter? When did we start imagining a fairy tale
scenario where things are only real or not when we want them to be? Is it
any different or more sane for people to imagine that they can believe into
existence what they wish would be true as it pertains to spiritual matters
than it is to imagine that wishes and beliefs can change the size of one's nose?

Perhaps the fact that spiritual matters are to people, for the most part,
invisible, non-tangible and somewhat mysterious lends to an idea that an
individual is making some impact on the reality of them by virtue of what they
feel is true. Without the stone cold evidence in front of one's face to assure
them that there is no wishing a different truth, it is easy to dream and imagine
and believe in whatever one wants to.

The fact remains that whatever is true in the spiritual realm is just as un-phased
by desires for it to be different as the sea is by attempts to empty it with a slotted
spoon. No, we can't perceive and believe our way to the reality we want...we have
an obligation to the Truth...we have to answer to it, not the other way around.

The enemy of Truth is pervasive, domineering emotion. What we wish was a
fact often becomes exactly what we accept as fact. Logic counters that with
the overwhelming odds that you will find yourself in countless, completely real,
situations that you Wish you weren't in during your lifetime. The truth in general
and in specific application having to do with all manner of things from concrete
to abstract, hidden and obvious will follow the same basic rule: there's going to
be truth you love, and truth you hate.

There is no common sense in asking "what is truth?" because the answer is so
entirely obvious and non-negotiable...truth is what is real. There's no follow up
question "what is reality?" because once you have begun to question what real
means, you have just voluntarily dismissed your sanity in favor of delusion. I hold
that it is Impossible to conduct an objective search for truth and not eventually
arrive at the realization that we have a Creator that has provided us with it's full

The nature of the enemy's tactics to pull people's common sense and logical
deductions under a blanket of self-satisfying madness is so incredibly effective
on mankind as a whole that the results have not at all halted at the common
layperson, but has risen into the highest and most influential societal structures
of this age. The most trusted and venerated establishments, institutions and
experts who are held in esteem for their supposed professionalism and objectivity
are in fact comprised of human beings just as carried away with their whims and
fancies and childish desires as any average Joe. We then take the things which
these highly esteemed infants preach as truth and grind them into the minds of
young children from the day they are able to comprehend language and raise
them into adults who never, ever question the "accepted truths".

There is literally no limit or boundary on what information is adulterated in this
way in the world. From the most mundane things to the most fantastic subjects,
they have prescribed a virtual "truth pill" for everything under the sun...
and the sun too.

When people want to know what a star they find out from the One who
made them..or NASA?

When people want to know how to deal with their personal they go
to the One who knows them better than anyone else..or a psychiatrist?

When people want to understand where life came they find the
answer from the One who invented it...or from Darwin?

When people become they seek healing from the One who made
their body...or from a doctor?

Whom do people trust? The Infallible or the greatly flawed?

Eyes wide's time to turn back to the Only One with all the answers.

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