Faith Statement

The Core of the Matter

These are the foundations of what we
believe and hold as absolute truth.
They are non-negotiable.

We believe in One Elohim (God),
YHWH, Creator of heavens and earth.

We believe in the manifestation of
YHWH in flesh, in the person of
Yahushua (Jesus), only begotten
son of Elohim, born of a virgin.

We believe in the crucifixion of
Yahushua to the end that any who are
willing might have forgiveness of sin
through His shed blood.

We believe that Yahushua rose
from the dead, having defeated death,
and took His place of authority
with the Father in heaven.

We believe there is One and only One
way to have everlasting life, and
that is in the repentance of sin
in the name of Yahushua, believing on
His redemptive work and yielding
one's life to Him.

We believe that Yahushua will return
to execute judgment on the earth,
to establish His kingdom and to
reign with His redeemed.

We are to love our enemies
without reservation, pray for their
repentance and forgive their offenses
just as we, deserving nothing,
were forgiven for our sins by our Master.

Near-Orbit Satellites

These are important,
though not critically important
(they do not determine salvation)
details which we hold as truth.

There were two angelic rebellions
which led to a corrupted creation.

Genesis 6 describes a literal interbreeding
of unlike species, human and angel
and resulting offspring called nephilim.

1 Enoch is valid scripture,
true history and true prophecy.

Fallen angels taught advanced technology
and sciences to the ancient world
and the same principle technologies
are "resurrected" in our modern world.

There are two main "bloodlines"
of fallen angel genetics which persist
in the human population, of which
the most prominent examples are the
ruling families which drive the governance
of every major nation on earth,
control distribution of wealth,
societal influences and religious trends.

Throughout history there have been
repeated attempts of the global "elite"
to establish the vision of the resurrected
pre-flood society in which there is a
global governance of false shepherds
(fallen angels and their offspring)
over an enslaved humanity,
a vision termed: a "New World Order".

We are now witnessing the final years
of the age in which sin rules and
we expect the return of our Savior
following tribulation which has
never been matched on Earth.

There is no individual who
lacks all hope of repentance.
Our Physician has come
to heal the sick,
to bind up the broken hearted,
and make free the captives.

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