Not to the Right Hand, Nor the Left

If you have made it to this site in search of truth,
you have no doubt come across a million opinions along the way
and hold some of your own. There's nothing wrong with theorizing,
contemplating, taking into consideration all possibilities
and weighing them against scripture and evidence.
In this way, we begin to sift the dirt for artifacts of reality
and hone a sharpened edge of discernment.

there  is an appropriate way to seek truth though,
and one which leads to confusion.
an appropriate search for truth begins with utter objectivity,
which is, admittedly, not easy.

We all have desires, wishes, and feelings...
as natural as it is to have them though,
they are subject to the potential of corruption,
as we all know how easy it is to desire or wish for
or have a feeling that is not in line with the Will of YHWH.

objectivity is a state of humility above all things, a stand that says:
"I will not assume i already know or look for the "truth" i desire,
but allow Him to reveal what is right no matter how against my
preconceived ideas it may be."
As against the grain of modern thought as it might be,
a search for truth does not involve emotions, intuition, hopes,
dreams, or preset goals other than a closer understanding of His word.

a search for truth is done analytically, logically and with
the expectation that you will be surprised rather than
an expectation that all your theories will be confirmed.

the danger of doing otherwise becomes an emotional quest to
1...prove you've been right all along,
2...uphold a bias for or against something you have already
set your mind on as being true or false, or
3...find acceptance in some group, faction or denomination
by adhering, without justification, to their pre-packaged list of "truths".
YHWH's people, i have seen, are undergoing an awakening
to biblical information which has long been ignored
in church buildings and by pastors..
they are beginning to search out the literal, raw reality of His word
and how that applies in the world now and throughout a history
which has been half obscured in the dust of revision.

This is an awesome thing and every believer who has become
brave enough to step outside the constructed box to hunt down the reality
He proclaimed deserves a congratulations...truth isn't for the faint of heart,
i'm sure you've come to realize. a word of advice to you in your search now is,
beware of the right hand and beware of the left hand..

that is to say, many new seekers go looking for an extreme point of view
and if then having explored it fully, something is obviously amiss with it,
they gravitate to the extreme opposite.
What you will find on both sides of the road, my friends, is a ditch.
We're going to aim for the straight and narrow..
we're going to keep clear of the ditches.
This will also mean that if you have your heart dead set
on a pet extreme and all things tied to it..
you will probably find us very unsatisfying.

for example..we are not Zionists
(in the sense of what that word means in the world right now).
We are also not individuals who deny that Jews are the
descendants of Judah or blame "Jews" for all the wrongs of the world..
or call the bloodline of Israel anything but the Semetic nation of people which
YHWH chose to bring His Messiah into the world.

We understand there is great evil in adherence to the
Babylonian Talmud and we denounce every practitioner of
Talmudist / Kabbalistic faith whether Jew or Gentile.

We understand that the present political governance of
the country of Israel is in the hands of Talmud adherents
and foreign influences. We also understand that people of true Israel
still reside there and that like American citizens, have no say
in the matters of their political governance.

If all these things seem contradictory to you,
that is likely because you have generally only
found those who either cling with unjustified zeal
to the right hand (Zionism - the country of Israel and all its
policies are good and just and divinely inspired)
or to the left (anti-semetism - that Jews are not members
of true Israel and are instead a false and corrupt group.)

but both these views are ditches...dug by the enemy
to capture people of either emotional persuasion.
You will not find us either vilifying or exalting any group
or ethnicity of people..not one human being on this planet
can produce their pedigree back to its root.

The only blood that matters here is the blood of Yahushua
and all the ground is level at the foot of the cross.
Come, let us reason together....may your search for truth be guided in His Holy Spirit.

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