The Great Weavework

It's the world you know, the world you've never known, your life and
all the elements which make it what it is, the life of your neighbor,
their dog's life, that favorite coffee cup and whatever its held, the
deep blue zenith of an unclouded heaven and what all there is up beyond
it that scientists assume over and no man knows. It is the wings of a
passing butterfly and the scales of a silver fish, it is tomorrow and
today and all the yesterdays that make tomorrow. In its vast majesty,
all i can liken His design and creation and the trillions of seen and
unseen connections by which this all becomes What Is and What Will be
by The Creator's plan and motivation is the Great Weavework.

Like multitudes upon multitudes of varied colored threads, woven in a
complex choreography where the words "random" and "chance" have no
place...indeed every detail of every grain of sand and every blazing
star in heaven has a place, a purpose and precisely connects in
creation to all other things He has made. Each thread followed far
enough ties with hundreds more and which in turn tie to thousands more
and which in turn tie to millions more. each individual in his or her
life pass that short time tangled in the few threads near to them,
never knowing how far their thread has traveled and with what other
colors He has woven it and most importantly, what the massive tapestry
shows when it is unfurled through the far reaches of space, time and
Sovereign Design.

If we can not figure the meaning of the existence of a gnat it is
because our vision is limited, for now, to the threads nearest us, and
the colors we can see. how might we know if one gnat changed the course
of history or if by virtue of a single insect existing or not, thus was
determined the existence of a galaxy far from this one world called
Earth, where was made His express image in flesh. if these things seem
big, remember we are just wrestling with gnats, but we're reaching to
take hold of giants. To extend the mind to the reaches of wonder
concerning the perfect majesty of all YHWH's design is worthy of doing,
but as infinite as He is and impossible to fully achieve. That in
itself is greatness...that we can be assured that we will never grow
bored, in this age or the world to come of learning of all that He has
done and will do.

 I am certain that all words are pale next to the immensity of the
tapestry of His design... what description can suffice? even so , for
now...let's take hold of gnats, and then giants, and understand, if
possible, the purpose which He has determined upon all creation, the
sacrifice He has made to secure it and the reason a far misty past is
closer this day than it was a hundred years ago. Who knows if your
thread and mine have a history changing purpose to which they are both

Can one decision made by one being thousands of years ago lead to
nearly all things which make up what the modern world is today?

Has He warned the modern world what it means to forget history and be doomed to repeat it?

Is there anything New under the sun?

Is time circling in upon itself, caught in a cycle born from the conception of sin into creation?

Has He determined the end of the ages by virtue of Messiah defeating sin and the cessation of circular time?

"and the angel which i saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth
lifted up his hand to heaven, and swear by Him that liveth forever and
ever and who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the
earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things
which are therein, that there should be Time No Longer...

but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of Elohim should be finished."

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