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Nothing New Under the Sun

In spite of the fact that humanity managed to survive some thousands of
years without the benefit of personal computers, ipods and cell phones...
it would seem by looking at average society that these things are the basic
necessities of life itself.

Some younger individuals, no doubt, could scarcely imagine their lives with-
out such conveniences and means of entertainment. It is the digital age....
baby, you've come a long way...or have you?

As much as these things are considered the cutting edge of modern
society, the monument of human achievement, the "evolution" of humanity's
increasing might be shocked to know how puny, crude
and backwards the technology is to which average people have access
and knowledge.
Not only is high technology not new or modern...but the most advanced
and most powerful capabilities of technology that exist right now are
rarely, if ever, mentioned to the public.

What is "cutting edge" to you actually entered the modern world scene
five plus decades before it was "new" to the public...and long before any
of this existed in the modern era, it existed thousands of years earlier in
the pre-flood world.

The technical society which was introduced and ruled by the rebel
Watchers and their predecessors, Satan's army, exceeded the
capabilities and the efficiency of modern "achievements".

This would naturally be the case since the source of knowledge from
which technical innovation comes was the beings which were physically
present on Earth in those days...all scientific and innovative "discovery"
in modern times has simply been a process of recovering lost information
that existed pre-flood.
The difference in how technology was used then and now is connected
to the difference between the entire societal structure of the "Golden Age
of the gods" compared to the modern prelude to the resurrection of the

There is a difference..although that difference is not as great as it might
look on the surface. The world under the governance of the Watchers was
an open feudal empire of sorts. The "commoners" were well aware of who
was in charge and well aware that it wasn't them.

They understood that they had no rights in the minds of their masters,
that they were subject to, without recourse, whatever the "gods" decreed...
and that appeasing them and following orders was the way to survive and
not become dinner for one of their gigantic children.

Technology was not for the belonged to the rulers and
their average human being did not utilize or understand the
high technology that their masters used.
In this era, the system is (or at least has been up to this point) much
more covert. The rulers, the descendants of those who ruled during the
first era, attempt to maintain a facade over their governance, it is not
open to the world to see.

In the eyes of the public, individuals live within nations ruled independently
by various elected or unelected officials that decree specific ordinances
that govern their own nation, apart from other countries in the world.

People in most relatively developed nations appear to enjoy the benefit
of as much cutting edge technology as they can afford to buy and the
latest innovations are supposedly open information to all who care to know.

In reality there are very few "sovereign nations" in existence today and
those that are, are impoverished beyond hope of recovery and in the
process of being assimilated.

The rulers control the policies, the direction, the wars and the technology
of all nations. They regard the common man as a serf, with no innate rights
or freedoms.

They allow the bottom of the barrel of their technology to be accessible
to the public, while keeping hidden or exclusive to their own use, the most

A great deal of the technology they use is geared toward a more efficient
control over their "serfs".
Here are some technologies you might never have known existed or are
being used today...

Scalar Weapons - WMDs you can't even fathom...
+ SCALAR WEAPONS: Read it and weep By C Verismo

Voice to Skull Technology - They are able to transmit speech directly to your mind.
+ Microwaves and Behavior By Dr. Don R. Justesen

Dimensional / Time travel - Technology which was used as early as 1943 breached
the fabric of space and time...
+ PFD : Montauk Time Travel Technology
+ HTML : Montauk Project & Philadelphia Experiment

WWII era Flying Disc Technology - The ability to build this kind of craft has come
a long way since then and the public is still unaware of it.
+ WWII German Flying Disk

Smart Dust - Microelectromechanical particles that can spy on you.
+ Smart Dust could soon be Spying on You By Duncan Graham Rowe, New Scientist


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