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The Line That Got Crossed Then 'Elohiym said, "Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind. Cattle and creeping…

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Whoever has an idea concerning these vaccine can come up and tell us are they real or good for human bodies.People are on receiving and the…

Started by david omweno ongori

21 Nov 2, 2022
Reply by Tristran Hepburn


The Curious, Missing Blood Factor

If you have ever researched the Rhesus blood grouping system, you probably already know that there is something mighty peculiar about the r…

Started by Cyprium

62 Apr 17, 2017
Reply by John 8:32


Bizarre Chimeras - Mythology Redefined

If you can manage to admit that truth continually outdoes fiction when it comes to the bizarre and if you haven't had your dose of weird fo…

Started by Cyprium

29 Aug 4, 2016
Reply by Kathy


Man Playing God

1st Living Organism Created with Alien DNA – Is Man Playing God?"Scientists have successfully created the first organism with “alien” DNA.…

Started by Sinclair

3 Feb 22, 2016
Reply by david omweno ongori


A History That Can't Be Ignored

Those of us who accept that there has been a real occurrence of a race of human hybrids, including giants on Earth and the presence of heav…

Started by Cyprium

16 Mar 28, 2015
Reply by Bean


Morgellon's - The Possible Result of Transhumanist Experiments

If you have never heard of Morgellon's disease, it is no wonder but if you live with it, you live with a nightmare that is not only a horro…

Started by Prodigal Son

17 Dec 6, 2014
Reply by Prodigal Son


Modern Nephilim: Addressing the Pink Elephant

In the recent years, a genuinely good thing has happened in the body of Messiah. Many believers have begun to take the lesser taught sectio…

Started by Cyprium

27 May 31, 2014
Reply by Prodigal Son

The Green Children of Woolpit

Started by words left unspoken

0 Dec 16, 2013


GenPets: Showing Us the Depths of Moral Irresponsibility

Shocking and bizarre could sum up a reasonable reaction to a little oddity known as a "GenPet". Upon coming across this strange..invention…

Started by Cyprium

5 Oct 24, 2013
Reply by Tabitha

Luciferian Adoptions

It isn't completely unknown to folks that blue-bloods sometimes go through a name-change. The ancient Roman emporers were known to routinel…

Started by WeightofAudio

2 Mar 4, 2013
Reply by Bean


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