It isn't completely unknown to folks that blue-bloods sometimes go through a name-change. The ancient Roman emporers were known to routinely adopt heirs. There is, on the other, less obvious hand, a very pragmatically-minded method for some lineages to go "hidden". For some players in the system to not have their roots so well known.


Elite families adopting children out to lesser players with one or more relatively common surname is one means for branches of elite lineages to get out there less detected. Fritz Springmeier talks a bit about the ritualistic, occultic components biological and adoptive families of the child go through in the early stages of the process. Springmeier's 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati briefly discusses it here: To quote a part of the article:

"To try and trace the genealogy of the Illuminati is most difficult. What I am trying to lead up to saying is that due to a number of reasons-many people with last names which are different than the top 12 surnames (as well as the several names I’ve given for the 13th bloodline) I have given are ALSO part of the top 13 bloodlines. Last names are not the criteria--the magical occult power in their blood is. It is more than just having the correct blood--but the magic power in that blood is critical. Once a branch loses its occult power its blood is nothing. This is why even though my wife is a descendent from the Holy Blood line, the 13th family, her branch of the family has had nothing to do with the occult for centuries, and could never be part of Illuminati. In summary, this article has given some critical names in the early genealogy of the Satanic branch of the Collins family. This article has discussed how important events in our world are being molded by those 13 families secretly, for example the Collins family. Finally, it was discussed how the Illuminati have a number of ways that they hide their genealogies, and one of these is the common practice of adopting out a child, so that it gets a different last name. "


The elite family Springmeier discusses here (in addition to alluding to Luciferian adoptions) is one directly tied to druidism. Irish legend discusses a "divine" population in the history of the Isles known as the Tuatha De' Danann who I believe melded with the slightly latter-ariving Gaelic nobles to produce the Irish clan, the Eoghanachta, whom the Collins and some other families branch from. My grandmother's adoptive father's surname is one branch of the Eoghanachta. This, I believe, is the source of the bloodline of the druids in some families. Of course, the druid bloodline is but one example of elite lineages being adopted out in this manner.


My own lineage I suspect had been twinged with such a sort of adoption. My dad's mother was adopted. Her adoptive family were shriners, an arm of freemasonry who, at least in decades past, had to be at the Master Mason level and take the Scottish Rite as prerequisite. In addition, my dad's father's family were also freemasons: The men shriners, and the women members of the Order of the Eastern Star. My grandfather and his father went through the Scottish rite. This is probably no coincadence. My grandmother's biological past was kept secret, and the only tidbit about them passed down was that her biological mother was young and unwed at the time of giving birth to her. The whole adoption was also arranged with her adoptive parents via a doctor. It is also interesting how Springmeier discusses the presence of members of the Collins family in Chicago, the place of residence of my old man's family.


I'd be interested to see if anyone here relates to this in any way.







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Adopting out children is something that's been done in "the family" for a long time. I think that there is more to it that just hiding surnames. They believe in beginning the training very early. The earlier the better. Premature birthing is commonly induced for its traumatic effects and I suspect that adoption also plays a role in early trauma. Both involve a psychologically violent removal of a child from somewhere they felt safe. The "magic" properties he talks about being in the blood, inherited psychic ability, seems to require or be greatly enhanced by the process.

i have some similar suspicions about my mom's dad, who was adopted, though apparently kept his own last name, one of the Scottish clan names.  there is a lot of mystery surrounding his circumstances, but from what i gathered, he had a strict raising and a higher education..

and he did some pretty evil stuff.. also, he worked with the military, and he definitely carried some generational entities which intensely affected my mom's family on a serious trauma level... her mother's maternal family members were Welsh descended Temples, and both my dad's parents were Welsh descended as well. small world.

it's funny, the area we grew up in and around seems like it was a sort of hotbed for o-negatives, and there seemed to be a singular current which ran through the area, and when we were growing up there a lot of us openly discussed this relativism experience... kind of related to discussions elsewhere on the site, certain types tend to sense each other, even if adoption has taken place.

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