1st Living Organism Created with Alien DNA – Is Man Playing God?

"Scientists have successfully created the first organism with “alien” DNA. For thousands of years, life has been written with only four letters—adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G), which are the names given to the DNA subunits contained in all organisms. This “normal” DNA consists of twin strands of double helix that are bound together with these four bases (A, T, C, and G). In the new ‘alien’ organism, scientists have added two new bases called, X and Y, manufacturing a new form of DNA that has never transpired before. With the construction of this living cell that has two ‘foreign’ DNA building blocks in its genome, life’s alphabet has expanded.

Extraordinarily, this “alien” organism persisted to reproduce normally, preserving the alien DNA during reproduction.

Scientists are calling this a miraculous breakthrough and claiming that the work is a one step closer to not only the synthesis of cells able to churn out drugs and other molecules, but also the possibility that one day cells can be genetically modified without any of the four DNA bases used on Earth. Leading to vastly customized organisms—bacteria, animals, and humans that conduct themselves in strange ways….drawing a thin line between man and God..."

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"Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos

Rumours of germline modification prove true — and look set to reignite an ethical debate.

In a world first, Chinese scientists have reported editing the genomes of human embryos. The results are published1 in the online journal Protein & Cell and confirm widespread rumours that such experiments had been conducted — rumours that sparked a high-profile debate last month2, 3 about the ethical implications of such work..."


The real-life Doctor Frankenstein plotting human HEAD transplants: Controversial neurosurgeon wants to give paralysed patient a new body

"Groundbreaking? Controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero (pictured) announced plans to do a human head transplant earlier this year - horrifying many

Groundbreaking? Controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero (pictured) announced plans to do a human head transplant earlier this year - horrifying many

What with ‘designer’ babies and genetic engineering, we have become accustomed to developments that previously would have been banned as ‘Frankenstein science’.

Nevertheless, the revelation this week that a monkey has received a head transplant using a technique that is almost ready to be tried on humans retains its power to shock.

Neuroscientists in China are said to have taken a major step towards that goal by decapitating two rhesus monkeys and connecting the head of one animal to the other’s body.

The news was publicised by Sergio Canavero, a controversial Italian neurosurgeon and associate of the Chinese team, who said the success of the new method used paved the way towards a repeat operation — involving humans.

‘The news is not so much the monkey transplant,’ he said. ‘Everyone in the media is saying: “Hey man, it’s a head transplant on a monkey” — but this has already been done 40 years ago.

‘The important news here is that the critics of this new method have been totally disproven.’

Why is this significant? Because Dr Canavero is the same man who sparked a global storm last year when he revealed his determination to attempt a human head transplant.

He is planning to remove the head of a patient with muscular atrophy and attach it to a freshly decapitated donor body, to give his volunteer a physically fit body.

British experts in surgery and ethics were quick to condemn the proposal. However, Dr Canavero declared: ‘The world will never be the same again.’..."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3412928/The-real-life-Docto...

Man was created by God to rule over the animals but the scientists have done more harm than good.

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