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Vaccine Zombie by Michael Adams - The Health Ranger


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Every Cancer is Curable

On August 23, 2010, Dr. Coldwell was a guest on Coast-to-Coast AM with host, George Noory.

Dr. Coldwell: "George, what was so fascinating was that I understood something very fundamental...the only cause of illness is lack of energy, the only. There is no other cause for illness. If your energy level is high, ...there is no place for illness...86% of… Continue

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Dead Seals with “Corkscrew” Cuts in Scotland and England

I first heard about this story while listening to Coast-to-Coast AM; the show from August 23, 2010

The actual show with Linda Moulton Howe can be heard here:…


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Acid Rain in Iowa 2

You can see that my rain gauge has the same orange coloring from the rain as the one in the… Continue

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Acid Rain in Iowa?

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"False Information and False Assumptions: Is Green Tea Full of Sodium Fluoride?" appears on Infowars Ireland

Bean Stirs the Pot....


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What ever happened?

What ever happened to the time when there was no real worry about poison? The time when what you brought home from the grocery store was fit for consumption. The water you drank, was just that. Water. The time when there were not chemicals or hormones in it. You could eat or drink without concern. The days when you watched the news and it was just that, news. It seems this day, it is all askew. The news is spun with a smidgen of truth and a load of lies. You have to look and read what you are… Continue

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