What ever happened to the time when there was no real worry about poison? The time when what you brought home from the grocery store was fit for consumption. The water you drank, was just that. Water. The time when there were not chemicals or hormones in it. You could eat or drink without concern. The days when you watched the news and it was just that, news. It seems this day, it is all askew. The news is spun with a smidgen of truth and a load of lies. You have to look and read what you are putting in your body. Even then there is no guarantee it isn't contaminated with some sort of something. I took the time one day to actually read ingredients at the grocery store. There wasn't many items in my cart by the time I was ready to leave. From HFCS to soy to chemicals I couldn't pronounce, was ready for purchase and dinner. What ever happened to the days of blue skies and sunshine without the decoration of chemical trails? It seems we have become so dependant on easy and convenient. It seems we have become so ignorant on what is going on around us and to us. It is too much hassle or too much bother to look closer. If the television didn't say it, it must not be true or worth finding out more. I often wonder what our Creator thinks of today. The lies and deception that encompasses this entire planet. It seems no one wants to listen or understand the truth." What do I know?" Is usually the response I receive when trying to explain. I Don't know much, but enough to try to help. When the second ingredient to your beverage is a toxin, there might be a problem? Seems you might as well season your meat with Decon, its in aisle 9. If the evening news says tomorrow will be sunshine and roses, don't mind the chemical haze. Its just to keep you from getting a sunburn.

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Comment by Cyprium on August 9, 2010 at 5:00pm
Remember when the notion of Buying Water was a joke...and people would laugh when you mentioned it? "Water is free!" they'd say "Who's going Buy Water?" Well golly..water should be free...is that a revolutionary statement these days? and furthermore, (United Nations, i'm talking to you) Air should be free too.
Comment by Kathy on September 22, 2010 at 7:45am
What ever happened to something called common sense? Used to be, people questioned what didn't seem quite right. That was common sense showing its rare head out of the brush. They didn't take everything as it was given. Or maybe they did and I never really noticed? I used to not understand why there were groups of people that left society and made their own colony some where off the grid. Whether they were nudist colonies or just folks that were tired of the junk. I might understand a little better now. A common sense colony isn't a bad idea! The population might be small though. At least, I would like most of the folks!

Comment by Cyprium on September 22, 2010 at 5:44pm
A common sense colony...that sounds like a plan. A much better plan by far than a nudist colony, i must say..lol. I've often wanted to extract myself from the world in general too. It will be nice when the whole world is under His reign and common sense becomes a little more...common.
Comment by Kathy on November 1, 2010 at 2:47pm
I recently had to walk away from a conversation. The conversation was about voting, and if it really does matter. Does it matter? Is it already written? Through these past very years, voting has become almost just a cover. Are these "candidates" already picked? Are you already programmed from advertisements and such? The conversation I walked away from, seemed to already be programmed. Regardless of what facts I presented, they were dismissed from the commercials they had seen. No research was done on the other parties behalf. They didn't remember what had once been. Just what had been fed to them via the television. Once I reminded the lesser of evil, is still evil. It became heated. I even tried to use sports as an example. Something they surely would understand. No matter what position is played, whether for offense or defense, they still play for the same team. Their agenda will be met no matter who's name is on the ticket. Even with best intentions, those won't matter much in the end. Here is where common sense and memory retention comes in. What ever happened to it?

Comment by Cyprium on November 1, 2010 at 5:14pm
It's rather startling, the twisted game of ping pong that is politics. One party wins...they make a mess of everything..the people get angry...the opposing team wins the next round and the whole thing repeats endlessly.

Few seem to ever realize how long this game has gone on without the public at large ever ending up the winners.If one finally understands that neither party is attempting to remedy the wrongdoing of the other...then they tend to cling to so-called "independant" candidates. The reasonable question to ask, though is, if both main parties are so well controlled.... why would there be any reasonable chance of a truly independant candidate with truly good intentions being allowed to slip through the cracks of the system?

I suppose for the secular public..what hope is there aside from hope in mankind and that all this can be remedied by mankind? For those who trust the living Elohim...we should come to accept that He is really, truly, our one and only hope, and that that is well placed.
Comment by Kathy on September 9, 2011 at 5:29pm
    Today I came home to find a ticket in my door jam. Now I live in a fairly rural area, corn fields and cows on about every corner. This ticket was from the county dog warden. They have "randomly" checked my property to see if my dog was licensed. As I marveled at the ticket in my hand, a bit of anger started brewing. For one, what gave these county folks any right to step foot on my property. I gave them no permission nor right to enter what I own. Secondly, who's business is it to what I have, whether animal, firearm, or garden? What ever happened to privacy? The whole point of owning your home was for privacy. To do what you wish,when you wish, with out any interference. So now I have to register my pet with big brother. He'll know I have some form of security for my family. Next I'll have to register the field mice and sparrows. Jerks.

Comment by Prodigal Son on September 11, 2011 at 5:17pm

When people speak of the public being disarmed, they usually mean firearms, but i do actually believe that there is a purposed attempt to remove the right to own some kinds of dogs from people's possession also. I believe this is the attempt we see as propaganda which advertises attacks by certain breeds, portrays them as always vicious and unpredictable.


These same breeds tend to be those which are actually the most protective of their human caretakers and can be quite effective as a defense for home and life. It does make sense that the government wants to know who has what kind of dogs and that many states and counties pass laws against such breeds.

Comment by Kathy on November 7, 2011 at 9:51pm
What ever happened to the days where there were conversations, and not arguments? Once upon a time, folks could converse about subjects as vaccinations and world events. Without trying to twist each others arm in to agreement. While having a conversation about vaccinations, it became very one sided. Their side was obviously correct, because they were taught by the establishment that made them. No one could have been corrupt or have an agenda other than to save the world. Anything that happens to be included in them, Must be safe, or they wouldn't add them..... I feel sorrow at the end of those discussions that turn almost heated. To take the time to even glance at other facets of any gemstone, you will find a flaw. I pray that one day they become Saved by His grace. Until then, weather and farm life will be the conversation.


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