John saw fire in Messiah’s eyes. The eye contains a hole in the middle-the pupil, which is like the aperture in a camera. It acts like a window. The source of fire is not the eye of  Messiah, but His heart He has a fire burning deep inside His soul (Luke 12:49) and desires for it to be kindled in each of us.

The eye also has a clear lens covering the cornea. It acts like a mirror. When you look someone in the eye, you see your own image reflected. When we look in the eyes of Messiah, the fire that involve the physical eye, but the eye of the spirit (Ephesians 1:18).

Some people run from conference to conference, trying to get an impartation of the fire of Yahushua. Yet there is a direct, personal access to the fire of Yahushua that is available to us at any time. All we have to do is close our physical eyes, meditate on the scriptures describing the fire in the eyes of  Messiah, imagining Him looking into our eyes , face to face: that spiritual flame will begin to flow from his soul into ours. The eyes are located in the centre of the face, halfway from the chin to the crown head. As we meditate on His shining face, we are transformed into the same image (II Corinthians 3:18). The spiritual transformation by meditating on the glory of Yahushua in the face of Messiah is a key to understanding the priestly blessings that “the lord would make His face shine on you” (numbers 6:25). The Aaronic benediction is fulfilled in Messiah our high priest.

Try to spend time every day meditating on the fire in the eyes of Messiah. May that beautiful spiritual fire of passion and purity be kindled in your soul?

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