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knowledge of ability is the introduction of responsibility scriptures says my people destroyed of a lack of knowledge hosea 4:6 there for my people will go into exile for lack of knowledge iasiah 5:13 the greatest tragedy in life is not death , but life.... life that falls to fulfill its purpose and potential (ecc 6:3-9 ) you must take responsibility for ability shalum and bereakah love brother yosh

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Lamb and Dove


When our messiah appeared at the Jordan to start his ministry, John identified him by two descriptions:

John 1:29, 36

Behold the Lamb of God

How did he know messiah was the Lamb? – Because of the Dove.

John 1:32

I saw the Holy Spirit descending from heaven like a Dove and remaining on him.

There is something about messiah that is like a lamb, and something about the Holy Spirit…


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