When our messiah appeared at the Jordan to start his ministry, John identified him by two descriptions:

John 1:29, 36
Behold the Lamb of God

How did he know messiah was the Lamb? – Because of the Dove.

John 1:32
I saw the Holy Spirit descending from heaven like a Dove and remaining on him.

There is something about messiah that is like a lamb, and something about the Holy Spirit that is like a dove. There is a common characteristic to the two--in a word, gentleness. Messiah and the Holy Spirit are gentle as a dove and a lamb.

Someone who is strong and healthy does not need gentleness. However, to someone who is weak and hurting, the quality of gentleness is needed to touch and heal.

 The sensitivity of the Lamb brought healing, salvation and holiness.

[Note: Both the "Lamb" and the "Dove" will be involved in the fierce judgment of God: the "wrath" of the Lamb (Revelation 6:16) and the "sword" of the Dove (Jeremiah 46:16; 50:16). This is proof that the judgment of God is righteous and long-suffering. The sin is so evil that even the gentleness of the Lamb and the Dove are moved to punish the wicked.]


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