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A Life and a Death

It's strange to see a life lived in defiance to the Creator come to its inevitable end. We might be more accustomed to thinking of tragedies in terms of departed loved ones, sorely missed friends and relatives...decent people that leave behind many mourners. I am not sure, though, that i have ever been acquainted with such a tragedy as someone who lived their life in a state of seeming self inflicted torment, hatred of our Creator, disdain of fellow man and self absorption, ultimately ending…


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One Heart beat and the future of the church.

Would you die to protect your Jewish and the Gentile brothers? People came forward and said yes, I would die. Now we need to ask, how would you die someday. How then shall we live?

Finding the one heart beat means that we live together as One New man to hear these three planks.

1 .We choose to be international in honoring women in our society .We encourage those in other societies to do the same.

2. We choose to be international about finding people lacking the…


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2nd kings 6:24,7:20,6:28.

And melech/king said to her ,what bothers you?And she answered ,This woman said to me ,Give your son,that we may eat him today,and we will eat my son tomorrow.So we boiled my son ,and eat him and  i said to her on the next day give your son, that we may eat him and she has hidden her son.

It is written,Then i will walk contrary to you  also in furry i even i will chastise you seven times for your sins and the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your…


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