One Heart beat and the future of the church.

Would you die to protect your Jewish and the Gentile brothers? People came forward and said yes, I would die. Now we need to ask, how would you die someday. How then shall we live?

Finding the one heart beat means that we live together as One New man to hear these three planks.

1 .We choose to be international in honoring women in our society .We encourage those in other societies to do the same.

2. We choose to be international about finding people lacking the necessities of life and helping them and blessing them .we teach others to do the same.

3. we  choose to be international about finding Jewish and the Gentiles who don’t know the messiah and we extend honor and love them .We find those who do know the messiah and we partner with them in serving Jesus changed the world in which He lived .He spoke to women because they mattered to Him.

Messiah honored the poor. Through the ages, the poor have suffered similar persecution as women .This was a radical departure from the society of the time.

This world of honoring women, the poor the Jews and the Gentiles is the world that messiah gave us.

Honor heals, and that healing will initiate a united church.Yahushua is vision of one heart beat .This is the One New man.

One heart means men and women honoring each other, standing together, working together, and serving together.

One heart beat means Jews and Gentiles a wakening to the call to walk together as One New man.

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