I noticed something interesting in the Bible that I'd like to share with you. In the beginning, one man, Adam, condemned the entire human race to death thru sin. And one man, Jesus Christ lifted all of mankind out of sin, if they choose to believe. One man, Noah, was tasked with building the ark. One man, Judas, brought about the crucifixion of our Savior. One man, John the Baptist, prepared the way for the Christ.

And what about now? One man, Hitler, has the blood of over 6 million human beings on his hands. One man, Bill Gates, brought home computers to the masses. Are you seeing the pattern? Look how much can happen because of one man, or woman.
And while not everyone is destined for greatness or notoriety we should never, ever underestimate the power or potential of a single life. 
My brother was a genius...........and he was homeless. He froze to death when he was 36 because people judged him as less than human without even knowing him. When I found out he died, only I realized what the world had lost. I have no doubt that within my brother lay the cure for cancer or AIDS. He was that smart. But because this society as a whole, does not value human life, many overworked and stressed out teachers let my brother slip thru the cracks and failed to fan the spark of genius that burned within him. And finally, that spark went out. And the world continues to live in fear of cancer and AIDS. I wonder how many babies have been aborted that had the next scientific breakthru? Or how many of them were the next Mother Theresa? Sadly, the world has lost all of them and will continue to lose every blessing that God attempts to bestow on man thru the life of a human. Mankind will never advance, until mankind learns that every life has power and every life has potential and it is our responsibility to manifest that which we were created to be and do.

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