Christ is called The Way, The Truth and The Light.  So I want to explore the nature of truth.
Truth is one of the most powerful things known to man. No one has the power to change the truth because the truth contains its own inherent power.

The Truth does not have to convince nor cajole anyone into believing it because by its nature, the truth will assert itself. The truth doesn't care if you like it, if you deny it or if you lie about it because none of those things will change it. It doesn't have to defend itself nor explain itself. It just is.
For example: The sky is blue. If you don't like the color blue, if you deny that the sky is blue and even if you lie about the sky being blue, it will not change the color of the sky. 
When Christ was brought before Pilot, He didn't say one word in His defense. Why? Could it be because Christ knew He was the truth and He didn't have to defend the truth because He knew, as all Christians know, that in the end, the truth WILL assert itself. It HAS to because that is the fundamental nature of the truth. 
When I think about some of the words used to describe the truth; powerful, unchangeable, no respecter of men, quiet, pure; are these not words used to describe God and Christ?
So where does the truth get its power from? We as humans have to remember that God created everything and so everything will reflect the nature of God. This means that everything in creation vibrates in truth. When the truth asserts itself, it exposes lies. It has to for a lie and the truth cannot co-exist in harmony.
Picture this: you have a pan of pure water which represents Gods creation and the truth it holds. Now take a drop of oil and place it on the water. What happens? Does it blend with the water? Or does it sit there; defined and exposed? Oil is the opposite of water just like truth is the opposite of a lie and so our lies, when confronted with the truth will sit there just as defined and just as exposed as the oil on water. The truth gets its power from God because God IS truth.
Not all lies get exposed in this lifetime but all will be exposed in the next. For what is whispered in the dark will be shouted from the rooftops. 
Satan is called the Father of Lies. Why not the General of Genocide? Because beneath every evil resides a lie. A lie has no power unto itself. A lie needs to be propped up and because it is a lie, only a lie can support it until eventually all the lies come down like the house of cards that they are. So why does satan lie? Because he wants to keep us from the truth. Once we possess the truth, satan is powerless against us. So where does a lie get it's power? A lie can only contain as much power as we are willing to give it.

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Comment by Olusogo Olujimi on October 15, 2012 at 1:58am

Lies, as well as being non-truth, may also be a per-version of truth, like the King James (per)Version of the inspired Hebrew Scripture! Satan, being a seal of the measure of shrewdness, has learnt to introduce a measure of detergent into the "oil+water" mixture, and the homogenous concoction, with permission from Most High Yah, has been given to mankind to drink, decieving the WHOLE world. Its why all religions, none excepted, being man-made, are syncretized bodies. YAH did not give His chosen people a religion - He's given His laws, commandments, statutes and judgments.

I reckon the following truth:lies ratios for the main religions: Islam 50:50, Judaism 50:50, Roman Catholicism 5:95(being the mother harlot to the rest), Protestanism and Evangelicals 50:50 

Comment by david omweno ongori on October 17, 2012 at 10:39am

If we draw near to God ,He will draw near to us James 4:8 and Satan his lies will be final.


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