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The Goodness of God

I was driving home from work today trying to decide what I wanted to write about tonight and for the life of me, I couldn't make up my mind! So I asked God, "God, what do You want me to write about?" And God said, "Tell them about my Goodness." Okay then.

About 2 years ago, I had a vision of God's Kingdom. 

In my vision of the Kingdom, I was standing up on a very high montain and I could see all around me forever. It didn't…


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The Nature of Truth and Lies

Christ is called The Way, The Truth and The Light.  So I want to explore the nature of truth.

Truth is one of the most powerful things known to man. No one has the power to change the truth because the truth contains its own inherent power.

The Truth does not have to convince nor cajole anyone into believing it because by its nature, the truth will assert itself. The truth doesn't care if you like it, if you deny it or if you lie about it because…


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The Value of a Single Life

I noticed something interesting in the Bible that I'd like to share with you. In the beginning, one man, Adam, condemned the entire human race to death thru sin. And one man, Jesus Christ lifted all of mankind out of sin, if they choose to believe. One man, Noah, was tasked with building the ark. One man, Judas, brought about the crucifixion of our Savior. One man, John the Baptist, prepared the way for the Christ.

And what about now? One man, Hitler, has the blood…


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Glass and Ball Ping Hammers

I had a vision the other day and in this vision, I saw a huge sheet of glass. In this glass, I saw holes as if made by a ball ping hammer and from these holes, cracks radiated outward. I understood in that moment, that every word we say and every action we make, is felt through all eternity.

The holes in the glass, are acts or words of cruelty and the cracks that radiate out, touch the people closest to them. Consider the hole that Adam and Eve put in the glass of…


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Fear Not!

In these uncertain times, I thought I'd share a vision I had a few months back. In this vision, I saw a huge sheet of blank paper. Then, I saw a huge screen cover the paper. As I continued to watch, I could see that colors began to fill the little squares defined by the screen. There was no rhyme, no reason and no discernible pattern to the colors or their placement. Some little squares didn't even get color, they remained blank. After a few minutes, the screen was removed and all I could…


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