I had a vision the other day and in this vision, I saw a huge sheet of glass. In this glass, I saw holes as if made by a ball ping hammer and from these holes, cracks radiated outward. I understood in that moment, that every word we say and every action we make, is felt through all eternity.

The holes in the glass, are acts or words of cruelty and the cracks that radiate out, touch the people closest to them. Consider the hole that Adam and Eve put in the glass of humanity. Are not the effects of that hole still felt today? 

In my case, one of the holes for example would be the abusive words and actions of my mother. And the cracks from that hole touched my siblings and myself. If I had in turn, treated my children as I was treated, then I would have added my own hole and cracks to the glass and THAT is how our words and actions go on through eternity.


Instead, I loved my children and instead of adding a hole to the glass, I stopped a crack. .. Just like the resurrection of the Christ stopped the cracks that Adam and Eve created. And that is what we are all called to be - "crack stoppers". :-)

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