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On Thinking

Conspiracy theorists always seem to end their presentations with some variation of this sentiment: “learn to think for yourself”, “wake up!”, “be a free thinker”, “look at what is happening!”, “need for critical thinking”, etc.

Critical thinking…

I venture there are few people today who consider they allow another to do their thinking, and actually resent and ruffle at the mere suggestion, for it is an insult. Given that more of our children (95 percent in 2000) are… Continue

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Seeking Truth

“…I claim that we cannot possess the ‘truth’. At best we can believe in it. Anyone who really seeks the truth cannot and ought not to seek it under the aegis and within the confines of his own religion. If he does so, is not insincerity godfather to a matter which demands the greatest integrity? What is the purpose and goal of life after all? To believe in the ‘truth’ or to seek it?” (Erich Von Daniken)

To be a truth seeker is to understand that knowledge is not finite: “The secret… Continue

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This has been, so far, a very chaotic year.

Its not even finished yet.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, on going wars.

There have been many rumors of war from all over this globe.

The flooding and droughts have also been world wide.

Last year, I felt, was a crazy twelve months.

The financial market was haywire, and the "flu pandemic" on everyone's mind.

This year has been more insane than last.

Just this month of September, there have been… Continue

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"Albert Pike and the Three World Wars" appears on Millennium Ark and also on thanks to Kathy for mailing this to Stan Deyo.. way to go Cyprium =)

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SCUM Art and Tadpoles

All the rain that we have had this summer, creating standing pools of water, has provided an environment for breeding frogs - tree frogs to be exact. I have been following their development over the last couple of months, bringing three into the house to watch the change from tadpole to frog, as well as capturing pix of them in the scum with my camera.


This is just one of many that are living in this…


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"Morgellon’s – The Possible Result of Transhumanist Experiments" appears on Millennium Ark

Stan Deyo's Millennium Ark:

Shout out to our favorite nerd, Prodigal Son =)

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