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Book of Enoch - Watchers 1-16

The Book of Enoch - 1 Enoch - Ethiopic Enoch

Translation by RH Charles [1917] …


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Book of Enoch - Watchers 17-36

chapters 17-36


Chapter 17

1. And they took and brought me to a place in which those who were there were like flaming fire, and, when they wished, they appeared as men.…


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More Axe-Grinding Media in an Age of Deception

Sometimes there are those days where you are reminded a thousand fold of the craptastic nature of the system that still is. This very evening I have seen two peices of media that have made me want to throw feces at the television monitor:


-The Channel 10 news "informing" me that a study has been done that does away with the notion that vaccines of any sort have links to causing autism in children...the statements implying "we mighty specialists in the medical field with fancy…


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