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Nuclear melt down... Pt. 2.

Greetings brothers and sister in the LORD.

Where to begin, where to begin... The Libyan thing is I believe a distraction away from what is a true danger to everyone. Especially those poor souls in Japan near the site in Fukishima.

I caught one report stating that the levels were 10, 000, 000 times the safe limit, then another saying it was only 100,000 times greater than what is safe. 10,000,000 or 100,000 times the safe limit is well, to HIGH. Many of you remember what… Continue

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Nuclear melt down or...

Greetings in the name of the King of kings...

As many of you know I was a soldier for many years, one of my MOS's was Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare specialist or NBC. I was the Battalion NBC NCO while in Europe for over three years. I trained many units during that time. I am currently keeping a very close eye on what is taking place at the reactors in Japan.

I have to hit the books for a bit so I can get my facts correct. But radiation levels that we are… Continue

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My dearest brothers and sisters...

My brother and sisters in the LORD...

To convey to you all the blessings your friendships has brought to Deb and I would take me a long, long time to write out and you'd all be blind by the time you finished reading it.

To have those we love turn in an instant into someone you can't even recognize, is a heart and gut wrenching experience. To find that the love you thought was shared, was only a one sided endeavor is always a hard pill to swallow. Having to cut the ties and… Continue

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If only...

If only I could touch those around us we love on the temple and fill them with the knowledge that the LORD has given to me over the fifty years I have been trying to stay in "The Way" my Savior would have me to go.

If only by touching them could we impart the truth regarding the horrors of war, hatred and of the indifference many, many seem to have in these days we are in.

If only I could touch them on the temple and let them see just how much the LORD has been at work in… Continue

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Tardy YES! Dead NO!

Greetings dear brothers and sisters,

May Jesus bless each and every one of you, keeping you always in HIS hands... Sheltering you from the fiery darts of the enemy.

When the enemy strikes, he always seem to strike closest to home. Deb and I and William are steadfastly keeping our faces towards Christ. Yep I look like a statue, just steadfast with tears streaming down a gray stubbled face. The enemy is his most deadly when he comes at us with a Bible in his hands in the… Continue

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