Hello my brothers and sisters...

It has been raining heavily for 6 hours and we've gotten 9 inches of rain so far. It took me 50 minutes to get the Mrs. to work and an hour for me to get back. There are cars submerged everywhere. We have a two foot deep river running through my back yard, the neighbor behind me has it going under the whole house. Parts of the skirting on some folks places are ripping away already.

I am off to check on my neighbors. We may lose power for a while, if so we will be back online as soon as possible. It is getting quite bad here. The Mrs office in an area getting some of the worst of it.

Peace in He who redeemed us...



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Comment by Cyprium on June 15, 2010 at 7:49pm
Bob, i hope you're doing well and that the flood situation there hasn't gotten the best of your community. Let us know how you're doing when you can get back on. My prayers are with you and Deb...

Peace in Yahushua
Comment by Bob Wood on June 15, 2010 at 8:26pm
Hello my dear brothers and sisters.

We are safe, sound and dry. My neighbors lost part of their skirting due to the river that washed limbs and brush right through it. The LORD kept Deb and I very safe and sound, I praise and thank HIM for all HE does for us each and every day. We did well with only one leak on the roof which I fixed this afternoon.

Many, many people lost much, but no one lost their lives that we have heard of.

As I type the President and unfortunately I use that term lightly, is speaking. I have been reading of a huge military exercise due to happen in the gulf area soon. What struck me was his saying that the National Guard will be activated to help in the clean-up. This is the thing I have been waiting for, as my friend in FEMA has told me they were all prepared to deploy to the gulf as soon as the National Guard was activated. He has also told me that they are to be armed by the National Guard once there. Why, I ask are they to be armed? I have assured my friend that should he need my help in getting out of that area, he has it. May we all pray that the rumors we have heard are false, and that this is not a false flag event.

May our LORD and SAVIOR return soon. May He keep you all safe and sound, healthy and happy. Please brothers and sisters in my area do not hesitate should things go sour and you need help... e-mail me or call me and I and my sons will do all we can to help you.

May our LORD keep us all, as always in his hands.



Comment by Prodigal Son on June 16, 2010 at 4:30pm
praise Him that you have come through the flooding unscathed and that there was no loss of life.

there is quite a bit being said now about these possible evacuations and armed units going into the area. we posted some things about it on here if you have the chance to read them - http://timenolonger.ning.com/forum/topics/warning-to-gulf-coast?xg_...

a great deal of foreknowledge in the hands of the public seems to be at times a hindrance or at least a delay to plans they have made. it is my hope then that the spreading of this information might change something about what they are thinking to do. regardless, we know it is in His hands and they are capable Ones.

blessings in His name


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