Greetings my dear brothers and sisters.

Deb and I are hanging in there. Yes times are a bit rough... But... Our Lord and Savior takes very good care of us and our needs.

Deb is currently in the job hunt arena again, but things look very promising for her. I have settled my medical issue and am awaiting the "check" in the mail, lol. Hmmm yep I am still waiting LOL.

I continue to work daily with the young men and women around us. I lost a couple of people, due to their not wanting to listen. I prayed about it and asked the Lord to remove any that hinder the growth of the others and with in a week those thorns were gone. The others continue to thrive.

I have also been noticing we have a quite a bit of military activity in our skies over OKC. We have double flights of fighters going over daily the last three weeks. We also have been having B-52's going into the air port here.

Deb and I have found five acres on the edge of our county that I am looking into getting... If the Lord is willing I will move most of us away from the city soon.

The weather is as usual hot here, 96 degree's today. Thankfully the tornado's have all missed us going either to the north or the south of us.

I am hoping to have more time to write again soon. I look forward to hearing and speaking to you all soon.

In His Name...


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Comment by Prodigal Son on June 1, 2010 at 4:55pm
you have our prayers Bob, that you will have all you need. many might be struggling now in some way connected to finances but He will provide for His people.

a friend told me of a dream he had of military aircraft, something which he has dreamed of many times but the aircraft are becoming more intimidating, larger and carrying weapons. also in the same dream were multitudes of people working for NWO agenda who were mindlessly traveling toward an area of the country which they were to begin war on the citizens, perhaps somewhere in the Midwest. he did not claim it had any prophetic meaning but maybe it is something to keep in mind.

i hope that you have success moving to the country, i think that is a much better position to be in than in a city location right now.

peace in Messiah
Comment by Bob Wood on June 2, 2010 at 10:02am
Prodigal Son,

Absolutely amazing... I must be somewhat cryptic...

I have a near and dear friend that is preparing to be called up by those that have built the camps we have spoken of previously. They are preparing to deploy to the gulf region that is in the news daily. the interesting thing is that the N.G. is going to arm these people. I have been counseling him frequently of late. He is having much trouble with the debate of "taking into custody" the average Joe...

My Mrs. has pointed out on more than one occasion how the mess in the gulf region looks like "blood" and it surely does.

I shall update this as soon as I hear from from my "friend" that he is on the move. Also have an "friend" that is on top of the mess going on along our Southern borbders, should hear from him soon and will relate what he has to say.

May our Lord and Savior keep you all safe and sound.



Comment by Cyprium on June 2, 2010 at 5:21pm
Good to hear you're keeping up the good work with the youngsters...and i hope you can get that "friend" to listen too.

It's interesting you bring up the gulf and looking like blood...that's gone through my mind on several occasions since the "accident". Oil itself is when you get right down to it...remains of deceased things which lived pre-flood. Hard not to be reminded of certain descriptions of the sea being likened to the blood of a dead man. Granted...that doesn't seem to fit the chronology of prophecy so i won't jump to that conclusion but i found it interesting someone else thought of blood when they saw it.

I think we need to all be praying for those people living along the gulf...only He knows what's in store for them.

Comment by Bean on June 12, 2010 at 3:51pm
Hey Bob!.. my prayers for you and Deb and all the good y'all are doing.. saw this today at Steve Quayle's site..

"They Are Coming to Blow Us Away: After- Last nights Radio Show--I received information on the Air Forces Domestic Assignment in the Continental U.S.--A Pilot contacted me within 1 Hour of Last Nights Broadcast and told me that-C-130 pilots whose extreme activity has been noted in all states was comprised of Re-supplying Federal Troops--Hunting Resisters in The Mountains of Colorado and all the other states. This was the Scenario under the Pilots "Emergency Refresher Procedure Simulators and crew resource management training in the Mountains of Colorado!. All the C-130 crews are being trained in low level cargo drops to Re-supply those "FEDERAL TROOPS" assigned to seek out and destroy Resisters and Insurgents--THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!"

also thought you'd be interested to know that about a week ago around noon i watched a low-flying solid white cessna with no side windows do a hard turn over my house.. later that day i read about the military have been using cessnas to train pilots on how to mimic the flight patters of the unmanned drones..

the blockade in Gaza could be an easy distraction to keep people busy while the preparations are made for moving evacuees to camps, and otherwise poisoning who knows how many more.


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