Comment by WeightofAudio on March 22, 2016 at 4:33pm
I have been noticing 3:33 a LOT on clocks lately, as well as a fair amount of 4:44. Just realized a lot of other folks are as well. I would warn anyone against getting into Numerology per se, but there is meaning in numbers according to His Design. Also, as of this writing, the badge on the main page here states 333 members. Interesting, because further inspection reveals only 323. Either way, something to roll around the 'ol noodle.
Comment by Tristran Hepburn on March 23, 2016 at 10:34am

333 is closer to Lucifer who loves himself. 3+3+3=9 where no matter what you do with multiples and powers of 9, the digits always simplify back to 9. Hence the devils ego is always amplified.

3^3==3x3x3=27 where 2+7=9.

They are both multiples of sin (11) where

33 = unclean trinity x sin (3x11).

44 = sin x all 4 corners of the Earth (4x11).

i just saw 555 which means change in numerology and death in Christianity. Iraq got both death and change for the worse, 555 days after Sept 11 2001.

Wait for the big change for all out 7 Year Tribulation on November 26 2016 which is 5555 days after Sept 11 2001.

Oh and sorry to dampen your hopes but this is what i received long ago from a repented fallen watcher concerning numerology.

possible negative entity possession but possibly only communication. all that is sure is that you receive information from a knowledge base beyond your own. what is probable is a temptation to seek the secrets. be wary of the worthless mystery.

One thing that is true about 3:33 AM and that is it makes people say 'Time is of no relevance' and fall back to sleep again as i once personally found out.

Comment by WeightofAudio on March 23, 2016 at 12:16pm

Again, I'm not delving into numerology or suggesting anyone does- but am pointing out a common phenomenon noticed around the world. Many evidently are going to seek a spiritual answer to this and thus, might be led indeed into demonic Numerology. I have noticed it a lot myself and am seeking answers, as one naturally might. I am not sold on any one "internet explanation" but am simply presenting something I have found.

My "hopes" are not dampened, because I was not emotionally invested in one explanation or another. 

Comment by Tristran Hepburn on March 24, 2016 at 4:32am

Do demons get really grumpy when one states that all numerology is worthless ?

i ask because last night, whilst listening to a YouTube video of the John Peel Sessions in 1984, a demon attacked and i partially blacked-out.

Here is the weird bit. Whilst still watching the video in a partially dazed and mesmerized sense, it looked like some songs were playing backwards and only the demons within the group were visible. Humans were not visible anymore.

The head-ache lasted all night even whilst i slept. It seems an entity didn't like what i said.


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