I'm happy to announce that after 5 years of praying and hoping and almost losing hope at some times, my household is Finally Moving. :D

We're saying goodbye to the stinky city which has been something of a little prison for almost 11 years for some of us...less for others (but still much too long in their opinion). No one here is a big appreciator of urban life and it was beginning to drain the life out of us. Our persistent prayer to Him was to put us in the country, get us out of this loud, obnoxious place with its fence of cell towers. Another winter here was really looking like impending torture. One member of the house even declared he would pack up and start walking to greener pastures even if he had to be homeless lol.

Then YHWH answered us. We are moving to the country. Nothing but sheep, goats, chickens and fields. There's no lines on the roads and a cell tower isn't visible from the house. The yard is a big mess of grass as tall as a human being and the inside is dying for a deep cleaning but it's our mess and its a blessing. This time next year there might be goats and chickens in our own back yard.

We learned a great lesson through all of this. Never give up when you're praying an earnest prayer for something...even when it takes years to hear an answer.... He knows and cares for your needs, and He won't hand you a stone when you've asked for bread. His timing is perfect, but His timing isn't your timing. Faith is never forgetting you know that.

All thanks and praise to Our Father in Heaven who cares for us.

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Comment by Sinclair on December 4, 2011 at 5:12pm
Maybe I'm a bit daft. That's possible, but sometimes these odd things happen that can seem like a crazy coincidence and I just don't entirely believe they are. I was staying in a place that I really hated for a lot longer than I would have liked. Peace was one of those things I just couldn't get no matter how hard I tried. Never any peace, always noise and things I didn't like looking at. When I finally got leave that place I was really happy.

Then I walk in the door of the new place I'd be staying. It's been cleaned out, the room is pretty empty but there's this thing just sitting there. It's sitting on a window ledge and its made of cheap plastic and looks like it was some sort of thing you'd stick to a refrigerator. I pick it up and this round little piece of cheap plastic has an outline of a dove on it. Beneath the dove it says this: "You will keep him in perfect peace...Isaiah 26:3" :u)
Comment by david omweno ongori on March 1, 2013 at 8:30am

There is time and season for everything here on earth.


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