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A Life and a Death

It's strange to see a life lived in defiance to the Creator come to its inevitable end. We might be more accustomed to thinking of tragedies in terms of departed loved ones, sorely missed friends and relatives...decent people that leave behind many mourners. I am not sure, though, that i have ever been acquainted with such a tragedy as someone who lived their life in a state of seeming self inflicted torment, hatred of our Creator, disdain of fellow man and self absorption, ultimately ending…


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A great Big Praise Report

I'm happy to announce that after 5 years of praying and hoping and almost losing hope at some times, my household is Finally Moving. :D

We're saying goodbye to the stinky city which has been something of a little prison for almost 11 years for some of us...less for others (but still much too long in their opinion). No one here is a big appreciator of urban life and it was beginning to drain the life out of us. Our persistent prayer to Him was to put us in the country, get us out of…


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"The Unexpected Deception" Appears on

way to go Prodigal :)

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"False Information and False Assumptions: Is Green Tea Full of Sodium Fluoride?" appears on Infowars Ireland

Bean Stirs the Pot....


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