"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

Strong's #s

For I know H3045

the thoughts H4284

that I think H2803

toward you, saith H5002

the LORD, H3068

thoughts H4284

of peace, H7965

and not of evil, H7451

to give H5414

you an expected H8615

end. H319

H3045 - ע yâdaʻ, yaw-dah'; a primitive root; to know (properly, to ascertain by seeing)

H4284מַחֲשָׁבָה machăshâbâh, makh-ash-aw-baw'; or מַחֲשֶׁבֶת machăshebeth; from H2803; a contrivance, i.e. (concretely) a texture, machine, or (abstractly) intention, plan

 - חָשַׁב châshab, khaw-shab'; a primitive root; properly, to plait or interpenetrate, i.e. (literally) to weave

H5002 - נְאֻם nᵉʼum, neh-oom'; from H5001; an oracle:—(hath) said, saith.

H3068 - יְהֹוָה Yᵉhôvâh, yeh-ho-vaw'; from H1961; (the) self-Existent or Eternal

H4284מַחֲשָׁבָה machăshâbâh, makh-ash-aw-baw'; or מַחֲשֶׁבֶת machăshebeth; from H2803; a contrivance, i.e. (concretely) a texture, machine, or (abstractly) intention, plan

H7965 -שָׁלוֹם shâlôwm, shaw-lome'; or שָׁלֹם shâlôm; from H7999; safe i.e. (figuratively) well, happy, friendly; also (abstractly) welfare, i.e. health, prosperity, peace:

H7451רַע raʻ, rah; from H7489; [not] bad or (as noun) evil (natural or moral):—adversity, affliction, bad, calamity, displease(-ure), distress, evil((-favouredness), man, thing), + exceedingly, × great, grief(-vous), harm, heavy, hurt(-ful), ill (favoured), + mark, mischief(-vous), misery, naught(-ty), noisome, + not please, sad(-ly), sore, sorrow, trouble, vex, wicked(-ly, -ness, one), worse(-st), wretchedness, wrong.

H5414 - נָתַן nâthan, naw-than'; a primitive root; to give, used with greatest latitude of application (put, make, etc.):—add, apply, appoint, ascribe, assign

H8615 - תִּקְוָה tiqvâh, tik-vaw'; from H6960; (compare H6961) literally a cord (as an attachment); figuratively, expectancy:—expectation(-ted), hope, live, thing that I long for.

H319אַחֲרִית ʼachărîyth, akh-ar-eeth'; from H310; the last or end, hence, the future; also posterity:—(last, latter) end (time), hinder (utter) -most, length, posterity, remnant, residue, reward.

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Always pray and a void evil.


PSA 55:17 Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.

PSA 55:18 He hath delivered my soul in peace from the battle against me: for there were many with me.

This has shocked me.
Just been looking through the Q posts and stumbled upon a signiture of 'Q+'.

i did a search for other Q+'s and found a total of 2.

The first was #791 on Feb 18 2018 where Q posts Jeremiah 29:11

The second occurrence was in #931.

Now Jeremiah 29:11 has been posted on TNL as well which i am sure was not pre-planned.

Maybe YHWH is indirectly showing to all of us, that (#931) we have a choice to comply with a plan that He has in store for all of us.

i wonder if the '+' is an angel with Q (Q+) at the time of that posting.

This was very interesting to me also.

A post about Q + was put up after Q's first post that day (Feb 18th) 4h 13m later Q signed the first Q+

The 10 posts Q made on Feb 18th were the last 10 before his locked Great Awakening board was cleaned.

The 2nd time Q signed Q+, this idea resurfaced from Anon:

The Jeremiah 29:11 posted here on the site was indeed regarding the #791 post that was first signed Q+

Q+ = Q + GOD ?  This is how it seemed to me, esp. with the Highest Authority reference later that day.  Interested to see where this particular Q+ will go.

very interesting how do we get the letter Q?

hey David! 

Q is the codename of a civilian informant liaison between the president of the US and the American people.  The president cannot speak directly to the people, due to the propaganda war against him here in the states.  He's under constant attack because he's getting the corruption out of the government and off the streets in the US and around the world. 

Q began dropping decipherable crumbs of intel on an anonymous message board on the internet, in late October of last year.  A post on Nov. 1st was titled "Q Clearance Patriot". Q-level security clearance is the highest clearance level in the US.

Q has been confirmed by the president of the US by way of markers such as timestamps and phrases used during speeches.

The anonymous posters on the message board decipher the intel crumbs from Q, and research the connections to corruption, then organize social media operations to disseminate the truth to the public.  So in this manner, the president uses Q as a general over his army of supporters, to fight the war against corruption, to liberate the truth and thus, liberate the people.

More info...

The intel crumbs are regarding the growing grass-roots war for truth, the operations, markers and directives, being waged by the president of the US and other evil-haters within the government and elsewhere, against the deep-state shadow government of ruling controllers in the US, and globally, with the goal being to wake up the entire world to the truth that there IS evil in the world but that there IS good, and that the good is blessed by our Father in Heaven, who has won this war already, in Yahushua.

The principle promise driving the war being waged on evil is 2Ch 7:14 - If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Patriots in the US and around the world are re-awakening to this promise, and trusting YHWH in faith, to keep this promise for all of their nations. Q's communications on the anonymous message board are deciphered on a running basis, and all the related proofs and info are compiled. 

It's a full-on war for the truth --and miraculously, it is being won! 

It's a miracle so many of us never expected, including myself.  But i believe Q arrived as the answer to many prayers.  The US, and the world, was about to slip into a very dark and hurtful time if Hillary Clinton had been appointed president. 

Before the US election in 2016, Julian Assange's WikiLeaks published emails, leaked by a Democratic National Committee staffer named Seth Rich.  Seth Rich was subsequently murdered as so many of Hillary Clinton's enemies have been, and the murder was covered up by the deep-state shadow government.  Contents of the emails, particularly those of Democrat party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the head of her presidential campaign, John Podesta, included damning evidence of corruption as well as markers of pedophilia and Satanic worship.

The Podesta emails specifically, were found to contain markers of code language used by pedophiles.  A citizen-led investigation subsequently rose up and produced a mountain of evidence of Satanic pedophilia, ritual abuse, sex and drug trafficking, murder, and deep-state control of world situations, in collaboration with the ruling controller elite families of the world-wide Satanic system. 

This scandal became known as Pizzagate, and gained world-wide attention.  The citizen-led investigation was censored repeatedly on multiple platforms, and the main-stream media circulated propaganda that Pizzagate was "fake news" despite the mountain of evidenced facts.  Incidentally, the citizen-led war for the truth about Pizzagate sprang up in October as well. 

In November 2016, Donald Trump was duly elected president.  The deep-state attempted to rig the election, however -- in a miraculous demonstration of people doing the right thing -- good people within the US government were able to prevent the rigging so the voting results were not affected. 

The rotten people in the US mourned when Donald Trump became the duly elected president of the US.  But the majority of the country celebrated because he won. He had been asked to run, specifically to bring the country back to it's Christian roots, and he ran on a platform of Make America Great Again, with a focus on draining the swamp of deep-state/elite government corruption, particularly on locking up former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, who is a confirmed Satanic pedophile, based on eyewitness victim testimony.

In the past year that Donal Trump has been president, there have been multiple attempts on his life, and a non-stop war on him and the good people helping him, to destroy his ability to succeed at draining the swamp of corruption.  The deep-state swamp corruption tentacles encircle the globe; it's Satan's system.

Throughout the year though, despite the resistance and attacks, he made progress in all his campaign promises to root out corruption.  None of the main-stream media outlets will yet report on it.  They only mock him and misrepresent him.  Surely and steadily though, over the first 9 months of his presidency, supporters in the US and around the world increased, and continue to increase.  Despite all the roadblocks, he has consistently gained in popularity with Christians and people from all backgrounds who sincerely hate evil and love truth, and who are willing to fight to see their lands healed.

Then, in October, 10 months into his presidency, Q arrived on the scene.  Since then, the movement to call soldiers to arms has increased at a phenomenal rate.  People are waking up to the truth about good and evil, the first step in understanding Messiah and His sacrifice for us all.

Atheists have accepted Yahushua as their saviour.  People who never understood salvation are being brought to the cross by what they have learned about the truth of good and evil on earth.  This war is changing the world for the better.  The faith humanity has put into the promise that their land will be healed is astonishing.  The movement is called the Great Awakening, and it is happening!

We're in process of updating the site to focus on this.  The posts on the top of the front page under Follow The White Rabbit and History is Happening, give insight on current events in the war.  The most important thing is that once people see the evidence of evil, that they realize good also is real, and ultimately that their Creator is good, and came as Messiah, to deliver us all from the penalty of sin. 

The ultimate goal is salvation in Messiah. 

It's an amazing time to be alive.  Things were getting so horrible for so many people... they are finally getting better, and no one but YHWH could have done this miracle.  It's time to fight for His truth like never before.

Thank you sister Amen i do now understand what the letter Q mean.

be blessed.

A good leader is from our father Yahushua.Ecclesiastes 7:29 Truly, this only i have found:That Yahushua made man upright,But they have sought out many schemes.

You can see new changes with a good chosen leader.


david omweno ongori said:

You can see new changes with a good chosen leader.

Halleluyah he was born to lead ,he his like our Messiah and seems to be a wonderful leader a above all.


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