The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier :

The 12 Major Sciences of Monarch Mind Control
I. The Selection & Preparation of the Victim
A. Genetics & dissociative abilities
B. Availability
C. Physical & Mental requirements
D. List of organizations carrying out programming
E. 4 foundational steps for programming
F. Step 1. Spiritual requirements, Moon Child
ceremonies, traumatization in vitro
G. Step 2. Trauma by premature birth
H. Step 3. Love bombing/love bonding
I. Step 4. Severing the "core" of the mind
J. Further considerations
II. The Traumatization & Torture of the Victim
A. A site for torture of children, NOTS China Lake
B. What trauma does, the creation of PTSD & DID
C. How the torture is carried out, types of trauma
D. How MPD works
E. The Core

F. The Anchoring Experience
III. The Use of Drugs
A. A list of drugs used
B. A brief history of use
C. Applications for drugs to control a slave
IV. The Use of Hypnosis
A. Dissociation, trance, & its historical use
B. How to program with hypnosis
C. How to boost creativity of victim with hypnosis
D. Keeping the mind dissociative
E. Keeping the mind in a programming state
F. Hypnotic triggers & cues
G. Hypnosis in programs & other uses
V. The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit
A. Overview
B. The use of fiction
C. The use of lies externally, incl. covers and fronts
D. The use of internal deceptions, incl. the art of hiding
things in a system
VI. The Use of Electricity & Electronics
A. For torture
B. For memory deletion
C. For implanting thoughts
D. Electronic communication & control
VII. Engineering & Structuring Of An MPD System
A. Structuring of MPD worlds
B. The creation of roles
C. Building in layered defenses
D. Building backup systems

VIII. Body Manipulation & Programming
A. Scarring the brain stem
B. Split brain work
C. Medical technologies
D. Histamines
E. The use of body programs
IX. Mind Manipulation by Psychological Programming
Behavior Modification, Psychological Motivation & NLP
A. Observing a satanic family conditioning their children
B. Behavior modification, obedience training
C. Isolation
D. Repetition
E. Psychological motivators, md. pride/needs/wants
F. Neuro-linguistic programming
G. The inversion of pain & pleasure
X. Spiritual Control Techniques, Possession, Trances, Etc.
A. Using spiritual principles against a person
B. How the Monarch program miniturizes what is done
on a large scale
C. Dehumanization
D. Fear
E. The use of guilt, shame, ridicule & anger
F. Teaching that the master is God
G. Portals, Focal Points
H. Vows & oaths
I. The use of demon possession, layering in, etc.
J. The use of "angel" alters
K. The misuse of Scripture
L. Theta programming

XI. Internal Controls
A. Teaching occult philosophies & ideologies
B. Internal computers
C. Internal hierarchies
XII. External Controls
A. Monitoring (Asset control)
B. The art of blackmail
C. Bribes
D. The Control of the Milieu E. Bonding & twinning
F. Peer pressure
Appendix I: The Programmers
Appendix II: The Programming Sites

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In Scripture, YHWH says of one heathen kingdom that they must "fill up" the measure of their transgression before they are dealt with. Not only are the wicked actually heaping the full measure of their well deserved judgment on themselves by continuing to exist in this wickedness, but also YHWH is having mercy for the sake of those souls who will yet turn to Him before it is too late. There will soon come a day, though, that Too Late will be here and His wrath will have come to its full measure to be poured out upon all those who would not turn from this evil and repent.

It is horrible and sad to think of all the little souls who have been crushed in this way, but perhaps it can put our sense of empathy and forgiveness in perspective to remember that many of those who are programming children, were themselves children who were treated the same way.

Interesting short video interview with one of the Astor family (one of the main branches of bloodline mentioned in Fritz's book) descendants who describes growing up inside a relic of a family tradition while the wealth of the immediate family disintegrated. She mentions having a very difficult time recalling or understanding what her own upbringing was like.

There have been debates amongst Christians who understand DID what constitutes salvation for a whole person when some alters might repent and seek Messiah while others do not. Some believe that the core must accept salvation, but not necessarily every alter. I tend to believe that even if only the smallest and most insignificant alter in a DID system responds to Yahushua, He will have mercy on the whole for the sake of that one.

A delta assassin is one programmed part of a whole person who only knows they have been involved in assassinations when that delta is in control. One can find these killers living inside a system that also includes innocent children....even the assassin himself is likely to be no more than a very hurt and confused child alter turned into a weapon for his handlers.

Has anyone watched the film Salt.

Whilst watching the introduction, watch how the letter A for SALT in constructed.

It starts as a Cyrillic Д and ends up as a red equilateral triangle or Greek Delta.

Letters that come from delta include Latin D and Cyrillic Д.

In this book that this thread is about is states that Delta units are assassins.

highly trained Russian sleeper agents known as 'KAs' will destroy the U.S. Orlov tells them that Agent "KA-12" will assassinate Russian president

Its like the elite put the truth in our faces and laugh.

One of my workmates knew a scruffy guy named James Casbolt, St Ives, Cornwall, UK who went from a nothing to a well off guy in the black-ops (MI6 and NSA). He was interviewed on coast2coast radio.
It seems he is one of the tribe of Dan known as the Spartans.

He admits assassination (Delta unit) and an interesting thing comes up about remote viewing; apparently its possible for a small team of these remote viewers to be plugged into a super computer thus allowing the handlers to gain information without the use of recording devices.

This explains why scientists are so intent on reading every thought and vision that a person sees and records into their brain.

She told me that some years ago, he said to her that everything from Cornwall downwards south west is safe. The rest of England will be destroyed.

It gets weirder. Since i have known her for 2 years, 2 directors have tried to get her fired just for being a few minutes late. Both times, the directors lost. One is in prison and the other got fired.

Some time ago when she knew this (DNA Spartan ?) guy, another guy (MI6 ?) said to her that she will go far.

Something amazing would have to happen if she is going to go far because at present we are both on minimum wage for a charity.
Out of 200 employees in the charity that we work at, we are the only 2 hard core Conspiracy Guys there.

She still doesn't believe in angels though. i will have to try harder to get her to see the truth especially when those black wing guys land on this planet and take over.

It seems that the part in the book where it states 'Fallen off the Freedom Train' is very true, because James Casbolt from Tristran's post (above) is now destined to be either locked up in a mental institute or prison.

I know who James Casbolt is. I don't like anything i hear from him. He's not a whistle blower, he's a Mockingbird. Just one more who's business is disinformation. He hasn't come out of the machine, he's doing his part in it. He'll mention just enough truth to get people to listen to him, but he's clearly very much a Luciferian at heart. I don't know how he's been programmed and maybe many parts of him are not knowingly or willingly involved, but the one who does the talking certainly is.

They won't throw him in the bin unless he really does turn against them, and i haven't seen any evidence that he's going to.


What is a Mockingbird agent ? Do they have any connection to what happened with Operation Mockingbird ?

Also, my workmate walks past the local Freemason 'club' everyday. She says that there is activity there everyday now with men in high priced suits.

Also, poor people (especially youngsters) and destitutes have been vanishing here in Penryn recently.

Apparently whenever he (James Casbolt) is in St Ives, she sees him. i bet he is starting to wonder if she is a alpha unit keeping tabs on him. Lol.

Well anyway, his day in Truro court is soon, so i will keep you informed as to the verdict.

i never thought i would one day be within 1km walking distance of a MKUltra black-ops unit.

Absolutely do not watch if you are susceptible to mind control triggering . Use caution even if you are not. Ignoring the rather cheesy format in which it is being shown...the video has the hallmarks of being a real training script.


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