This is what results from mind control abuse and ritual abuse. He's asked why his head hurts so much and never really answers, but the reason is because rapid switching does this to you. It's as if the brain is being battered about in the skull with the switches. Had the therapist any idea of what she was doing, she probably would have been more careful in inducing the switches.

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a blind lady with several alters, including a child who can see.

dissociative identity disorder, false memory syndrome, and child abuse

really good list of myths and facts.. the last one is extra-interesting..

Myth: DID doesn’t exist and everyone who says they have it is lying / just roleplaying. (basically the same as the last, so sue me)
Fact: It very much does exist, many people just have the wrong vision of what it is. That’s what this blog is all about - giving a more correct idea of what dissociation and DID are, rather than the common (and blatantly wrong) stereotypes that society has put in front of us.
In reality, different system members may have different blood pressure, blood-glucose levels, different voices, handwriting, mannerisms and ways of walking (ect, ect, ect). Some even have different blood types (I’ve only heard of one case where this happened, but I guess it was big news to the psych community because my therapist told me about it)! You can say it doesn’t exist all you want, but you can’t fake a blood test.

If i had an out-of-body-experience and saw the following, is this an alter or possession from a shade/wraith/Shaitan Jinn ?

You're describing an external demonic entity.. completely different from a human individual's alter personalities which reside on the interior of the person. Alter personalities are formed through trauma which causes the psyche to fracture in order to preserve the person being traumatized, this almost always happens in early childhood. The fractures take on personae, hence "alter personalities". They are part of the person, a demonic entity is not.

Its just that DID mentioned 'day-dreaming' which is not remembered and i have blacked-out a few times in the past, continued walking for 2-5 minutes through curved roads, along the same pavement and junctions and not remembered how i managed to get from A-B when my conscious is able to recognize where i am.

So i assume that the negative entity takes total control of my body and knows exactly where to walk. At any moment it could have made me walk into a on-coming 18-wheeler and i would not have even have known anything about the accident. So it wants me to live, not die.

A demonic entity doesn't want you to live any longer than it takes to ruin your life, steal your soul

"..Alters will often hold painful memories that the person knows nothing about. Sometimes a person's entire childhood would be hidden from their memory. When you access an alter, they can be quite aware of everything that took place in detail. If that person had to cope with such memories, it would drive them to insanity, which is why the alter was formed, to help the core person cope and go on with life. Demons are not here to help us cope, but to drive us to insanity and destroy our lives. Alters have quite different goals in mind than demons do concerning the wellbeing of the person.

The Bible does make reference to healing the broken or shattered soul (heart). Consider this passage:

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised.

Luke 4:18

The NT Greek tells us that the word brokenhearted in this passages literally means, "To crush completely, that is, to shatter (literally or figuratively): - break (in pieces), broken to shivers," and also, "the heart, that is, (figuratively) the thoughts or feelings (mind); also (by analogy) the middle: - (+ broken-) heart (-ed)." This gives us good reason to believe that the human soul (heart) can indeed become fractured into pieces..."

I haven't ever personally (nor have heard of anyone) viewing an alter from outside the body as a separate entity.

I do have, and most multiples have, an internal "world". It's a difficult concept to explain to a singular person. It is simply the landscape made in the world of the mind that houses the parts of the fractured psyche. I see alters on the inside, but never on the outside.

The majority of alters in a system are usually children or teens. Most are not evil or dangerous (though some can be) and even relatively mean or destructive ones are only mean or destructive as a way to protect the person (as best they know how). Alters do not "possess" someone, they are actually broken parts of that someone.

Day-dreaming is mild, normal functioning dissociation. Everyone does that. True multiplicity is that normal function forced to an extreme due to severe childhood abuse that is sometimes (especially in certain families) used to purposely create a multiple system in a child.

Ok so its not an alter but a demon.

Exactly 2 lunar cycles (60 days) later the another event happened where a person mentioned that the event could have been caused by a Gate-Keeper alter.

At 6:41AM on 11/24/2013 whilst it was still dark before dawn i stepped on a weird red sign that had been spray painted on the pavement.

Then whilst partially blacking out, vertical rainbows began descending from the sky in my right eye. My left eye was seeing everything as a normal cold frosty winter's morning. Then the normal drab world transformed into a paradise where the sky went blue, all plant-life was healthy green and a red car nearby had all scratch marks removed like it had just come off the production line.

Was this a glyph or something because my head was spinning after i stepped on this red sign ?

Thankfully, Yahushua has moved me away from this town now. However, i don't think i am fully protected. Just another messed up possessed mortal with a rapha and back then, another evil spirit that attacked by lunar cycles time frames.


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