The Dark Arts: Who Sees You, and Who Knows You?

We are entering into a time of struggle as never seen before in our known history. Dark forces that pretend to have the right to rule mankind are not sustain...

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Comment by Sinclair on March 8, 2020 at 7:07pm

Well i have a lot of thoughts on this, haha

I'm not offended by guys like this. A little frustrated with them, maybe. Consider that i've been
involved in three straight years of being hammered with a handful of narratives. It's harder than
you might think.

But i don't mind giving my thoughts as exhaustively as possible if you don't get bored reading

So i'll begin at the beginning -

On forums i frequent we have categories of shills, one of which is known as the "arrests or GTFO"
shills. When arrests did start to happen (which they have), they immediately upgraded to "high
level arrests or GTFO". In the end it will be "lock HER up or GTFO" right before they lose their

It's so difficult to explain what i've seen because whereas 10 years ago they had 85% control of
information on the internet, that has gone up to 95%. Think about that for a moment. Information
is much more controlled than even those expecting it to be control think it is. You simply can not
even search certain topic in ANY search engine or Youtube and get results. Nothing. There is a
literal 95% black out of truth. The only truth accessible is right out of the mouths/fingers of the
people in no venue where search algorithms can apply, though you'll still sort through shills and
bots. All of it originates from one backchannel - 8kun - /qresearch.

Where it concerns Barr, every statement this guy made is actually false. Assuming that Barr wanted
to be a Judas - he couldn't. Hard to explain here but "The Plan" has the future mapped out. Every
detail. If Barr were going to act against us, he would find it impossible. Anything he did would
ultimately contribute to the people winning.

Nonetheless, as an example - the guardian project does none of what this man says. It isn't any
new legislation at all nor upgrades any agency's ability to take arms from the population. The
"medical" thing he talks about is mental health and it relates to MKULTRA victims programmed to
carry out false flags. A person only realises this by reading corresponding Q drops. Otherwise
Guardian would look like nothing but a memo to agencies that says "please enforce existing laws".

Regarding FISA and the Patriot Act - Here again is something that is obfuscated unless
corresponding intel is read. "FISA works both ways" - Q These programmes must continue until the
Q operation is completed because the core principal that is causing their downfall is a boomerang
effect. Everything they built to conquer us is being turned against them. This is also a biblical


Comment by Sinclair on March 8, 2020 at 7:08pm

(2/2 continued..)

"Optics" - it's all that's visible without knowing that when a public figure speaks publicly,
there is an underlying message communicated in a "language" that we've been taught to pick up.
Optics (the surface message) are necessary because media is controlled and some of the public are
still asleep. A controlled media will use statements that directly call out a conspiracy that
hasn't already reached total public awareness as a means to discredit in the eyes of the sleeping.
It's called a silent war because without looking behind the veil of all the surface optics, it's
not readily discernible.

Now on to martial law. It might very well happen. It may or may not happen under the guise of
coronavirus but the actual reason it would happen will NOT be a virus. My advice if anyone asks it
is if martial law takes effect, don't panic. It isn't what people like this fellow thinks it is. I
understand how hard that is to see right now, but even the very words of this youtuber are
speaking the truth without him knowing it. The great awakening is happening (as he admits) and the
action he wants to see is also the action he's panicking about.

The Great Awakening - He sees that its real. He acknowledges that it has woken the people and that
Trump has revealed the corruption of a global Cabal to the world. Then as he kind of goes on to
freak out about what he's seeing happening, he doesn't seem to realise its the storm he said
wasn't coming. The greatest logical falacy of thinking that all this has been done only to let the
Cabal have their way is that the Cabal had EVERYTHING their way 4 years ago. Just one more tiny
step and without a word ever being breathed about their many crimes, we would have had a full
fledged globalist world order. There was never a need for the Cabal to allow their crimes and
every way they controlled the public to be revealed. There was never a reason to allow Nationalism
to choke out a globalist empire they had built for generations. There was definitely never a need
for them to initiate a huge Christian revival and re-awakened faith in the Creator.

He said Trump has gotten the US into foreign entanglements just like presidents before. That's definitely not true. He seems to support Alex Jones but Alex is working for Mossad. He is not our friend.

I mentioned Evergreen before. The drop that contained the word, also contained "depopulation", but these are their intentions, not what's resulting. Nothing they have tried so far has done anything but backfired. Coronavirus itself is actually the common cold and perhaps they did tweak it in a lab and come up with something much worse but whatever they planned is not happening. It is a sky falling event and it's all they want the public to be noticing. [They} are the ones distracting the public, not the President.

Take a look at this: Note this part in particular - "-D sky is falling push to public (scare to control)(projection) -Public Awakening". This drop is a count down.

Ok, sorry this was epic, but i did say i had a lot of thoughts. :u)

Comment by david omweno ongori on March 10, 2020 at 7:58am

He is like Catholic priests.

Comment by Seeker on March 10, 2020 at 12:11pm

Good morning Sinclair

Very interesting thoughts.  Per usual, I have to read a couple of times bc you put so much stuff in there and you are coming from a differing pov.  :) I appreciate Potter's opinion. He seems to be former military, studied in Scripture, history, values the Constitution, liberty minded and not naïve or ignorant about the "dark side" (but not a tin foil hat type that would be easy for some to write off). He seems equitable, respectful and respectable has been studying this stuff for a long time.  His videos go back almost a decade.  So he brings in information that again, I would not naturally consider.  This stuff is not my wheelhouse.  Idk who Barr is. 

I posted bc I was struck by Potter's thoughts on the use of the virus against the Chinese by their own government to take out dissidents and the elderly.  I just couldn't get a handle on it, but that made sense to me.  A disease that targets the elderly as a means to shore up the rapidly dissipating SS funds.  Well, there are none actually and they won't be able to hide that soon enough.  It seems also that the virus scare is to cover a break in the chain, not causing it, (although now production seems to be recovering in and around Wuhan?)  Since I posted this, apparently all of Italy is in lockdown and Israel as well (?).  Firewall around the Vatican and the Zionists?  Or the boomerang effect you mentioned?

As far as Potus, I as well as Potter give him credit for exposing the Cabal.  He has definitely done that.  Potter points out things that I was unaware of (I truly don't follow this stuff.  mybe I should?) where Trump's rhetoric and his actions don't line up.  His frustrations seem valid.  But at the end of the day, I am not sure how much it matters.  To me, the question is what are we supposed to be doing, regardless of on which side Trump stands?  The question Potter asked on his livestream this morning was "Who is supposed to be bringing this system down, now that it has been thoroughly exposed?"  

A question I have is who is actually in charge of the military right now?  Like *actually*?

Comment by Seeker on March 10, 2020 at 12:12pm

Also, I am gonna need a minute to figure out that link!  I have never seen a "Q drop" and literally have no idea what it is or means!  :/  Thank you for it though!

Comment by Seeker on March 10, 2020 at 12:18pm

@david not sure what you mean?  

Comment by Sinclair on March 10, 2020 at 2:45pm

Good afternoon :)

William Barr is the attorney general. He is key in the prosecution of "the swamp". He takes a lot of attacks from the media and shill narratives that insist he is doing nothing or is, himself, corrupt. Here's a drop that points to what Barr is up to:
and here is the twitter link by itself -

Sean Hannity is one of only three people named in Q drops who work for major media who have been called "patriots". (the rest we can safely assume are rats)

re: SS. You might be surprised what you see happen with social security, taxes and the federal reserve. Watch close these coming days. The Fed is in the crosshairs.

I definitely think there was an attempt by the Cabal to kill off those who were dissidents or potentially would become dissidents. It may not be an actual virus, though. It's strange how this thing is popping up in certain regions and not others. Remember, Huawei 5G was just recently put in Iran and Italy. Also, take a look at this article from last year:

Ripping Huawei out of US networks could be a nightmare for rural providers

Specifically talking about Oregon's telecom it says that the tech was already installed and it will be problematic ripping it all back out. So how much of the tech is left in the US? A little here, a little there - i bet a lot of it not far from a Coronavirus case or three.

Frustrations with POTUS' optics vs actions is understandable in the currently veiled world. It's why i urge people to look at the Q drops, pay attention to POTUS' twitter feed, learn the comms and talk with the Q movement (use caution. some are shill infiltrators who will mislead). When you look at the same things from this side of things you will begin to see everything making sense. At the very least, even if one doesn't necessarily trust Q, it informs you of what's coming or taking place that you will never see in media. We don't say #WeAreTheNewsNow for nothing.

Ah, what are we supposed to be doing? We are supposed to enlist to be digital soldiers ;)

It's not just a cyberspace information war, it's a spiritual battle. Q quotes Ephesians several times. "Our fight is not against flesh and blood." The fight we're in is very real. It gets right in your face, spiritually speaking. You don't log off the internet and it goes away. Entering the fray is literally taking on the ruling global Cabal and their demonic handlers.

I always feel that warning is warranted. People generally don't expect that.

POTUS is really in control of the military. Really. "PANIC" = Patriots Are Now In Control.

That Q drop is a long one. The actual Q post is on the left under the post number 2681 and Q's tripcode - Q!!mG7VJxZNCI. You can disregard the title (that's just nonsense the aggregator moderators added.) You'll see other stuff on the page you don't necessarily need to read that show people who are mentioned in the drop, etc.

Comment by WeightofAudio on March 10, 2020 at 4:05pm

Seconded, regarding spiritual battles. My sleep is a bit off recently, and since maybe October-November (since when I officially enlisted in the Patriot Army), I would say I go through an increase in periods of self-doubt. Other random little occurrences have occurred, where I’d need to sit and think to give you a close to complete list....issues with my vehicle, weird ways others behave around me at times. Some stuff is a bit tough to explain here and now as well...

For what it’s worth, Q had a post about those who Know (crimes of the Cabal) have no rest...

Comment by Sinclair on March 10, 2020 at 6:54pm

Ah We're done with FISA?! It seems Trump does not plan to authorise FISA any longer and even a "cleaned up" version is not passing a house vote.

@weightofaudio - I describe it as a persistent adversity. It might center on small things that just add up through the day. Little things to wear you down. At least that's how i've experienced it. Other times i've experienced veritable s****storms of bizarre nonsense out of nowhere. 

Comment by david omweno ongori on March 12, 2020 at 9:57am

Can these medicinal herb help with COVID-19


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