Barack Obama 2013 Inauguration Speech

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Comment by Cyprium on January 21, 2013 at 7:00pm

For those who watched the Inaugural Address of President Obama, I would like you all to do a comparison between the words you hear in your ears and those which resound in your subconscious mind. The following is my own list of what Obama told us in this speech, in spite of what he technically said. If you have not yet heard the address, listen first before reading my assessment of it and see how much you can hear through the "serpentspeak" soup of brainwashing badness....

-Invokes racial division in the guise of racial equality
-Downgrades faith and exalts so-called "tolerance"
-Insinuates that the "inalienable rights" of human beings are outdated
-Justifies the never-ending "war on terror"
-Likens real democracy to mob rule
-Sings the praises of governement playing nanny to the citizens
-Aknowledges that the people are agaisnt a tyranical government, then reiterates that these values are outdated
-Expresses all for one mentality (minus one for all)
-Mentions militias in the context of being under equipt to defend without a centralized military
-Gives a nod to globalism
-Hints at the virtues of socialism
-Lauds a technocratic society
-Implies draconian "security" measures are beneficial to the people
-Excuses the much hated "Obamacare" as unavoidable and necessary
-Insists on an Orwellian "Weakness is Strength" creed for those dependant upon the government
-Declares the reality of man made global warming and demeans those who question it (inspite of hard evidence that it doesn't exist)
- Hints at depopulation/Agenda 21 and the need for cooperation to that end
- Warns that Americans can't fight the "assimilation" into the NWO
- Promisses that America will enforce the globalist tyranny upon the world and its own people
- Insists that the US remain an active law enforcement for globalist rule
-Overt praise of homosexuality
-Reminds listeners of the children of Newtown Connecticut and thus gun control
-Suggests that there is more than one definition of "Liberty"
-More hinting at gun control and future extreme measures towards it
-Paints a picture of gun owners as being fanatical "absolutists"
-Reminds people that their loyalty belongs to the flag and the corporate USA
-"Ancient values" mentioned. The US isn't ancient. Guess what he means.
-Establishes the idea of rule by bloodline in the people's minds
-"Blesses" the nation by the same deity

Throw in a little...together, we one people...together..children....and that's all folks. Got it? ;)

Comment by Bean on January 21, 2013 at 9:29pm

What the audience heard..

What I heard him say..

Comment by david omweno ongori on January 28, 2013 at 9:38am

Stand strong in faith to our messiah through prayer and praise and follow the law and Yahushua warn us do not deceive my chosen people with false words.Words without action is dead.


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