My cousin's son tried to take his own life last night and now has one or more machine helping him hold on to physical life maybe. He might be atheist or agnostic or both too and a type who has generally lived 20 years or so of rough struggle and pain and poverty. Ever have a part of you that wants to go back in time and do a little more to help someone feel loved or appreciated or worthy and more embracing of Yahushua? I spent alot of time with him over the last year and there was so much more I could have and should have done perhaps. Anyway, what can't be fixed with His help and what will not be answered with collective prayer from dedicated believers in the Father?

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Comment by Jacob on July 10, 2014 at 8:54pm

So Zak was taken off life support and held on another 3 hours or so and then died and I'm not real sure taking him off would have been the best decision maybe, but what is not meant to be. At least he had 2 days or so of near death experience type stuff and had extra time to make a decision if so. Thanks to whoever prayed for him. Not sure what was a suicide attempt. There might actually be an open homicide investigation.

Comment by Prodigal Son on July 12, 2014 at 6:11pm

I am sorry to hear that your cousin has passed and I pray that his time between physical life and eternity was met with mercy from YHWH to bring the truth to his understanding.

We might all leave this present age wishing we had said more to many people but He knows who will be His and who will not. He also knows the pain and struggles of each of our existences and what we are able to know and respond to in our hearts and minds. Perhaps we will have to wait many days to know how many He snatched from the fire at the last moment, but we can trust right now that His will is good and His mercy is amazing.


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