A Vision of Revelation 16:10.

Written by Tristran Hepburn


This story is based on a vision that I experienced when on morphine at a local hospital. This vision occurred after a brain operation that I believed, at the time, had gone fatally wrong and I had died. Little did I know at the time of the vision that I was actually in the I.C.U.

The part where it says “foolish mistakes” that my mother committed relates to witchcraft. This includes ink bowl visions, tarot card reading and summoning negative entities which involved me during my childhood. Little did I know at the time that this witchcraft was all real and I had been placed into a 3rd or 4th Generation Curse with the insertion of a demon (negative entity in the form of a shade or wraith) into my host body.

This vision lasted 7 minutes. Somehow, on Faith in the Spirit of Yahushua, true Christians will get through the coming 7 Years Tribulation.

Revelation 16:10. Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom became darkened; and they gnawed their tongues because of pain.

Its going to be long and hard going, especially when the sky turns black and all natural plant life on the surface of this world turns to dust.

But we will survive and the paradise that awaits true believers in Yahushua is breath-taking.

Whilst filled with intense rage, Michael stood before a door that was covered with wooden planks hammered on at different angles. He was determined to break into the room. No barrier, no matter how strong, was going to stop him. One by one he began to pull the planks away from the doors' frame. Beyond the door he could hear mournful pleas for him to not enter the room and to leave the door and wooden planks intact. After hearing these words begging him to leave, Michaels’ rage intensified. With all of the planks removed there was only the door between him and his victim. Blood coursed through his veins and finally with one kick the door crashed into the room leaving the floor covered with wooden fragments and splinters.

Michael stepped into the room.

The room was small. Its dimensions were 13 foot square by 8 foot high. To the left of him was a double sized bed with its head resting against the wall covered with thin dusty bed sheets. Opposite him there was a rotting chest of draws. A wooden cupboard covered in mold lay in the opposite corner to his far left. A 2 foot square by 3 foot long closed wooden box lay against the wall between him and the bed. There was a window on his left across from the bed. The room was filled with natural sunlight. Michael looked through the window and could see that it was a partially cloudy day.

A middle aged woman of light build in her early 50's lay huddled up in the corner between the bed and the window. Her forehead lay on her knees with her hands joined around her knees keeping her chest covered by her legs in a fetal position.

Upon Michael’s arrival, she whimpered, saying “Please leave me alone. You must go, before they come for me. They have heard you now. Please go before they notice that my door, my only defense from them, has been broken”.

She dared to raise her head and look Michael in the eyes. The shear level of anxiety inside her gave her a facial expression of absolute fear, desperately wanting Michael to leave the room immediately. She knew that she had provoked Michael for the foolish mistakes that she had made in the past whilst living with him.

The look of anger on Michael’s face diminished as he realized that this woman was once his mother who had passed away many years before. His anger turned to pity whilst he watched tears streaming down his mothers face. He obeyed her request, turned around and walked out of the room.

Upon leaving the room, the passageway ahead was dimly lit with only the natural sunlight emanating from the room behind him. The carpet, floor and walls were all covered in fine gray dust. The air was dead.

There was little air to breath, so all movement had to be made at a very slow pace. If he made any hasty movement he would have to wait some time to gasp whatever dead air he could inhale into his empty lungs.

A sense of foreboding sent a shiver down Michael’s spine. Something just didn’t feel right. He had lived in this house for many years but had never experienced this house filled with so much evil. The only sounds he could hear were his own footsteps.

Michael continued to walk forwards and slowly descended down the staircase. The natural lighting was now darker as if it was the last dying minutes of dusk. There was just enough light to navigate the stairs with no need to use artificial light.

Upon reaching the ground floor, he turned to the right and stood facing the front room door. The door was closed. There was a very faint light reflected off the varnished black paint on the wood of the door frame below the bottom of the door. He assumed that the room was lit with artificial light.

Whilst he stood there ready to turn the door handle, fear gripped him. It was as if the words despair, anxiety and sadness filled his soul. He knew that if he stayed there looking at the door, the fear that surrounded him now would eventually make him too afraid to move.

Curiosity made him open the door and walk in. The room was, as he expected, lit with a light bulb that was dangling from the ceiling with no light shade. The light bulb was covered in dust and dirt making the lighting in the room very dim. Even though the light bulb was producing little light, the lighting made it slightly easier for him to see the dust that covered every object in the room.

The room was exactly as it was when he was last there many years before. The couch on his right, the fireplace and mantelpiece opposite him and the table with its chairs on his left located next to the window was as he remembered. The only difference now, was that everything was rotten.

Standing next to the mantelpiece were two humanoid creatures that he had never seen before. Their height ranged between 7 and 8 foot tall. They levitated a couple of inches off the floor. Due to the dead air Michael assumed that the lavish cloths that they once wore had decayed due to the dry rot. These creatures’ cloths were now nothing more than flakes of rotting material.

As he examined these creatures closer, he noticed that their hands and fingers resembled black rods. Their wrists were only an inch in diameter. Each of them had a hood that covered their faces. He looked up into the hood of one and could see that there was no face. As he looked further into its hood all he could see was darkness.

There was another one of these creatures in front of Michael on his right facing him. It was only six feet away and motionless. The two creatures, next to the mantelpiece were facing each other. Michael could sense that they were conversing with one another. However, there was no sound of speech or body movement.

One fact about these creatures that Michael didn't like was that each of them seemed to radiate a sense of complete evil. He couldn't find any words to describe this feeling of evil. It wasn't evil as in the form of anger, hatred or spite. It was simply evil, pure evil, where no goodness could ever be given by these creatures.

Even though these creatures didn't greet, acknowledge or respond to Michaels' entry into their domain, Michael sensed that they knew he was there. With this thought in mind he stayed silent hoping that they would continue to ignore his presence.

Whilst looking around the room he could see that the dust that covered the floor was in fact flakes of dead skin. The couch on his right placed against the wall was covered in rotting cloth where sharp and rusty springs had cut their way through the decaying fabric. On further inspection, small black insects resembling beetles and cockroaches scuttled between the springs and underneath the cloth. He sensed that if he sat down on the couch, these bugs would devour every ounce of flesh on his body, leaving him as nothing more than a skeleton.

Michael turned his head to the left and gazed through the window into the world beyond. The first noticeable fact was that the sky was black. There was no moon, clouds or even stars. The only objects that occupied the landscape were all that had been constructed by man which consisted of houses, walls, roads and lampposts. No houses were lit with artificial light. Every street light was either broken or not working. The landscape was lit by lines of primary colors that would follow the edges of certain objects. The roof top of a house opposite him on the other side of the road had a horizontal thin blue line. A lamppost in front of the same house had a vertical yellow line attached to its edge. A horizontal red zigzag line followed the top of a wooden picket fence along his next door neighbors’ hedge. As his eye sight grew more accustomed to the darkness he could see that all plant life had turned to dust. The land was now nothing more than mounds and hills of brown and gray dust. It was absolute desolation.

Michael needed to get a closer look at the bleak outdoor terrain, so he walked two steps forward. With these two steps, his lungs were emptied of all available air. Whilst gasping for any dead air that he could breath into his empty lungs, the creature that was by itself floated up behind him. Intense evil engulfed Michael. He knew that this evil entity behind him just couldn't wait to ram its claw through his spine and rip his body to shreds. Instinctively he realized that no matter what action he made, that action would give this creature an excuse to destroy him. Frozen in fear he realized that this world was the dark side of his previous world where the words fear, despair and misery would always take real form. He wished he could vanish, run away or implode. This fear transformed into a hollow transparent hemisphere that surrounded him. This shell began to shrink in size placing intense force on Michaels’ head and shoulders. Suddenly the weight of despair rose quickly smashing him to the ground. The pressure on his body continued to rise. Quickly Michael became aware that words like happiness, joy, freedom, laughter, paradise and optimism would never be felt ever again. They were now just words of distant memories. Words like misery, sadness, depression and pessimism would be the only words he would now feel for the rest of eternity.

As Michaels' body started to be slowly crushed down into the dust, he knew that it was only a matter of time before his physical body would become nothing more than the dust that surrounded it.

Even though he was an atheist he had heard certain words spoken by Jesus that he now knew were true. He remembered Jesus once saying “and fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell”.

The word infinity then became reality as he knew that soon his body would be destroyed as the pressure of sadness and misery rose to new heights whilst every single second ticked by.

The weight of despair continued to grow making it impossible for him to stand up or crawl to safety. His skull, ribs and bones began to fracture and break. As the pressure increased his cracked ribs started to cut their way into his lungs depriving him of the chance to make his last dying scream. The pain was now so overwhelming that his physical body failed to function anymore and was naturally consumed by death.

Michael, now in spirit form started to leave his body on an automatic slow descent into the ground. In sheer terror he tried to grab hold of the ground around him but his spirit simply passed through the floor. Unable to stop or slow his natural descent he watched in horror as his body continued to be crushed into the dust eventually becoming nothing more than the razor sharp skin flake dust surrounding it.

Michael’s spirit descended further into the depths of hell down into the lake of fire where not even infinite pain could destroy his spirit and was never seen again.

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