Is a powerful spiritual power tool to enjoy Divine benefits.

The Rite of bestowing a blessing is something Satan does not want the Believers to know about, because he sees the covenant children as the greatest threat to his plans.

Begin with a blessing for your Creator! Our Creator longs for the day when HIS priesthood will be a blessing instead of constantly searching for a blessing (Gen 14:19-20; Acts 20:35, Eph.1:3).

Blessings are not silent or quiet prayers; they are public proclamation, always spoken boldly with authority and confidence.

Yahushua is first act after creating Adam and Eve was to speak a blessing over them(Gen 5:2)He blessed Noah and his sons after the flood (Gen 9:1)He blessed Abraham (Gen 12:1-3),Jacob (Gen 32:24-32),king David (2 Sam 7:29).

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