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Comment by Prodigal Son on November 16, 2010 at 6:13pm
The real messages which are given in "crop circles" are given to be interpreted and understood as instruction or indication of future intent to those in the high levels of the occult power structure. The "aliens" are, of course, fallen angelic entities. For the public, these signs show what can seem to be the actions of benevolent entities and it is often a view that is believed and repeated and forced into the public consciousness that "aliens" intend to save humanity from environmental disaster. They will do no such thing in reality and the so-called environmental movement has little to do with the environment and much to do with worshiping that which isn't the Creator.

Comment by Cyprium on November 17, 2010 at 4:29pm
"If only the top 1% of the occult power structure are able to understand these signs, why don't the fallen watchers simply communicate with the elite personally?"

Though the controllers do get direct communication from fallen spirits..consider a crop circle something like a billboard..the effect on the public is important and should disclosure become a reality those "billboards" and the messages in them would probably become nothing short of "signs from the gods" to a vast number of enthralled people.

"If the signs are there to make people accept the fact that the "aliens" have been communicating with us since the crop circles began, then why did these fallen watchers not "help" us back then?"

If you take a look at the theme of communication which has come by way of people who claim to have had direct contact with them, there is a repetitive story told of two warring alien races, one of which is bound to remain "uninvolved" or at least remain that way unless humanity proves themselves "worthy" of help. The supposed evil side is said to be represented by reptilian or grey types while the benevolent (though uninvolved) side is called Pleiadean or Nordic which would be the Watchers...

"If they have been here since the days of Enoch, and show themselves as "aliens", surely people will ask, "if these aliens have been here since the days of Roswell, surely they would have saved humanity decades ago".

Of course in reality..the rebel Watchers have been imprisoned and out of commission for thousands of years...but that won't be the cover story. As far as the public is concerned, if disclosure is made..these might be very old beings...very advanced beings..but they will be presented as aliens, not as fallen angels. You've probably heard quite a bit about a "shift in consciousness" slated to happen...that shift is advertised as if it is a great "enlightenment" for humanity but what any shift in consciousness would truly mean is a delusion so pervasive that it deceives nearly all humanity on Earth.

Comment by Bean on November 17, 2010 at 11:36pm
these communications from fallen spirits also silently convey inherent suggestions.. aside from the mathematical interpretations that are often parsed there is the emotional response factor to consider.. people see the images and may wonder over them but just like any other representative imagery of the fallen people also tend to absorb the unspoken commentary of their designs on the planet and subconsciously translate these 'signs' into meanings which ultimately reflect an awe inspired desire to be 'saved' by the creators of these messages.

seems like a very naughty thing to do.. to tattoo Creation with the marks of the enemy.. crop circles can be seen from space and it would be sensible to conclude that not only do the images have an understood significance to the elite who can properly interpret their meanings and a significance to the masses who cannot properly interpret - yet tend to accept the influence never the less - but that crop circles are also pictorial affronts to the Creator.

Comment by Bean on November 18, 2010 at 2:22pm
all that emotionally processed subliminal information could really be an asset for the intended results of projects like Blue Beam and HAARP.. the suggestions contained in the pictures and surrounding their appearances being translated into irrational feelings of loyalty to a core proposition that the makers of the images are capable of 'ultimate salvation of humanity and the planet' could provide fuel for the kind of mass emotional manipulation of which these projects are capable and contribute to the powerful levels of suggestion that will be perpetrated upon people to help them accept the false Messiah.


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