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Some of us have seen things we might hesitate to post anywhere publicly...but really, what should we be skeptical of.  It's a very interesting reality we live in.

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A choir of angels (Slowed down 800%)


Started by Bean Aug 28, 2023.

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Comment by Cyprium on February 21, 2013 at 6:22pm

Barry, ty for sharing that. Let me assure you, if there's a bunch of people you can feel comfortable telling some of your more unbelievable encounters to, it's us. Many of us, having past occult experience means we're well seasoned in weird..lol.

Your encounter, as it was described, reminds me a great deal of descriptions of "chupacabra"...maybe a critter that's gotten some laughs in cryptozoology, but it never makes sense to dismiss what has been repeatedly described by multiple witnesses over many years.

Do you believe the creature was in a solid, physically tangible form or was it more of a visible manifestation of a spirit?

Demons are defined in 1 Enoch as being the departed spirits of angel/human and sometimes animal hybrids. There are a vast array of strange spiritual monsters out there, some of which i've seen.

Also,we know that the prophecy of the last days being like those days before the flood is happening as we speak. Perhaps people can debate the alien abduction phenomenon and what it is, but we certainly can prove there are transgenic animals being brought into being in labs right now, can't we?

It's commonly thought that, as of yet, nothing has been brought to life which was a human with animal genetics, but it is a published fact that animals have been engineered who have a minority of human genetics. I don't ever assume that the published technology is the most current or that they would not drop "ethics" to proceed to that level, and beyond, in secret.

Comment by Prodigal Son on February 27, 2013 at 4:31pm

The proximity of a genetic research facility, especially one used by the CIA would make me suspect that a strange sighting like that could likely be an escaped specimen (or intentionally released one).

The horror of coming to terms with a reality that includes things like torturous, inhumane experiementation of humans and animals probably leads many to find it easier to dismiss than research as possible truth.

I am well convinced that these things have been taking place for much longer than they've had any mention or rumors of in public.

Simply looking at how human beings will treat a newborn in China is more than enough to defy anyone's belief that people are not capable of such levels of evil. Sadly, if it can be done, people will do it, and i think we have sufficient evidence that it can be done.

Comment by Bean on March 4, 2013 at 12:35pm

Barry.. thank you for posting your story - can i interview you? :-)  i'm curious about the circumstances under which you saw that same creature when you were younger.  without going into more detail than you wish, could you tell us a bit about the first encounter you had with it?

Comment by Prodigal Son on March 4, 2013 at 6:25pm

No, i don't think you're lying, Barry and it should make sense to believers that these things are real and they are sometimes seen by the general public. I recall several photos from a few years ago of creatures which had washed up on shore not far from Montauk New York, another place which has been known to conduct secretive government testing.

Just as in the days before the flood, these things are done to provoke our Creator to wrath, believing that they, themselves are "gods" and having seared consciences, can no longer fear Him.

Humans are certainly the apex of His creation but how must He be greived when humans pointlessly terrify and torment animals for such a vain reason as playing at being Him. I might wonder if some animals will testify against some human beings some day.

And what becomes of the sad result of a chimera who has enough of a human mind to feel sorrow at its own unfortunate existence? Every possibility is at least a tragedy in this age, if not the next.

That is the face of the Kingdom of Satan and its New World Order. Pointless, tragic, cruel and vain.

Comment by Bean on March 5, 2013 at 1:50pm

Barry, i totally believe you 100%.  i was curious about the circumstances because childhood encounters can sometimes not be by chance, especially when they reoccur or are recalled later in life.

it sounds like this research facility engineered chimeras from primate stock, and the creature you saw sounds like it could have been one of those poor creations. 

it's not surprising that you saw the same one twice, first as a child - one whose dad interestingly went on to help liberate some test subjects from the facility which was corrupting them.  and grew up to later in life see the same creature.

i think your story is important, especially for the particular facet of chimeras which it shows, being the sense that many of these hybrid and cross-bred creatures, while they are in deed what they are, can share a quality which could be described as 'not knowing any better'.

your encounter describes a creature who was neither one way nor another, sort of like neither hot nor cold, in the sense that it didn't attack but also did not run away. 

it's sad really, because there's this sense that the creature is exactly what it is - a confused mix of minds and material who is forced to live what it has been told is its 'life'; thus, however it lives its life, it is defined by not knowing the whole truth about its existence.

i like your story also because it's just neat that you saw this creature then your dad went on to rescue others from the place the one you saw probably originated, and later you saw it again.  while it may not have been able to cloak the tendencies with which it was engineered, i believe it's definitely possible that it was aware of your role in its environment.

the question of why it showed up to you as a child is probably the most interesting part of your story though, because it seems mostly unanswered, except maybe for precognition or foreshadowing.  the question leaves me wondering if you'll encounter this creature or others like it at another later date.


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