The Following is the entire Researcher's Edition of Walter Bowart's book Operation Mind Control, detailing the US Intelligence projects which researched and used mind control methods on unknown thousands of US citizens. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is the documented history of real events which have taken place (and still do)  without regard to the life or health of real victims. We no longer have any business being in denial about what goes on behind the feeble screen dubbed "National Security".

Operation Mind Control - Researcher's Edition

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This is a 6 part interview with Walter Bowart, the author of Operation Mind Control. I would like to make a note that Mr. Bowart was an excellent researcher and his material is very useful for those who have come after him in the effort to expose these injustices. I do not necessarily condone or endorse his personal, religious views (or lack of them) nor his personal opinions on any other matter.

I can confirm the existence of all those levels of training/ programming, as well as gamma and omega. I assume there are many more specific levels coded by other letters of the Greek Alphabet (depending upon what the individual was groomed for), but those are the ones I can personally tell you about.

Gammas scramble information (and sometimes "reboot" systems)
Omegas are self destruction elements

It's not far fetched to say that all of this works a good deal like a computer system and is often exactly that complex.

"i am curious though; if these waves are being blasted into everyone's heads via satellite 24/7, does the Spirit of Christ actually function as a mental shield of some sort ?"

Absolutely... "Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. " - Ephesians 6:16

...but we have to remember to "put on the armor" just as this section in Ephesians explains. A warrior would not go out to battle and leave his armor and sword on a shelf, still expecting those things to help him, and in spiritual warfare, its no different. His Word and His Spirit and our relationship to Him are those protective coverings and weapons that we can not neglect.

I would like to clarify, also, that the type of mind control which you bring up is one which is conducted upon the masses through propaganda, electromagnetic manipulation, VLF and ELF manipulations, and is the "soft" end of what we think of as mind control. Everyone is exposed to it and its methods are discrete to the point of being entirely undetectable.

The "hard" trauma training (which is what MKULTRA and bloodline Luciferians practice) is direct and unrelenting physical/spiritual torture of the victim from early childhood and even infancy.

@ Tristran, According to the US government, Project MKULTRA was closed many years ago. That is probably true but when they say that the methods used in that project are outdated, what that means is that the ways by which the trauma is applied to the mind of the victim has evolved. The basic theme of hurting someone past their endurance in their earliest years to cause the mind to form a rift far predates any government projects. That's been happening since Babylon. I'm sure that every year that passes brings new and interesting technology into the madness.

There are new victims born every single day whether they are being taken off to some lab or locked in a dark deprivation chamber by their own flesh and blood. Much of the entertainment industry is populated by entertainers who are nothing more than slaves groomed for their abilities to seduce the masses or raise the powers of hell with their "talents".

It's certainly possible to send general mood enhancing subliminal frequencies and broadcasts through television, radio, cell phones, or even just right through the air. It doesn't need a language because minds react to sound and electricity pushing its buttons without any necessity of actual words. There is an old technology called Voice to Skull which does put out real words and I'm sure at this late date, that technology has gotten a lot better. Each country can easily see to their own methods of propaganda in their own language if they chose to use real language signals.

I believe that the Holy Spirit talks to us all right now. Maybe people wait to hear some kind of audible voice speaking in their heads but in my experience the only chatting that has happened in my head didn't involve Him in the least. His "voice" is a different kind of thing. The bible calls it a small quiet voice. It's like calm and simple, rational statements to your mind that aren't audible, but instantaneously known. I don't claim that I'm great at listening to His voice. Like anyone, I drown it out with my own inner clutter, of which I have more than a little, but when I do let Him talk to me, the answers are very clear.

The enemy's voice has always been there as a threat of deception to us, it's just a bit more technologically involved now. The defense against that is to really, really know Him. When you know someone, you won't be easily fooled by another dressing like them. As it says, a great delusion is coming (or is here now to some degree) and any who don't know Him are at great risk of being deceived by it.

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: - John 10:27

Tristan, the government did stop the research, but they began to implement that research into the daily grind that has become a nightmare for so many.  Its the old s"witch"eroo.  Now you see us now we twist the truth into a lie so insidious as to be more evil than the truth.  Thank you Mr. Aquino, head of the NSA and the Satanic Church.  It is completely about the NSA, and the CIA and most likely also the FBI being taken over and run as an arm of the Satanic Church or Beast system.  From the time of 1947, a date of importance in many "covert" instances to now, this arm has steadily grown stronger, gained more victims and perpetrators and harmed more and more of the population daily, hourly, yearly .... and it has not stopped for one second. 

I wondered why I had not been hearing these voices.  I am targeted online by the paid trolls, since about 05, so why not zap me with some mirco's, I wondered?  Well, I was a pot smoker back in the days of college and I used to use it quite regularly afterwards.  I always felt bad about that, and "overcame" those impulses in my past, then I had an accident and the doctors put me on opioids , I have done all I can to limit the amount of them I have to take on a daily basis and I am really proud of the strides I have made, then I read this book.  I will take them and be glad.  Pot and opioids are both blockers of the technology.  Father could have used these to save me from the micro hell  of these creatures, for surely they have no humanity left in them, create daily for those around us. 

We don't know who or what to trust any more, I say this: TEST THE SPIRITS.  When you "feel led" by the still small voice, ask it to say the phrase, " Yahushua IS come in the flesh" as John told us, so you can be sure you are being led by the right voice. And if you live in a place that is legalizing pot, and hear voices, then by all means smoke something to see if they stop.  If so, then you can know what is going on.  Don't go driving to work on it though, especially if it is not something you do regularly.  There are spirits in drugs, even pot, the djblaro's of Mexico call it, little smoke, but little smoke can ruin a persons life who is easily swayed by substances.   So be wary of taking any drug, but if you are being targeted, it would be an easy test to see if it was the mirco crew making voices or other things happen.  I know a man who is beset by sores all over his body.  In fact I know 2 of them.  The people that are doing this will stand before God one day , I for one hope to see that day and them answer for these horrors.

Jesse Ventura did his last show on this, if you can find it online somewhere.  The people who were targeted had said something negative about a president or someone in power and in once case a husband who was in the agency, now they are paying with daily voices telling them things like they are ugly stupid, nasty ,insane, a litany of demeaning phrases meant to make the person think they have some horrible mental illness and keeping them from sleeping at night.  But when interviewed by the crew, they were sane in every way, except for the voices and the vibrations that come from these towers all around us. 

I pray that Father has a special place in hell ten times hotter, set aside for those who perpetrate this against mankind. They deserve an eternity of the hell they have given in return.  I bet some think, oh I am a Christian, and the blood of Jesus will keep me from paying for my involvement in this , I pray they keep on thinking that until the end, with no repentance, cause I am hard hearted to these people.  My family pays daily for their non existent programming as do thousands upon thousands of others, I want them all to pay, every little minion. Every little troll.  I suppose I need to work on forgiveness, huh?

I would imagine that the opium drugs which are really effective this way are specifically those that are actually opium based, rather than a synthetic that acts like one. Why can't they just use opium instead of something a bit messed with? Well I guess that wouldn't make anyone any money. Anyway, though I have never really been on Opium drugs, I can recall being admonished quite strictly (by some who had authority over me) that I was never to accept marijuana from anyone. Odd, I thought. No mention of LSD, no mention of cocaine or a number of other street drugs, but strictly no marijuana. I have since begun to understand why. It does take a person's mind down to earth, rather than just the opposite idea most would have about it. It has an ability to connect the mind with common sense and then things get questioned. They wouldn't want a person to do a lot of questioning or their flimsy web of lies starts to come apart.

"I want them all to pay, every little minion. Every little troll.  I suppose I need to work on forgiveness, huh?"

I have my moments with that thought too. Intellectually, I know that's an incorrect attitude, but that emotional side doesn't always want to hear it.

I went looking and found there are two Ventura shows on mind control.... some of these people are Christians, so that brings up some questions about things stated.  Be wary , test all spirits.  The first one is on the MK ULTRA assassin program and the second on the harassment of people who p*ssed somebody off and are paying for it by this illegal arm of our government.


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