How would you deal with sinus congestion and over production of mucus that goes into your lungs and messes up your voice and is green and thick?

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It's a serious sinus infection and it's probably chronic. It can be the result of a tooth issue. It has to be treated internally with immune boosters and supporters (like Big doses of vitamin C). It probably won't be the sort of thing that goes away with just "outside" treatment - tea tree oil and things you inhale.

Dairy can feed Mucus. Best to avoid until better.

Also do a bit of reading on the amazing benefits of onions. Under the bed, to draw out boils, clear up ear infections. They really are an amazing little vegetable.

God Bless

Nice to see you here, Iwanttoknoweverything. Another very effective drawing agent is raw honey. It will draw infection, insect/spider venom or foreign objects from under he skin surface and will also work to heal the damaged tissue.


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