Just a reminder - In the US there is NO federal vaccine mandate. Contrary to media reports, regardless of their leanings, no actual mandate has ever been filed. There were press conferences and statements to the media by "Biden" but no executive action has ever been taken to codify any mandate.

If a vaccine "mandate" were to be codified and published, it would be in violation of existing HIPPA laws and the Nuremberg code.

"Mandates" never = law and can not be legally enforced as law without violating title 18.

This is a psychological war ONLY. Compliance of the public is based solely upon assumption of media accuracy and attempts of employers/businesses/orgs to reinforce that assumption. Challenging the "mandate" illegitimises it immediately.

1. Demand proof of the existence of a legally binding federal mandate to be vaccinated.

2. Stand by your rights under HIPPA. It is illegal to ask anyone information about medical procedures they have or haven't had.

3. Violation of the Nuremberg Code: No FDA approved vaccine exists in the US. Coercing someone into submitting to experimental drugs can be prosecuted as an international human rights violation.

Non-compliance is all it takes to win.


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