"You've come a long way, baby." The marketing slogan of Virginia Slims boasted on behalf of "liberated women" in 1968. The concept of a societal shift into a new era where women were supposedly, finally breaking free of an ages old, male dominated world structure seemed to many women to herald a brighter future and caused many old fashioned men to long for the "good old days".

As it has panned out, instead of liberated, women might actually find themselves enslaved to the same old "by the sweat of your brow" misfortune which has always been the lot of men, minus any real elevation of respect, since now more than ever, women are viewed objects of lust.

That is normally the payout of Satan's promises...he dangles a carrot before some desiring eyes but when the object is obtained it seems to always come with all the side effects and none of the cure. Satan has understood the concept of "the grass is always greener on the other side" for thousands of years, and has always utilized that philosophy against every faction of human society and even against his own kind..other angels who took the bait and followed his example.

The feminist agenda, like any deceptive philosophy which has shaped what has become the modern structure of society, has beginnings grounded in a precedent set in the early years of human history. There's nothing new under the sun...Satan simply knows how to recycle and repackage old news like it was today's headlines. He re-gifts...and the gifts are usually less appealing that fruitcake.

The beginning of objectification of women is blame that can be easily put on the rebel Watchers. This class of angels who rebelled in the act of taking human partners and fathering children, were essentially corrupted through lust and for the first time in history, human women began to be a commodity based only on their sexual appeal. The Watchers, however, had entered into a world which was already in the control of Satan and his rebels. The atmosphere of Earth was primed for temptation to sin and certainly Satan recognized the immense value to his goals that could be gained by encouraging the sin of the Watchers to take place. They brought to the playing field what Satan's forces lacked...a means to Physically enter in upon the human scene and change it on an organic level.

The leader of the rebel Watchers, Shemyhaza, proposed what no doubt had already been a temptation in the Watchers thoughts for a while...that they each choose wives, live with them and have children. There is a great deal of Hebrew "folklore" surrounding the details of the Watchers and their wives which can not be found covered in any scriptural reference. (scripture here referring to either canon or one of the books which are cited but not included in canon: 1 Enoch, Jubilees, etc.) Such writings have to be viewed with caution...while some support what is scriptural or at least do not contradict it, others depart grossly from what could be either scripturally or historically supported.

The Hebrew folklore i will mention here is adequately supported on a historical basis and not contradicted, though scarcely mentioned scripturally. Keeping that in mind, it is worth noting. It is a matter of tradition that Shemyhaza chose for himself a woman by the name of Ishatar, a name which will be familiar to anyone who has done a little research into pagan deities. The same account mentions that another rebel, Azazel, who is arguably more famous than the leader himself, chose a woman named Naamah. Naamah can be found mentioned in Genesis as being the sister of Tubal-Cain, both descended from the infamous Cain, murderer of Abel.

Ishatar is recognized these days as a fairly famous figure in the realm of occult and pagan lore...going by the names Ishtar, Inanna, Astarte, Ashtoreth and many other names throughout virtually every ancient culture on Earth. She is revered as a "mother goddess", the feminine aspect of the divine, the supreme object of sexual desire and lust, and a female deity who embodies the concept of a rebellious usurpation of male headship...presumptuously fitted with the title "Queen of Heaven". If we are to take into account the four notable individuals who stand as the basis upon which much of "mythology" has been built..a picture of drama suited for a soap opera comes into view.

The one we would most expect to take center stage in all the legends which echo the history of the antediluvian society would surely be Shemyhaza by virtue of him being the leader who made the critical decision to merge Heaven and Earth in this plan of outrageous perversion of creation. This is not, however, the case. The name of Shemyhaza has all but been buried and obfuscated entirely in legend and history and myth. Though it is possible to find his representation widely among the pantheons of various peoples, his image remains rather symbolic instead of personally represented. Ishatar, on the other hand, has not gone a day without notoriety on Earth since the moment she became the wife of a fallen angel. The opposite can be noted with Azazel and Naamah...Azazel remaining a "household" occult name (though still taking a far second place to Ishatar) while Naamah fades into symbolic obscurity.

The Hebrew legend referred to before which names the wives of the two rebel angels, goes on to describe Ishatar as being reluctant to marry Shemyhaza, which apparently came as quite a rude shock to him. Instead of being insulted to the point of choosing a different wife, he only becomes more obsessed with her...a psychology many ordinary men can probably relate to...the idea of "conquest" of the reluctant object of desire being much more interesting than the easy catch. She demands he reveal to her the true name of Elohim in exchange for the union which he at first refuses to do and then finally agrees. The picture that we get, then, is the first occasion of a woman manipulating herself into a place of power with someone who would, under normal circumstance, not be subject to her control. This description of events being essentially the gist of what actually took place would explain the basis of the reason for Ishatar becoming so predominant over her husband in the pagan societies following the flood.

This same legend takes a sudden odd turn at the end which, interestingly reveals the power of her manipulation, not only on one rebel angel, but on the direction world history. The story ends with Ishatar using the very Name of Elohim which Shemyhaza revealed to her to enable her to fly and by pronouncing it, escaped his affections and was immortalized as a star in the Heavens for retaining her virtue. This ending to the tale flies in the face of every description of who Ishatar was to the cultures who deified her...far from being a virginal figure of untouchable chastity, she is synonymous everywhere with feminine sexuality taken to a domineering level. The romanticized fable of the virginal Ishatar has become the prototype of the Catholic Mary, however....even to the point of retaining the title "Queen of Heaven".

Ishatar then, was the original "women's Liberation" activist. Much like her modern age followers...she did not better her position ultimately, as we will see...instead she became the posterchild sex object. Deified for her position as a consort to a "god" who became faceless and nameless over the years and as a reproductive tool.

The legend of Lilith has retained some heavily idolized fame in the modern world. When people generally think of Lilith, they might first recall a story of Adam's original wife who refused to behave subordinately to him and instead chose to join herself to a fallen angel (usually cited to be Lucifer) and produced a horde of demon children. This tale bears no supportable resemblance to anything which literally took place....however, there is a thinly veiled element of veracity which can be traced to reveal the real identity of "Lilith" and where such a story sprang from.

There is not even a scant mention anywhere in scripture or ancient history to support the notion of Adam having had a first wife who was created directly from the Earth as he was and who was eventually replaced by the more suitable Eve. This concoction is the product of a publication in the middle ages by an anonymous author.

A mention of Lilith occurs in scriptural canon, in Isaiah 34:14, where the word "liylith" is translated as "screech owl" or "night creature"...

"The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the jackals and the wild goat shall bleat to its companion. Also the night creature (liylith) shall rest there and find for herself a place of rest. " - Isaiah 34:14

Strong's concordance gives the definition for liylith as "a night specter", though if the word is followed back through it's etymology one will come to references to wreaths and twining or twisting...followed back even further, the root comes down to the word - "lawah" which means to join to, to unite with, to cleave. We then, should be starkly reminded how the marital union between two individuals are described in scripture..as a cleaving, a uniting, a joining. Those very terms are applied also in respect to those women who married angelic husbands. Even the symbolism of the wreath, which is referenced in the definition of "liylith" is recognized in pagan practice as a symbol which memorializes fertility deities.

"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." - Genesis 2:24

It is fitting that the name Lilith should found to correlate to a joining, a unifying or a cleaving to...the earliest records which are extant of this name call Lilith a handmaid or sacred prostitute in the service of Ishatar. Further recorded mentions by Assyrian sources do not reflect a Person, but rather a type of entity with the word "lilitu". This was a sexually predatory female entity which killed children, brought disease and were associated with storms. This same theme runs parallel to Greek traditions of sirens, who are described much the same way.

Sirens were regarded in Greek mythology as deadly female beings who dwelt either in water or near it...luring men who sailed those waters to their death by singing a song which they could not resist. The men would then seek to follow the sound, only to be drowned in the waters. Nymphs, naiads and dryads were similar categories of feminine entities who preyed on men through lust dwelling in fresh water streams, pools or trees which were fed from haunted water sources.

This is the answer which 1 Enoch gives as to the origin of all such beings...

"And Uriel said to me: 'Here shall stand the angels who have connected themselves with women, and their spirits assuming many different forms are defiling mankind and shall lead them astray into sacrificing to demons 'as gods', (here shall they stand,) till 'the day of' the great judgment in which they shall be judged till they are made an end of. And the women also of the angels who went astray shall become sirens.'" - 1 Enoch 19

It is most reasonable that the legend of an individual named Lilith has grown out of a general term applied to those women who "joined" themselves to the rebel Watchers and that it was never in reference to a single female entity. The wives (and concubines) of the Watchers would naturally fall in line behind Ishatar who would be the "first lady" so to speak, her husband being the foremost authority amongst the rebels.

Ishatar has not lost any relevance in this modern age, which indicates the greater magnitude of importance she came to represent above even the majority of the fallen angels..particularly their leader. Besides the Catholic church, who proudly displays her as the supposed mother Messiah, she is a favorite corporate logo and a beloved symbol of "liberty" in the United States. She is emblazoned on the sides of Starbucks coffee cups and her figure is the first image you will see when you watch any Columbia film production. Her presence as a force behind a misguided concept of feminism still galvanizes young girls to assert their "individuality", only to be dragged into an ever worsening scene of female objectification and degradation. It is no accident that a "lilith" philosophy reigns in the same age as rampant unwed pregnancies and abortion... she has always been the reigning queen of deviant behavior and infanticide since the far, ancient past until this day.

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ok.. i know it's not the statue of liberty.. but the Washington monument does represent the member of Shemyhaza, the leader of the fallen Watchers.. and what with the crack in it and all.. makes me sort of wonder, if this was truly a pattern with the destruction of the major symbols, would liberty fall, then, after the crack had further destabilized the Shemyhaza monument, would that fall next.. just a thought.

Tristran Hepburn said:

What about creating a webpage containing every article in the form of its small picture with a title beneath it. Allow the user to search for any of the key words located at the bottom of each article. As the user types in more key words (your "tags") the webpage is populated with less articles.

So initially the table will contain all 116 articles. The user types in Tag "Lilith" that reduces the table contents to maybe 10 which will of course include this article.

Just an idea.

We're still working on this :)

While the trend towards increased sexual deviance has been on the rise for some time, I have noticed as of very late in the media an increasingly very rapid, strong pull towards female sexual "satisfaction" and "independence" and a lot of imagery symbolized women with many males. Justified promiscuity and polyandry (and polyamory in general) seem to be trending with an all new fervor and attention just over this last year. I'm constantly hearing people talking about their "open relationships". I'm very thankful YHWH has set me up with a woman with good values...

The disturbing mentality now is one should join with a partner only solidified with the tiny threads of the most on-the-surface convenience and sexual satisfaction. Absolutely abhorrent.

I've seen more new television shows promoting this crud. I've been seeing this one, "Satisfaction" promoted to death recently...(I have not actually watched...)I will simply paste the small Wikipedia article, as I do not think it would be appropriate for me to put one of the promos on here (it's quite 'racey').


This really seems like the season of Ishatar lately...

Reducing human sexuality to the level of animals does very little to elevate the worth and respect of women. That is the common tactic of the enemy, to continually demean humanity and sell it to them as being a form of liberty instead of the self degradation it really is.

what are the two sons known for doing if anything?

The devil might have made it so people would have examples of people not treating each other right with how women were treated and even different mixes of people to fuel his agenda to get to this point. If people treated each other how they were supposed to there wouldn't have ever been a problem or something.

You will find several references to the twins throughout the mythology of various peoples. Here is a link which gives a brief overview:


words left unspoken said:

what are the two sons known for doing if anything?

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