If you have ever researched the Rhesus blood grouping system, you probably already know that there is something mighty peculiar about the rhesus negative status. The Rhesus blood grouping system is differentiated from the ABO system, dealing with separate groups of antigens. First, to give some foundation information on blood grouping: the ABO blood grouping system reflects whether a person has the antigen "A", or the antigen "B", or has both, or neither. O simply stands for zero, or "null", having no A or B antigens.

The Rhesus blood group system contains some 50 different antigens, but the one of great importance is the "D" antigen. It is the D which determines the rh status of an individual. This, the most immunogenic of the Rhesus factors is key in knowing what individuals can donate blood or tissue to another without complications. The presence of a D antigen will not be tolerated by a body which does not have it, just as an A or B will not be tolerated by a type O.

Most people do have the D antigen, the function of which is said to not be fully understood in the medical field, though there is sufficient evidence to suggest that it plays a role in cellular respiration facilitation, or the transference of oxygen from the red blood cell to tissue and co2 from tissue to red blood cell. If you live in the U.S. , you have about a 15% chance of not having the D antigen present on the surface of your red blood cells. This next statistic is highly speculative, (as i have no way of measuring this) but i will venture a guess that if you live in the U.S. and are reading this article, the chances that you are rh negative are better than 70%. I'll explain that speculation a bit more further on.

The supposition that the scientific community has expected you to believe about the origins of this strange deletion of an blood antigen in some people is that it derives from a completely random mutation of unknown origin. The blood being as highly resistant to random mutation as it is, it would not seem likely that this accounts for it. Furthermore...there is no other known anomaly in all of nature that can literally turn a mother's body against it's unborn offspring as if it were a foreign entity. Where it is found in nature, (not referred to as rh status in all species) the absence of a blood antigen in a parent animal which can destroy it's own fetus that is positive for the antigen, occurs in novelty and hybridized strains, such as mules. In other words, where man has done some selective breeding of animals or the breeding of animals which would not naturally breed together, there arises the potential for haemolytic disease. When we see the body reject some tissue, as it would in the case of organ transplant, we automatically understand that the reason is because the body does not recognize the tissue as it's own.

Rhesus factor Haemolytic disease is offset these days by a drug called Rhogam, which, just as in the case of organ transplant, is an anti-rejection agent designed to stop the rh negative mother's body from attacking the rh positive fetus' body. In the most dire of circumstances, haemolytic disease will cause the rh positive fetus to be killed by it's mother's antibodies...in lesser circumstances, the baby is subject to the possibility of a number a serious congenital deficiencies which might manifest as mental disabilities like schizophrenia.

It has been often reported that there is a list of odd circumstances surrounding rh negative individuals...it's really very unfortunate that the scientific community does not offer the public great quantities of answers related to these things...though it's not impossible to research some of the findings which relate rh status to certain other characteristics...just try it, more often than not, you will run into documents that are provided by medical journals which you will have to pay to read. Not all data requires the input of the medical field to observe though..so i will mention a few that the average person can verify for themselves in everyday life.

Rh negative individuals tend to be "Caucasian"...though it is not impossible to find people of African descent with an rh negative status, these people usually have what is referred to a "weak" or inactive D antigen...a D antigen is present but it is dormant and non-functional. People of Asian origin with rh negative status are almost non-existent. Perhaps in obvious relation to that, rh negatives tend to have blue, green or hazel eye color...though you will find that those eye colors are far more common in rh negative Caucasians than in rh positive ones.

RH negatives think differently....this is where my speculation on the percentage of those who are reading this comes from. Even if you are unaware of your blood type and you did not access this subject because you are already aware you are rh negative, chances are... you are. The reason for this is because it is the nature of the rh negative brain to think in an unconventional way. These individuals seek out subject matters which are beyond the scope of average information, socially accepted answers and assumptions. They tend to gravitate towards challenging information and are not deterred by a sense of "too weird" to look into. They accept the "abnormal" and delve into the unknown with fervor and yet not without a serious bent towards the analytical and technical.

Rh negative people don't assimilate well...this can be looked at in one of two ways. Some might see these types in society as individuals who are difficult to get along with, do not follow rules well or fit into the the mainstream of society. On the other hand, they are greatly resistant to propaganda and do not readily believe the status quo answer to many questions in life. They might seek beyond the teaching of the normal educational system and rh negative children tend to become incredibly bored by the structure of teaching in public schools. The result of this lack of assimilation into "normal" society either seems to produce people who really achieve beyond the norm or become a complete societal "drop out".

Rh negative people have strength but little stamina...there is a tendency in connection with cellular respiration and an endocrine system which functions differently and the rh negative status. These people might very well find that they can produce bursts of strength and speed that seem disproportionate to their size, but for a very limited time. The ability of the adrenals to be kicked into a hyper-drive at the drop of a hat accounts for the bursts of strength and speed, but the lack of a well facilitated system of cellular respiration means that the body exhausts itself quickly. RH negative people might be more likely to lift a car off of a victim pinned beneath it than run a marathon.

RH negatives have hyper-acute sensory perception...while it might seem magical or mystical to talk about such a thing as "ESP"..in reality what accounts for the ability to perceive beyond what seems normal is simply a brain which receives at a conscious level, the very smallest stimuli of a normal sense, such as hearing, vision, touch, etc.. Whereas most would only receive these small stimuli on a subconscious level and not process it to be "surface aware" of it...the rh negative individual will more likely recognize these little cues. Brain waves, as we know, are electrical...they can be heard and they can be felt..but they are not normally perceived. Those who do perceive them would be called "telepathic".

RH negatives have an innate draw towards spirituality, but also an innate reluctance towards YHWH and Christian scripture...Those with an Rh negative factor will often find themselves incredibly interested, in an almost instinctive way, in all things "mythological", pagan and new age. At the same time, there is a pull back from all things which relate to Judeo-Christian teaching. It is interesting to note that a proven phenomenon called genetic memory might be at work here. The process by which the memory of a hundreds of ancestors throughout history will imprint upon their descendant in their very DNA has been called "The Monarch Effect". This makes a tendency toward pagan tradition coming from a bloodline which is the Origin of such, a sensible result. Also interesting to note, is that those rh negatives who do make a decision to follow YHWH often end up being the most zealous and faithful of followers. I have personally never met any confirmed rh negative individual who called themselves an atheist...a belief in some spiritual reality seems to be ingrained in them.

Rh negative people are drawn to one another...it is incredibly interesting to observe. It would seem that whether you might attribute it to subtle chemical signals humans unconsciously perceive through smell..or whether it is the recognition of the similar pattern of brain wave stimuli or simply a case of "birds of a feather"....people of an rh negative status find each other, and stick together. Perhaps the need to find others who understand them in a world which makes them feel so very different from the "norm" is a great driving force that brings them into each other's lives.

There are quite a few other curiosities which surround this blood type...though most of them are much harder to observe or otherwise research. One of those is the connection between the rh negative status and reports of "alien" abduction, another is the reports of certain whistle-blowers who have accused the CIA and other agencies of keeping a database and tracking those with the negative status throughout their lives.

Understanding that world is rife with pride and every person alive has had a pride problem since the fall of man, obviously this often leads those who know they have a negative rh status to find proof of their "specialness". I'm not here to uphold anyone's ego, though...there is nothing "special" about the lack of the D antigen in one's blood...there is something anomalous about it however. This blood abnormality derives from angels who "crossed the line". In all aspects..physically, mentally, spiritually...the result of being rh negative has certain seeming advantages and some disadvantages but one is not despised by their Creator based on the origin of their birth, even if that origin was not in His will....in the same way He would not despise the person who was a child born of rape or unmarried parents. We all have the same choices to make for or against Him. What knowing your rh negative status and what it means is able do for you though...is to help you come to terms with the reasons you have felt "different" all along and to come to understand that your Creator can use what is different about you to work great things in your life for His name's sake. From my perspective..i find it particularly awesome when i come across rh negatives who are called to faith in Him.

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Hi Deborah.. first i'd like to say that i'm very glad you joined us.. the site's been up not quite six months now, and open and active for about three.. the regular posters migrated here from a different network so we have the benefit of being familiar with each other, which is good.. i think you may end up being happily surprised at how in-depth 'sustainable dialogue' can go with the folks here.

i'm O-negative, and just yesterday said "the way i see it, i'm the weirdest person on the planet".. so i'd say you're in the right place, and i'm really looking forward to your continued input here.

earlier in the thread you may have read Uncool Sam's quotes from "Prophetic Savant" by Chris Brogden.. i haven't read the piece in its entirety, but a couple lines i think possibly hit home for a lot of us are these : "He never seems to be all "there". Even if he forces himself to come down to Earth for a moment, those around him may have the sense that there is an unspoken dialogue going on somewhere inside of him.."

i think these lines could perhaps speak well to the "twin track mind" that RH negative types seem to have.. one track hauls cars loaded full of practicalities and the logistics of so-called 'normal' societal interaction, while the other runs a train of spiritually grounded reflection, introspection, and action, driven along the rails of that 'unspoken dialogue' by the enhanced spiritual effect of being RH negative.

the addition of spiritually sourced genetics in RH negatives can easily provide that higher aptitude for becoming 'wise to do evil', as i'm sure we all know first-hand, and i for one fell into that ditch and stayed there for many years before Yahushua, thankfully, in His mercy, pulled me up out of it.

amazing that for those of us who are saved in Him, that the ability to understand spiritual agendas and participate in them, is turned from a snare to us, into glory for Him, when redeemed RH negatives begin to excel in spiritual matters according to His will, instead of according to the enemy's will.

there are many good discussions to be had here, and i hope you find this place a relaxing oasis of truth, fellowship and edification, all shaded by the earnest desire to see the lost be found in Messiah.
i have seriously never been able to get on board with the stuff that seems to make up a "normal" person's life. i just don't get the point. how do people spend themselves on activities or interests or preoccupations and whatever that are completely about living right here and right now? i've never liked this world and the way it worked so i can't begin to put effort into things that only mean something in a world - system sense. take for instance building a good credit score or shopping for life insurance. what in the world? i'm pretty sure i've better spent my time if i'm sitting in the dirt outside examining rocks.

i would probably feel more comfortable going out dressed in ratty animal pelts than a suit.

i would rather talk to my dog than on a cell phone.

i would rather eat dandelions out of my front yard than the best prepared gmo, hormone injected steak made in the best restaurant on earth.

if i'm crazy, i'm aiming to stay that way. :D

Deborah said:
In light of this article, I suppose it is no surprise I was drawn to this site, being AB-negative married to a man who is A-negative. Even now I describe myself as living isolated and alone. From a young age, I have always related to God, though not always righteously.

Much of how I have ordered my life as an adult - wife and mother - has always been with an eye to a future time when we will not live as we do now, learning and practicing skills unnecessary in these days of modern conveniences and technology; I cannot do otherwise, to the consternation of my family members who heave sighs and roll their eyes.

"Rh negative people have strength but little stamina" perhaps explains why I hold lofty goals for what I would do but ultimately find myself lacking energy to accomplish it all.

"Rh negative people don't assimilate well"...I am drawn to this site as I have been drawn to others and left for lack of sustainable dialog. Disappointingly, my expectation exceeds the reality.

"RH negatives think differently"...I see this is a fairly new site. With a group of rh negatives, what is the chance of really drawing all members into active discussions? Between thinking "differently" and not assimilating well, how good are the odds?

I find this fascinating and would like to think it has some validity that would excuse what otherwise I have termed "character flaws". Thanks for sharing.
"i would rather talk to my dog than on a cell phone."
Spending time with animals often provides a sense of tranquility for me. With a dog, there are no arbitrary appearences, perceptions to put up...none of that.

Indeed, it seems that rh negatives cannot relate to the majority of their peers...I've been called a "quiet guy" fairly often, and have been in situations with peers, whether out to eat or something or another, where I just cannot relate or find myself interested in their rabble. I also have what would be called "techy" friends who keep up with all the new modern gizmos, who can go on for long drawn out dribbles about the new (once again, this or that...) if you let them. I'll admit, I'll play the occasional role playing game or some such when I'm at home, have nothing going on, nowhere to be...but I never found myself too in love with the new fangled cell phone with 40,000,000 apps and bla bla bla bla bla bla.....I don't need that crap. I don't need to stick my nose in a screen to amuse myself at all hours. I can get lost in my head pretty easily, and can recall being able to just look out the window and think for long periods of time as a child on long car trips and family vacations. I've also been guilty of a whole lot of day dreaming. I recall my third grade teacher telling my mother that I "needed" Ritalin maybe. I am quite very glad to this day that dear 'ol ma realised that was just some B.S...

Uncool Sam, lol yeah i basically do dress like a caveman. maybe not animal pelts but if i had them i couldn't promise i wouldn't wear them in public

Weightofaudio, i'm convinced my dog is more sensible than most people i meet on the street. she barks at census takers and prefers chewing on shoes to keeping up with Lebron James. : )
i feel like i could cry. i can attest to every, EVERY characteristic in this article! i am rh neg (and black) which i only found out about 6 mths ago. And YHWH's love is awesome. Most of the paranormal stuff in my life faded away after I was baptized nearly 4 yrs ago. It was a hard dark drtuggle coming to faith in Him, but what else can I say except that HE is faithful and with Him all things are possible! Baruch HaShem forever!
" I can get lost in my head pretty easily, and can recall being able to just look out the window and think for long periods of time as a child..." yeah man.
I, myself underwent a long and hard struggle coming to Him. He is very good and very merciful, using even those things which can seem to be an obstacle as a way to draw us nearer. Now i would never choose to be parted from Him.
"i feel like i could cry. i can attest to every, EVERY characteristic in this article! i am rh neg (and black) which i only found out about 6 mths ago. And YHWH's love is awesome."

Very awesome Charlene...i'm so glad you came to know Him and that you found us. I think quite a few rh negative individuals feel some sense of isolation in not being able to relate to society in general. It's very nice to find that there Are others with similar attributes and even better when those people can be part of a larger family that are the believers in Messiah.

It's much more rare to find rh negative in people of African descent..so you're particularly unique :) Tracing your genealogy could be really interesting.
"Rh Neg moms, help! I am A neg, like my mom. Did not get rhogam shot (mid-wife assisted homebirth). Is it too late to do it now?"

I'm not a fan of mainstream medical practices to begin with, you might say. Rhogam is taken during pregnancy to prevent the immune response of rh negative mothers to rh positive fetuses...however, that blood admixture does not necessarily happen as a rule..it happens as a result of something which traumatizes the fetus or placenta during gestation. the Rhogam itself can be seriously harmful to the fetus and so i think it's best to trust in YHWH has power over all things. The shot is not something which is taken at times when the mother is not pregnant with an rh positive fetus.
You know, I think you are right, esp about mainstream medical practices. That's why I had my baby at home and trusted Abba every step of the way. Thank you for reminding me. He IS sovereign over all things. : )
The origin of mainstream medicine and the use of pharmaceuticals is rather a shocking revelation, to put it mildly... what people consider a very modern science, is really a very ancient one. If you'd like..here's an article that deals with it's origins.. http://timenolonger.ning.com/forum/topics/an-angel-named-armoni

This article deals with the very shady reasons that the controllers have to push the use of the sort of medicine which is practiced and promoted in the US... http://timenolonger.ning.com/forum/topics/just-say-no-to-being-a
I am so glad too! I have definitely felt isolated, both before and after being redeemed. Before from people in general and after from not knowing any other believers who wouldn't think I was crazy if I told them anything about my life or the things I've experienced. So many of the people I love and call friends are "weird" and I can connect with them, but only so far because they adhere to the pagan ways that I used to follow or are atheist. They are not yet in Yeshua. I pray for them so often, knowing that YHWH is willing and able to save them. He did it for me, so I keep hoping for them.

I do not how far back I could trace my family. I do know that there are "caucasians" and Native Americans on both my parent's sides. I was red-headed (dark) at birth through early childhood, as was my husband (who is also black) and his father. My son is the same with eyes that go from brown to grey. Don't know his type. I have always been interested in race, genetics, origins, languages, etc. Would love to hear your thoughts and thank you so much for your warm responses! Shalom.

Cyprium said:
"i feel like i could cry. i can attest to every, EVERY characteristic in this article! i am rh neg (and black) which i only found out about 6 mths ago. And YHWH's love is awesome."

Very awesome Charlene...i'm so glad you came to know Him and that you found us. I think quite a few rh negative individuals feel some sense of isolation in not being able to relate to society in general. It's very nice to find that there Are others with similar attributes and even better when those people can be part of a larger family that are the believers in Messiah.

It's much more rare to find rh negative in people of African descent..so you're particularly unique :) Tracing your genealogy could be really interesting.

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