The last thing people in this country in general might want to believe, is that their own government and it's agencies have deep roots in the occult or that they have actively made their own citizens unwitting victims of their occult practices. The unfortunate case of the matter, though, is that this is true. It's not a subject of highly speculative guesses or overactive imagination..or flat out paranoia, it is a matter of public record, if the public cares to know.

Trauma based mind control is a very ancient, pagan practice. It is described in texts dating far back into antiquity from renown civilizations such as Egypt and Babylon. By using various means of torture, drugging and hypnosis, victims' psyche's were broken and twisted to allow the compartmentalization of their minds to take place in such a way that would make them the ideal mind controlled slave. The shattered soul also became an easy vessel of demonic possession, and thus ensuring that the broken mind of the victim would always remain so, under the command of the spirits which took up housing in them.

In pre-World War II Germany, the emphasis on eugenics and mind control made a strong come-back. The psychiatric branch of the eugenics field through the Tavistock Institute began to promote social engineering, euthenization and sterilization of certain "genetically unfit" groups of people. It should be remembered that the basis which forms an ideology that says there is a superior and an inferior populace, that there should be a control mechanism on who can have children and who should not, all come from family lines who regard themselves as having the "blood of the gods". It is the ages old creed of the "divine right to rule" of the nephilim.

Josef Mengele was perhaps one of the most notorious of Nazi eugenicists, having performed horrific experiments on countless children to further the fields of genetic engineering and behavior modification. He was known to attempt to change the eye color of his subjects by placing drops of painful, caustic chemicals into their eyes, sometimes resulting in blindness, but never resulting in the blue eye color he was attempting to produce. He was also known for a demented mind control technique called "twinning". In this technique, two non-related children were connected emotionally in an intense and reinforced bond and then one of the two children would be forced to murder the other or die themselves. This would result in such immense psychological trauma that the mind of the child would literally split, one part disassociating from the main, conscious core to avert madness or death.

It could hardly be imagined by most citizens of this country, that the US, who apparently fought against the tyranny and inhumanity of Nazi Germany, should then turn around after this conflict, and recruit the very scientists who were at the core of the evil taking place there. Sadly...the nature of history and the reasons that wars have been fought are scarcely understood by the general public. The US, indeed, imported approximately 1,600 scientists and family members of the Nazi regime into the states up until the 70's. This was known as Project Paperclip...and from this began America's downward spiral into the dark heart of occult mind control.

MK-ULTRA was the vile offspring of Hitler's regime, and it was born on American soil. Primarily an operation under CIA control, MK-ULTRA was an project to delve deep into the creation of perfectly mind-controlled slaves on an individual basis as well as the public at large. The CIA often sought out the "elite bloodlines" for children to use in these experiments. The reason for this was due to a phenomenon which received it's own project heading, The Monarch Project. The Monarch Project had as it's premise, the theory that people, much like animals who travel a migratory route from generation to generation, had the memory of their ancestors imprinted on their DNA. A child belonging to a long history of "blue-bloods" would theoretically have a multitude of innate talents for occult practices, and be the best candidates for trauma-based "splitting".

MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) was the main goal of MK-ULTRA. By beginning early in the life of a child...even pre-natally, the perpetrators would physically, mentally and emotionally abuse and confuse their victim past their breaking point. Their methods included drugs, electroshock therapy, being caged or buried alive for hours or even days, forced witnessing of brutality and murder, satanic ritual abuse and sexual molestation. As the mind split with the trauma, which was carefully interwoven with various symbolic stimuli, such as certain keywords, numbers, colors, letters, etc...a new fraction of the whole mind manifested as a separate and independent personality who had it's own memory, it's own function and it's own agenda. Each split part could then be programmed by the "handlers" to come to the surface in response to "cues" and "triggers" which had been introduced in the splitting process. (the aforementioned colors, numbers, letters, etc.)

The victims of these experiments could be literally turned into human computers, made to run "programs", which were their various alter personalities at the whim of their handlers. The programs would execute their function just as they had been wired to do, and depart, leaving the core personality unaware of what the alter had performed. So complex could a system of a "Multiples" be that there could potentially be hundreds of different alters, all created to perform their own, compartmentalized function within the whole. The system would often be designed by the handlers to have an internal geography for the victim. That is, the various alters would see their internal world in their mind's eyes as if it was a house or a city, or a pyramid, or some other manner of societal/ building hierarchy. Each alter would reside in a specific room or house and have access to specific others, or to no others at all... the handlers would then implant demonic entities to control "gateways" between the sectioned off geography of the internal landscape, and to keep the alters in their specified areas and tasks. Often the head authority in the MPD system was the "unknown controller" or the most powerful demonic entity who had a position of overseeing the entire structure but never making itself known to the rest of the system.

It is said that the MK-ULTRA experiments were halted in the early 70's, however by taking a look at a little book called "Brave New World"...we can maybe earnestly question the authenticity of that claim. Aldous Huxley, the author of Brave New World, had a great deal of connectedness to the Travistock Institute. This book was designed to be a prediction of the realization of the New World Order and it portrayed a utopian society that emerged from a devastating world war, in which everyone lived in a strange, hypnotized peace...not a peace born of freedom, but one born of addiction to "sex, drugs and rock and roll". Does the idea of a society that is drunken past caring on sexuality, mind altering substances and hypnotic music sound familiar? It sounds like right now.

I, personally, have no doubt that the continuation of MK-Ultra experiments have persisted past the 70's...only now the objective is broadened. It is not the individual "Manchurian candidate" they have focused on, but the whole of society. Utilizing the "soft-core" tactics of mind control, not to the goal of producing people with full blown MPD...but training the average mind by the same uses of symbolic triggers and cues through entertainment and media, to disassociate into a trance wherein the mind readily accepts the insidious and subtle brainwashing it is exposed to. I think it is also not too far of a stretch to say that they are able, by the proliferation of trance-inducing techniques delivered through television, music and drugs, (both legal and illegal) so warp a person's will as to allow possession by demonic entities.

Believers, it would be wise to keep alert to what you allow your children to watch and what video games you allow them to play and music you allow them to listen to. In fact, it would be wise if even as adults, believers take note of what sort of things they allow to saturate their environment. Don't believe for a moment that the danger is only contained in violent movies and raunchy music...everything on tv is designed to subliminally subvert the will, including the evening news. It should come as no surprise to us that the enemy has a suffocating hold on the world and that we have been warned to not be part of it for a reason.

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Not only does this apply to sleepers, but the average person who is immersed in this technological brainwashing, though they might not find themselves committing mass murders...may be "virtually lobotomized" in such a way as to be unable to make rational decisions about the deception going on around them.

I would say that aside from just plain willful ignorance, drugs and chemicals in what they consume...methods like this are in part responsible for individuals who have no will power to reject the propaganda or the evil entities which worm their way into their worldly lives.
perhaps you are aware that what are said to be only cell towers are ELF towers capable of not only implanting feelings and thoughts into people's minds but also capable of subduing whole communities with overwhelming fear or even physical pain.

the elite not only wish to strongly suggest ideas on the public, but when that is not enough, eventually they will attempt to beat people into submission with their devices. perhaps it is best to do without as many of their inventions as one can, such as cell phones and televisions.
Anyone remember the commercials for Hulu before it came out? They depicted (in a twisted, humorous way) aliens who used media and entertainment to turn the brains of unwitting humans to mush and then "scoop them out with a mellon baller" or something of that nature. They derived great amusement from the fact that the human victims were too stupid to notice what was being done to them. "we're aliens...that's how we roll". I'm guessing those ads were not nearly as funny to people here as they were meant to be to the general public...they were all too true.

People.. 'though they might not find themselves committing mass murders...may be "virtually lobotomized" in such a way as to be unable to make rational decisions about the deception going on around them' proven by the fact that Donald Trump could run for president.

those HULU ads were super-creepy.. 'hey look what we're doing hey now look the other way and forget what you saw..'

If Donald Trump becomes the next president, i think it's time you can admit that no one is counting your votes.

There are so many large events that either do not make it to mainstream news, or if they do, are quickly forgotten. The enemy knows how to use the media to divert attention from one event to another, and once attention is diverted, people quickly forget it ever happened. People should not be able to forget with such ease though, even after a distraction. There are methods in use (technological, pharmaceutical and psychological) which are employed together on the populace to create, as you term them, the "zombies".


Loss of memory in day to day life is an obvious symptom of this. Many people can barely recall a conversation they had with another a day or week before. A loss of memory equals a loss of information retention, which in turn equals an inability to learn except in the sense of conditioned response, which relies on emotional training and not intellectual learning. It is is nothing less than mind control.


As for how YHWH will choose to protect His believers when great adversity comes, we never know until He does it. Sometimes He chooses to allow us to go through hardship for a time so that our faith might be refined or so that we might be put in a position to speak His message to those who need to hear it.

Article with some details on the MK ULTRA and Monarch projects:

"Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control

Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim) and the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler. While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. This article looks at the origins of Monarch programming and some of its methods and symbolism...."

Full article with government document photo and photo of victim:
Mexico here we come....goodness Barry, i hope you like lots of company. What a nightmare Donald Trump in office would be. I hope he gets a clue one day...but he is, like you said, a really arrogant man. I'd heard recently he claimed to be Christian. I'm not the judge of souls but that fruit looks mighty rotten to me. apologies! I mistakenly called you "Bill" in the above error i corrected right away but the original post didn't change on the front page latest activity. Just so you knew i was talking to you all All the "B" names are starting to confuse me....Bob, Barry, Bill O.o I'll pay attention next time, i promise.

Just call me........"Billy Ray"? O.o

There is a deception ongoing that is bigger than just those effected by MK UTRA, too.  I have been studying on the web the Word of God, for years now, about 12.  I am about to make a statement that most likely will not be edifying to some folks here, but here goes.  "Some people cannot read what the Word is saying about some things, Sabbath being a really clear one for me.  I have studied with folks from Baptist, Pentecostal, Messianic , an many "other" groups.  There is a "spirit of slumber" actually placed on some people by god himself.  Paul in Romans 11 Rom 11:8  (According as it is written, God hath given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear;) unto this day.


So if you begin your worship of God on a lie, and add to that lie with more busy work and no real understanding of YHWH and His true desires for your life.  By "looking at things from a spiritual level" and not trying to "work on their salvation", the CHURCH of the present day is something so far from what YHWH intended it to be, that even their "righteousness" is full of pagan idolatry, keeping the days and traditions of those pagans gods under the guise of  being a good Christian.  And if I point out what the Word says about that, then I very quickly become the enemy of that same Church.


So we have the end coming at us with an over all delusion in the church itself, a hidden hand behind all the governments of the world, and a hidden spiritual army embedded into the general population. What fun!

There is a power with seeking His word with a very simple desire to know the truth that is able to pull up the blinders from the eyes of those who endeavor to seek that way. Whether the enemy is in the form of evil men perpetrating secretive government projects on unwitting victims or whether it is the subtle temptation from fallen spirits, the true light of Yahushua is a revelatory power.


There is a spirit of slumber upon most of the world, including churches. For those that make it their living to teach a congregation in an attitude of blindness and unquestioning adherence to seminary training more than His word, that is a dangerous place to be. If those that are led remain in blindness, that is bad, but for the one leading them in blindness, it is so much worse,

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