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I am making this its own topic in order to put this information in the forefront and in a category easily found.

As interesting as the story itself are the facts behind it. I have been doing searches on the people and topics surrounding the NOAA mermaid research and there is, without a doubt, a pretty successful campaign to obliterate all information of it from the internet.

First, there is the website of the NOAA scientist, Dr. Paul Robertson.

and the website "The real Evidence on Mermaids, From Dr. Paul Robertson,NOAA"

and the website "Mermaids are Real, Real Evidence From Dr. Paul Robertson, NOAA"

You will notice a similar result clicking all those links:

The only information left on the internet concerning the research of this phenomenon is the Animal Planet special itself, a Wikipedia entry calling that program a "mockumentary" ( ) and various bloggers, youtube members or forum posters speaking on the topic. Many of those speaking on it have come to the conclusion that it is "debunked" based mostly on the claim that Dr. Paul Robertson and a marine biologist by the name of Brian McCormick do not exist.

They are hard to find, but they do exist.

Here is an excerpt from a document by the Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, which research is affiliated with NOAA according to the document, and lists Brian McCormick as one individual who contributed to the project.

"The NBNERR Site Profile was made possible
through the help of many individuals. Notable contributors
and the expertise that they provided include...

Sincere thanks also goes to current and former
NBNERR staff members who assisted with materials
presented in this document, but who did not individually
author any of the chapters. These individuals include Robert
Stankelis, Kristen Van Wagner, Jennifer West, Matthew
Rehor, Kimberly Botelho, Brian McCormick, Alan Beck,
and especially Roger Greene...

This publication is sponsored by the NOAA
Estuarine Reserves Division and the State of Rhode Island.
This publication is also sponsored in part by Rhode Island
Sea Grant under NOAA Grant No. NA040AR4170062. The
views expressed herein do not necessarily refl ect the views
of the NBNERR, NOAA, or any of its sub-agencies. The
U.S. Government is authorized to produce and distribute
reprints for governmental purposes notwithstanding any
copyright notation that may appear hereon."

And here is an excerpt from a document on the minutes of a Devils Lake water improvement district meeting. Listed as staff:

"STAFF: Paul Robertson, Seth Lenaerts, RARE Participant"

and affiliated with NOAA:

"Seid Creek: Green asked what is expected as the outcome on this issue. Robertson said
nothing has occurred. NOAA previously said they were going to do a site inspection in
March. Follow-ups have gone unanswered. Robertson asked if a letter from the Board
would be effective. He explained that this is a construction site that has been filling debris
above wetlands. Last year, a lot of it slid down into the wetlands. DSL has turned away
from any enforcement action and the Corps never investigated. Robertson said it appears
that Seid Creek is a watershed similar to Thompson Creek. Green asked for Robertson to
continue making calls rather than the Board writing a letter just yet."

Why, among all "conspiracy" related topics would this be the one that was so highly attacked? There are certainly elements of well accepted mainstream beliefs that might be shattered with the knowledge of aquatic humanoids. The aquatic ape theory is so poorly presented that even very adamant evolutionists could not help but feel shamed to preach it and it would not suffice to halt the questions about the accepted ideas of how life came to be on Earth. That is not the answer all by itself though. There is something else that should not be lost on the viewer amidst the more sensational news of mermaids. The weaponized "sonar" which the Navy had allegedly invented is surely a serious issue if it were publicly recognized.

I am not sure that i believe this weapon is Naval or is an advanced sonar weapon. We know there are sound weapons now and we know they can be lethal. They are not just a threat to wildlife in the Oceans, they are a threat to people on land as they have the capacity to be used not just in an aquatic environment but anywhere.

The USC sections sited on the shut down sites are those pertaining to making fraudulent or fictitious claims against the government. Those so-called fictitious claims almost certainly relate to the sound weapon mentioned. They are working hard to hide this and i wonder what we can do to make it less hidden, YHWH willing.
UPDATE: May-31-2012
What is the goal of the Discovery channel?

The initial release of Mermaids, The Body Found seemed out of place in the mainstream. We do not usually expect such sources to put forth honest information on anything which involves government secrecy. There was obviously dishonesty put forth in the form the ridiculous aquatic ape theory and the program itself was dubbed a "mockumentary" by Wikipedia.

What is Animal Planet mocking? Perhaps the wish that many have to see someone in the forefront be genuinely interested in disclosing some things that we have known or suspected all along. Or perhaps the mockery of real people who have investigated these things and been subsequently silenced and discredited by the establishment.

Regarding anything which is put under the label "conspiracy theory", the media and entertainment industry has done its job in supplying the skeptics with ammunition against objective consideration of these things. "you watch too much television" is an effective termination to a conversation about UFO's, Montauk, MKULTRA or any one of a number of other topics.

The sites which supposedly supplied information on the topic of mermaids and the sound weapons researched by the scientists are apparently owned by Discovery Channel, themselves. why might they go this far? The easy answer might be greed and that they conducted what amounts to a "marketing ploy". Incongruous to that idea is the fact that we do continue to hear reports of marine mammals dying in the same way described in the program. We can find marine scientists with the names supplied in it and we are already aware of the technological potential of the US military for weapons which exceed anything called science fiction.

The sensational nature of the existence of mermaids attracted the most attention, though from my perspective it was never the most intriguing point. I was not in doubt of the existence of aquatic transgenics before Animal Planet and so what became more interesting to me was what weaponry would be so beyond the belief or acceptance of the public that there would be such a strategic effort to conceal it.

The question that remains for me is; what grain of truth might the establishment have attempted to bury within a massively hyped web of distraction which will remain in the memories of countless people as a marketing hoax? If you are already aware that the powers that be regularly play this game, you will be watching for the little loose threads of truth to follow in the future.

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Hello, Everatesean ..welcome to TNL...

That is true, that sonar does not have to be used as a weapon to be a threat to marine life. Having seen the evidence of what the government Has weaponized (and not publisized), though opens up the question of this being one more of those "black budget" projects.

Those things which have been developed into weapons could already boggle one's warfare for example...and the cost in animal life that may come as a result of testing those weapons pale in comparison to what kind of destruction of human life they were planned for.

I'm not sure i trust Discovery Channel with any pure motives as far as hoping to alert the public to the destruction of marine life...i've become pretty cynical of mainstream sources of information and entertainment alike. It is often the case that these media outlets are used to subtley sway the public mind toward an opinion that generates approval for some globalist goal and, at the same time, toward a disapproval of any ideal or world view which opposes that or opens up one's mind to question it.

Hey Thomas :)  your comment raises some interesting points.  Let's say mermaids are what they are, chimera creatures.. whether created in labs or born in the wild, and regardless of age.. if they have free will, they have free will to accept Messiah.. right? and anything less than that truth is just what you said, selfish.. and maybe more to the point, prideful.

"And the women also of the angels who went astray shall become sirens." 1Enoch 19:2

the same problem of whether salvation exits for nephilim is so similar, the pride it takes to say "no, God doesn't love them enough, even though they're part human".. it's really sad, and sadly ironic, too, since most modern humans are carriers of some degree, even if minute, of non-human DNA.

Does it really matter how sinful someone has been, or how sinful a dynasty they were born into..? according to reality, sin is sin, and anything else is perfection, and we know that is found in our Creator only.  Sinners are who Yahushua saves.. Does it really matter if someone's genetics were modified by someone else.. it's not like the chimera or nephilim Chose to be that way.. and it doesn't make their sin somehow 'harder to forgive' does it?  if we have broken the least of YHWH's commands, we have broken them all, and any creature (we are told to preach the gospel to all creatures, right?).. any creature who has free will must have free will to accept or deny salvation in Yahushua.  what makes it so sad is the people who believe that isn't so.

Chimera are animal + (either animal, or human, or spirit, or two of these or all of these) and nephilim are human + spirit (such as the giants, the sons of the Watchers and their wives in the days of Noah).

People might doubt the existence of chimera and nephilim, but believers on Messiah shouldn't :)  there's solid scripture evidence of other beings in this world.. and there is absolutely nothing in scripture which claims these creatures are categorically denied salvation.. on the contrary, salvation in Yahushua is for anyone who chooses to accept Him of their own free will.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned" John 3:16-18


More info on this topic, here on the site..

the order the enemy groups began affecting Mankind is:

1- Satan, and multitudes of his fallen angles

2. - Shemyhaza, and the 199 other fallen Watchers

3. - Ishtar, and the rest of the human wives, sirens, of the Watchers

4. - the twin nephilim sons of Ishtar and Shemyhaza, and the rest of the nephilim offspring of women and Watchers.


If one is familiar with the history of this time as explained in 1 Enoch, it is understood that this means a corruption of the genetic foundation of all life forms on the earth, man and beast. Rebel angels first introducing their genes into the human population and then also created transgenic chimeras. ...


Those who would say that all transgenic beings were destroyed in the flood, never to be seen again will have difficulty finding ways to explain how it came to be that nephilim were present in the promised land when Israel entered it or how every post flood culture in recorded history insists on the existence of chimera type beasts.



Peace in Yahushua



History has left us with quite a bit in the way of mermaids shown as important symbolism for some so-called elite bloodlines which happens to perfectly match legends common to them all about semi-divine (nephilim) coming out of the sea and teaching humanity lost arts and even intermingling their genes with them.

Here's another article on the site that explains more fully -

The top image below is one of the Merovingian bloodline's crests. The name they bore means "out of the sea". The second image is a carving in Rosslyn Castle of the Sinclairs (my own family). The third is a depiction of aquatic "gods" who taught mystery arts in ancient Babylon.

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