“You know what your problem is, it's that you haven't seen enough movies- all of life's riddles are answered in the movies.”  -Steve Martin.

the media has done the most amazing job in shifting minds away from the life, and breath, and beauty of reality and the actuality of God revealed in His bible truth. but!!, the Media has also done an amazing job of preserving God's word and revealing future in an incredibly encrypted way: probably so, that when one begins to speak of end time events, the mind of the hearer will be unable to free the himself from the captivity of movies. i'm not talking merely Illuminati symbolism IT IS EVERYWHERE all the time. what interests me is the direct biblical connections. whatever the reason, of which followers of The Way can be sure,  here are some fun and spooky symbols ringing too true in pop Movies... these are only movies i've seen, so if you have your own apocalyptic recognitions SHARE THEM!!             “...enjoy”

The Abyss (director's cut [NOT in theatrical version]): an exploration to Mariana's Trench leads a team of divers to discover an underwater world of beautiful angelic-looking creatures who have power over the earth destroy it at their will; they threaten the earth with an unimaginably-sized tidal wave, but when the world “repents” from their violence, the angelic under-water aliens relent.

The Abyss reality: Job 26:5 “Dead things are formed (or twist/writhe) from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof.”

Rev 20:13 “And the sea gave up the dead which were in it...”

Rev 9:2 “When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss.” (I hate to use the NIV but “bottomless pit” is interchangeable to “Abyss.”)

Luke 8:31 “And they begged him not to command them to depart into the abyss.” ESV.

Monster's Inc: legions of Monsters live just behind our reality, traveling back and forth through [dimensional] doors. they empower their world by causing fear in the human realm, especially in the young (adults are not immune to the fear of the Monsters). the main character is a giant [all-seeing] eyeball.

District 9: the symbol on the badges of the soldiers' arms are similar to Baphomet. oppressive human rulers are demonized while showing empathy toward space beings, and especially the human/alien hybrid. left eye is highlighted during the main man's hybridization.  

Cabin in the Woods: a stereotypical group of young teens venture into the woods for a retreat at a remote cabin. the movie starts off predictably as most slasher movies, but this one has a very unique twist. under the hollow earth, beneath the cabin there is an elevator-like system of monsters imprisoned. the teens are unknowingly becoming part of a human sacrifice conspiracy system in place since the advent of the gods in ancient days. the monsters are referred to as “nightmares”, but they are only representatives of the true evils which lie chained in the deepest parts of earth. as long as the sacrifices continue by the work of united world governments who are in “the know,” the gods who remain in the earth (Tartarus?) will not be freed to destroy humanity.   

Terminator II Judgment Day: an army of organic machines, or cyborgs, are designed by men, and, ultimately, men lose control of their perversion and these machines become conscious and turn to destroy men from the earth in a sort of Judgment Day. (why is it that when monsters or machines become “self aware” the are inherently evil and not good? Frankenstein's monster may be one of the only expectations in major media)

STARS WARS attack of the clones: Obi Wan travels to a distant planet which has been erased from the archives of history (they are willingly ignorant...that world that was the...perished. II Peter 3:5-6) Obi Wan finds that the Galactic Republic is creating a secret army of super-human clones with DNA from the only remaining member of an extinct god-like, human-like race. the cloning program is being engineered by tall alien Greys (Zeta Reticuli).

The events causing the war and those leading to its conclusion are orchestrated by the Republic's chief executive, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, through his secret evil ministers (devils), uses the Clone Wars to manipulate the Republic into granting him “emergency powers” which he then uses to turn the Republic into his dictatorship, The Galactic Empire; ruled by himself as the Sith (ultimate villan with supernatural ability aka The Beast) over the Gallaxy. The first open “battle of the heavens” occurs on the planet “Geonosis” (Genesis?) both armies, and conclusions of the wars, were designed from ages past in order to exalt himself above all that is worshipped.

The Avengers: Loki is re-granted his power by a Great Red secretive alien force with 6 fingers; I Chron 20:6 (the six fingers are only noticed in a very short image). his mission then is to bring a war to earth like it has never seen. Loki, the humanoid representative of the coming alien force, wears a goat-like helmet (Azazel?/scapegoat?). his coming of course, is the “beginings of sorrows” for earth. he demands to be worshipped by all humanity. there is resistance. but soon after, the “windows of Heaven are opened” and out comes an “army like there hath never been, nor ever will be,” composed of reptilain-like, shapeshifting aliens (again with six fingers) weilding weaponry unlike any ever seen, flying n what appears to be “living chariots.” accompanying the aliens is a giant, flying (bird-like), reptile-like/serpent/fish-like dragon. Leviathon/Leviton usually assumes the form of fiery bird, serpenty, dragony, fishy creature, depending in which part of the world he appears. Satan is all three in scripture: Mark 4:4 & 15-bird; Isaiah 27:1-Serpent; Revelation 12:9-Dragon.

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The first open “battle of the heavens” occurs on the planet “Geonosis” (Genesis?) both armies, and conclusions of the wars, were designed from ages past in order to exalt himself above all that is worshipped.

Yeah, and maybe even Geo-gnosis, like Earth-knowledge.  Remember the Watchers were 'watching' the Earth, then wanted to get to 'Know' the Earth "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" and they weren't supposed to be knowing Earth ladies and teaching worthless mysteries, but they did. 

The "aliens" coming back are usually depicted as the "old gods" of the "first age", especially tall and having something to do with blue - right?  Star Wars is not my favorite film lol.. i'm personally more of a Star Trek person, but the movie is a perfect example of the PTB making sure media portrays elements of the truth, corrupted with lies.. There is the dark side and the light side in the Star Trek characters, and then what - you find out the Light side is born from the Dark side.. doesn't that sound just like Satan and his followers in the first rebellion, who gave presence to the Watchers of the second rebellion?

i have yet to watch any comic or sci-fi move or tv show which couldn't be evidence for the enemy to say "we told you so".. thank Yahushua for the real truth!

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