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9 days and counting..


wonderful video we love it.

HUSSEIN estate in Thailand was raided after the Executive Order regarding international crimes against human rights was signed!  Mentioned in this 1/1/18 video (entire vid is very good, worth the time)

YT cut off the MATLOCK Livestream as Scott Anthony revealed the connection of the COsta Rica plane crash to James Comey (Pt 2)

Fake News Awards

Twitter servers went down just after POTUS tweeted FNA ,where tweet linked to, servers also went down

about 18,000 watched this particular stream, live on YT

archived link of the FNA article DJT tweeted

- 1/15/2018, 12:54 PM

To no one's surprise — City-owned Internet services offer cheaper and more transparent pricing Data shows why customers want muni broadband—and why telecom industry fears it.

cause everyone trusts Harvard and the government to control internet...

things are happening...

(38:38) did he say, "next week, I am told, we'll have news that will shock the conscience"...?

Bean said:

things are happening...


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