If you have not read the article "The Breaking of Ouroborus" by Cyprium, i recommend beginning there before reading this, as much of what is written in this article will make better sense read second to this one.

The CERN LHC (large hadron collider) is a massive particle accelerator near Geneva Switzerland, costing 9 billion dollars to build. The goals of this machine are claimed to be aimed at understanding the answers to the fundamental questions of physics, including the hope of discovering the hypothetical Higgs boson. In theory, the Higgs boson, often called the "god particle", is a massive scalar elementary particle which gives all things mass. This particle would supposedly be the framework of all things existing in physicality.

The LHC intends to collide particles at a rate slightly under the speed of light and in the process will be potentially creating black holes, exotic matter and wormholes. The worried public has been reassured that nothing disastrous can occur from the experiments which they intend to do at CERN. It is assured, they say, that such things as black holes and wormholes would remain so incredibly small and exist for such a tiny fraction of time that they would be harmless and merely side effects of their intended goals.

So far, though the LHC has encountered many and strange interruptions which has prevented it from reaching it's full potential yet, it has already produced black holes.

"I can confirm that, yes, the first stages of the experiment resulted in the appearance of a miniscule black hole," said the spokesperson to gathered reporters on Monday. "The black hole is being kept under quarantine and our scientists have been monitoring its progression,"


CERN's large hadron collider is expected to produce wormholes as well. Wormholes are a means by which traveling through time is possible, though for one to be traversable it must be much larger than the subatomic size which CERN claims will be the only ones possible with their particle collider. The function of a wormhole can basically be understood by the analogy of piercing two ends of a piece of paper with a needle and then folding that paper so that those two holes connect. The necessity to travel across the paper's surface is bypassed, the paper itself representing time and space.

Two physicists, Irina Ya. Aref'eva, and Igor V. Volovich disagree with CERN's assurances that traversable wormholes are not the direction CERN is headed toward.

"We suggest that there is a possibility to test causality at the LHC. We argue that if the scale of quantum gravity is of the order of few TeVs, proton-proton collisions at the LHC could lead to the formation of time machines (spacetime regions with closed timelike curves) which violate causality. One model for the time machine is a traversable wormhole. We argue that the traversable wormhole production cross section at the LHC is of the same order as the cross section for the black hole production. Traversable wormholes assume violation of the null energy condition (NEC) and an exotic matter similar to the dark energy is required. Decay of the wormholes/time machines and signatures of time machine events at the LHC are discussed."


The LHC is now operating at 7 TeV (teraelecrtronvolts, 1TeV=i trillion electronvolts) with a stated goal of eventually reaching 14 TeV. It is argued that traversable wormholes could not be created on earth since the energy required would be something comparable to stellar explosions, though the amount of kinetic energy necessary to produce results of a certain kind within a collider are less than that required to produce the same results in space.

The formation of exotic matter would be necessary to the formation of a traversable wormhole as a result of the Casimir effect which is a sort of localized vacuum phenomena in which a mass negative region of space-time can exist. Exotic matter violates energy conditions, having negative mass or repulsion to gravity. At high enough energy of collision exotic particles can be formed and have been detected at the LHC.

Time in no straight line, it is a circuit and circuits repeat themselves. Why this should be is not questioned as much as whether it is but the fact that time is a circuit is observable with no doubt. It can be observed as simply as watching the eastern Horizon at sunrise on the morning of the Spring Equinox. As time passes, the sun rises through the houses of the zodiac in a circular pattern which eventually arrives back at it's beginning point. Why time exists in a cycling pattern is directly connected with the origin of sin and that there are beings, including Satan who are interested in maintaining a timepath which never exits into eternity and so to the judgment and defeat which is determined to them.

As these days give every sign of being the last days, Satan knows his time is short in a literal way. Knowing he will not be successful against the Most High, he knows that his chances only rest in a device to maintain or begin anew the next cycle. It would seem that this is what CERN"S Large Hadron Collider has been built to achieve. It is evident not only in the published science involved but the geometric design of the machine. CERN represents it's goals with a statue of Shiva. Shiva is a deity who represents death and rebirth, a being connected with the idea of a circuit of time which folds in on itself to meet end to beginning.

Octagonal Design

In Buddhism a symbolic object exists called a dharma wheel. It is an 8 spoked wheel that represents the noble 8-fold path to enlightenment. It is described as a way which leads to the ceasing of suffering and the achieving of a new and more enlightened consciousness which perhaps can be said to sound quite a bit like the promise of world peace in a "new world order".

The Dharma wheel is one version of the same symbolic reference in many occult traditions. An 8 spoked wheel was found in the tomb of William Sinclair at Roslyn Chapel in Scotland. The Sinclair family is known as one of the blue blood families which grew out of the Merovingian line with strong connections to the Templars and Freemasons. The Chapel was built to incorporate a great deal of Masonic and Templar symbolism. The 8 rayed star is the symbol of Ishtar, a human woman who was wife to a fallen Watcher and is considered a goddess by many names in many different pagan cultures. The octagon is found in Nazi symbolism and at the Vatican as well.

The symbolism of 8 and what its meaning is connected to a circle of time is found in an ancient inscription in Egypt.

"I am One who becomes Two,
who becomes Four,
who becomes Eight,
and then I am One again. "

8 is a number which universally symbolizes the new beginning following the close of a repetitive time sequence. The 8th day in weeks is also the first.

The design of certain components of the LHC will remind you of the symbols just spoken of.

The Aerial view of LHC will remind you of the Ouroborus

The Dharma wheel and 8 fold path is not simply a religious concept. Physics itself involves a theory called the the 8 fold way. This is a theory for organizing subatomic baryons (a composite particle made of three quarks) and mesons (made of one quark and one anti quark) into octets. Both of these particles belong to the hadron family.

It is most interesting to notice that the LHC has repeatedly been prevented from reaching it's intended potential by various strange circumstances which have even led some scientists to wonder if the machine was being sabotaged by itself from a future point or perhaps even time travelers who already understood the dangers of the thing. One occurrence was nothing more than a little bird who dropped a bread crumb into the machine. I believe it is neither the machine itself or time travelers but it is not coincidence either. I believe that YHWH Himself hinders their progress and it remains to be seen if there will come a point when He will allow them to attempt all that they design to do with it.

The latest thing to hinder the LHC's progress is an unknown vibration which they term "the Hump". It is a high frequency vibration between 31 and 38 KHz and has caused beam losses for the collider while in operation. CERN is not able to identify what the vibration is or where it might be coming from except that it either originates directly below or directly above the collider ring. It is just such a vibration as to cause the perfect means for disruption of the machine. It is my conclusion that He has drawn a line which will not be crossed except by His will at His timing if ever and even should this device accomplish to create a continued time loop, He has promised that His plan for eternity will not be thwarted.

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Illustration and quote from A Wrinkle In Time.
Prodigal Son gets the "Nerdiest Thing Ever Written on TNL." Award..lol. This is actually a pretty informative article and there's not a thing wrong with nerdiness even though, according to the website grader, we have thoroughly left behind the ideal level of material which people are inclined to read.

gotta love the nerdiness..
plus.. when we take the time to expand our minds by reading and comprehending something new, even if it may seem difficult at first, doesn't it just makes us that much better-equipped to decipher other propositions, regardless of their sources.. our Creator gave us sense, and by Him, we should definitely use it whenever possible..

nice picture there, Cyprium.. really does Prodigal justice =)
I am responding more to Cyprium's comment than the information contained here. I am forcing myself to (howbeit, slowly) read through the articles posted at this site that I may gain a fuller sense of what it is about. I certainly am not understanding much of what I am reading, some of which I have never heard of before. But, I agree with Bean. It is good for us to read beyond our understanding.
hi Deborah, perhaps it is the case that i could really do a better job of explaining what i write about. i am not greatly talented in that probably. i am very willing to try to explain better though if you have questions.

Cyprium - thank you for the award. i think.

Deborah said:
I am responding more to Cyprium's comment than the information contained here. I am forcing myself to (howbeit, slowly) read through the articles posted at this site that I may gain a fuller sense of what it is about. I certainly am not understanding much of what I am reading, some of which I have never heard of before. But, I agree with Bean. It is good for us to read beyond our understanding.
By all means, if there is anything that isn't clear or you want a better explanation of, regardless of the article or topic, don't hesitate to ask. A lot of these articles are trying to cram a great deal of information into a reasonable amount of space ( no one wants to read a novel every time they sign in)...but that also, unfortunately means that if it is a subject that someone has never been exposed to before, it can be a little confusing...( like particle physics and darmawheels, lol).

Prodigal Son...Anytime.. :)

Deborah said:
I am responding more to Cyprium's comment than the information contained here. I am forcing myself to (howbeit, slowly) read through the articles posted at this site that I may gain a fuller sense of what it is about. I certainly am not understanding much of what I am reading, some of which I have never heard of before. But, I agree with Bean. It is good for us to read beyond our understanding.
Time Machine Built in Europe, Russian Scientists Say

Russian physicists seriously believe that the Large Hadron Collider can be used for time travel. However, it will only happen when it starts working at full capacity and stops breaking down.
If earlier time travel was considered science fiction, now it suddenly turned into the favorite pet project of theoretical physicists. Renowned physicist Kip Thorne of the California Institute of Technology once said in one of his lectures:
“Once upon a time, time travel was the exclusive prerogative of writers. Serious scientists were shunning it like the plague, even when they were writing novels under a pseudonym or were secretly reading them. The times have changed! Now in serious scientific journals you can find a scientific analysis of time travel, authored by outstanding theoretical physicists. Why this change? Physics simply understood that the nature of time is too important to give it to the mercy of writers.”
Today, there are many different schemes of devices designed for time travel. The main one is the Large Hadron Collider. It was launched in the fall of 2008. This is the most powerful particle accelerator in history located on the border of Switzerland and France. In its 27-kilometer ring scientists are trying to collide beams of protons accelerated to nearly light speed. As expected, this device will provide new information about particles and forces acting in space, as well as will reproduce conditions that existed immediately after the Big Bang gave birth to the universe.

After launching the collider, people were scared of the giant black hole capable of swallowing the Earth. Yet, scientists quickly calmed the population saying that in case of a collision of particles in the collider, the holes that may appear would be microscopic, or so large that they can be used as a handy tool for time travel.
This sensational proposal was made by two doctors of physical and mathematical sciences, Professors of Institute of Mathematics named after Steklov, Irina Arefyeva and Igor Volovich.
“Modern principles of theoretical mathematical physics allow the possibility of time travel,” explains Volovich, a member of RAS. “One of the admissible models of working time machine is the so-called wormhole, that is, a space-time tunnel leading to another time or space. And the probability of formation of a wormhole in the LHC is comparable to the probability of occurrence of the black hole itself, which can occur when particles collide with high energy.
As explained by the physics, wormhole is a tunnel connecting different parts of space and time. Entrance to the tunnel may be the size of a star, a planet, a house and even a speck of dust, depending on a purpose of the tunnel use. After all, there is a difference between sending a photon or a group of tourists. You can get to another galaxy, or another universe. And you can also get into in the past. In terms of the physical properties, the entrance to the wormhole is very similar to the entrance to the black hole. The difference is that you can come back.
Since the LHC is designed, figuratively speaking, to create a part of space on Earth, then it can be used to obtain dark energy. This is also an important detail of creating the miracle machine. Another necessary condition for making the machine work is to distort space and time so it closes up in a ring. And the LHC is quite capable of that.
“This phenomenon in physics is called “closed time-like curve,” explains Professor Arefyeva. “It allows, at least theoretically, returning to the past.”
“Is it possible to have a paradox described by Bradbury, when a traveler caught in the past accidentally steps on a butterfly, which results in coming to power of a different president in his time? “
“We expected such issues,” says professor Volovich. “We came to this conclusion: time travel may change the course of history, but not very significantly.”
To make time machine the reality, the scientists stress the need for the LHC to reach at least the design capacity (now it is working at half capacity) and stop breaking down.
“So far, our biggest home is that the LHC will demonstrate the existence of wormhole. If some of the collision energy in the collider disappears, this can be explained by the creation of particles that pierce time through wormholes.”
Research and Development Center of the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN), promised that the LHC will start working as expected in September. Then it becomes clear whether Russian physicists were right in their solution of the most intriguing problem of mankind.
"“This phenomenon in physics is called “closed time-like curve,” explains Professor Arefyeva. “It allows, at least theoretically, returning to the past.”"

These are the same physicists i quoted in my article. i was not aware they had made this statement as well. very interesting and amazing that they have said plainly to the public. this is exactly what they intend to use the machine for. i am curious to know what progress has been like since "the hump" i have not checked recently.
PRAVDA said:
"..it will only happen when it starts working at full capacity and stops breaking down."

...lol =/

PRAVDA said:
"..distort space and time so it closes up in a ring"

Prof. Volovich said:
"We came to this conclusion: time travel may change the course of history, but not very significantly."

[Giant Question-mark]

Peter Glassel sitting in the ALICE Time Chamber.

they left out the part about traveling through time to the Future..

according to a July 16th article at viXra log on July 15th "they ran some tests to see if the source could be the GSM phone network that they run throughout CERN. By switching off the GSM transmitters while a 450 GeV beam circulated in the collider ring they were able to show that the interference did not go away. Something else must be to blame."

'something' or 'someOne' ;-)

according to a CERN Commission report on March 03 there was still an issue with "the hump" in Beam 2.. the report on the status states "Lifetime looks OK but still issue with "the hump" particularly in vertical plane - also evidenced by blow-up"
I am coming to much of this information for the first time with the intent of being open to the ideas even though I don't understand or necessarily believe. This is a real shift for me who has refused to entertain anything that I feared might interfere or contradict with my beliefs in God (shaped by my understanding of the Bible and teaching of various pastors and lay people).

Today, I seriously entertain notions of giants, hollow earth, UFOs and aliens by God's design, and now time traveling. (This is the result of believing I have been lied to: when you discover one lie, everything becomes suspect.) Most recently I am learning about John Titor, a supposed time traveler from 2036, who spoke about multiple and parallel worldlines . I can't remember if I saw his name mentioned at this site or another.

Would anyone care to share their thinking of how all these ideas, which aren't obvious in the Bible and certainly not talked about or accepted in many traditional Bible churches, mesh with the traditional teachings and belief in a Creator-God?

If this is not the place for this question, feel free to move it to a more appropriate thread.
Truly this is not information that anyone will hear in their local church and i think that is why such things really challenge people's faith. The idea that time travel could be done seems to be incongruous with the sovereignty of our Creator. Removing all the assumptions that we are likely to accumulate by hearing biblical interpretations from Christian leadership though, and just questioning it in very basic terms comes to this conclusion..if He is sovereign, then certainly there is no past, future or alternate time constraints on that..He is able to keep even the wildest of mankind's devices under His control.

Though these things are not the Most obvious topics that can be found covered in scripture..they are in scripture. It has come to be though, that people read scripture with an already present predetermination of interpretation that has been handed down through seminary trained leadership for generations. Instead, perhaps we should start over..begin like children who know nothing, and begin to absorb the contents of His Word like it's all new...allowing Him to open it up in a way that only He can.

One might actually get the impression that the bible is rather boring..i know a lot of people feel that way and so don't read it..that impression seems to derive from the pat answers for what we should believe the bible is saying that churches want to give us. In reality, i don't know anything quite so captivating and fascinating and multi layered with amazing information as His word is.

For an example, on this time traveling theme...the idea presented in some of the articles on this site about that talk about a future that literally meets up with the past. Here is one thing scripture says about that..

"That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.
Is there anything of which it may be said, "See? This is new"? It has already been in ancient times before us.
There is no remembrance of former things nor will there be any remembrance of things that are to come by those who will come after". - Ecclesiastes 9-11

I believe that there has been intentional glazing over of the amazing riches of wisdom which can be found in the bible...that there is and has been for thousands of years a concerted effort to remove the whole truth from the grasp of the public. I also believe that as we near the last days, He is opening up the avenues of this information to anyone who will seek it out. They can bury the truth for a while, but like He said.."There is nothing hidden which shall not be revealed."

This is a fine place to leave this thread, and you ask some very good questions...
the fact that in the past people were more readily aware of these types of things perhaps adds to the seeming lack of information on them in scripture.. kind of the way most people know what a square is it's not necessary to define square every time the word is used.. especially before the flood when people just outright worshiped fallen angels and saw their effects and exploits first hand.. when people were contemporaries to the giants and the advanced technology of the 'supernatural' was just part of life.

perhaps if more believers were quantum physicists and such.. but as Cyprium pointed out, information has been systematically suppressed and colored over time in an attempt to drown out particular facts and that has caused a lot of ignorance and fear of the unknown within believers and the secular alike.

1 Enoch was a good 'starting over' place for me.

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